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This archive provides a lot of free resources for fashion shopping, saving on fashion and beauty, and turning fashion into style in midlife. You can browse the posts by style-related subjects. The High Latitude Style archive offers you the possibility to explore the blog by subjects. Just click the links in the Contents list to jump to the respective location in the archive.

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Have fun exploring, discovering, and get inspired by High Latitude Style. Get the inspiration, support, motivation, and tips to look to your best in life. Deep inside you know when I can do it you can do it too. And while you are here,  

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Everyday fashion secrets

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Posts by clothing item

Leather clothes

Leather coat
Leather dress
Leather pants
Leather jacket
Leather shorts
Leather skirt
Leather vest
What to look for when shopping for leather-clothes
Superb leather-suit look
Midlife women looking stunning in the hide
How to remove ink stains safely
Wearing leather-on-leather
Posh looks in leather
Styling leather for work
Styling leather shorts
4 tips to style leather pants for work
Leather culottes
Best ways to look great in leather in spring
Silver leather pants
Women over 50 wearing the same fit-and-flare leather dress
Ageless style in leather shorts at a party
Looking classic with leather clothes
When Short-waisted
Leather suit
Pleated leather skirt

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How Tos and authentic evergreen content

Evergreen style tips on how to

Outfit suggestions

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Fashion and Style

Perennial trends

Product reviews

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Covered Perfectly
Kut from the Kloth
Uno Alla Volta scarf, Uno Alla Volta bag, Uno Alla Volta jewelry
Bellorita designer bag
Shein clothing
Just Fashion Now clothes
StyleWe clothes
Jord wood watches
Ethyl clothing
Keranique hair regrowth products
Misook skirt
Whistle River
Anti-aging products
Winkwood wooden sunglasses
MessyWeekend Scandinavian designer sunglasses
Musse & Cloud shoes
Tenth Street Hats
Hipstik legwear
Femme Luxe clothing
No nonsense leggings, No nonsense tights
Eagle Eyes sunglasses
Fashion book reviews
Coolibar sun protection clothing
Soft Surroundings
Hanes tights
Sheertex unbreakable pantyhose
Fashionable Hats

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Fashion and Style on a Budget

Designer brands to look for at thrift shops
How to save with second hand wardrobe additions
How to save when shopping
Fall wardrobe on a budget
5 tips to buy high end fashion on a budget
Avoid mistakes when shopping the sales
Know when to splurge and/or bargain
Shop your own closet for a Halloween outfit
Upcycle old wardrobe favorites by dyeing
Shopping and bidding on eBay
Save time when thrifting
Save money on dry cleaning
Save on second hand wardrobe additions
How to save on buying eyeglasses and sunglasses
Upcycle shirts into a skirt
How to upcycle your boots

What to look for when buying

Street Chic

My style
Blogger style

Health and Beauty over 50

Be in control of your life, not menopause
What to expect when you get an MRI
Why being in the shade fails to rescue you from sunburn
Sunprotection clothing
Stress during the holiday season
Achieving coolness for a relaxing sleep during menopause and on muggy summer nights
Secrets to get bikini ready
Not gaining weight over the holidays
Makeup over 40
When your waist plays yoyo
French beauty look
Styling solutions to shape problems
Why some clothes feel cool on touch
Secrets of flawless legs

Life at the Last Frontier

Alaska Street Style

Dressing for aurora watching
Iditarod street style
Diwali in Alaska
Fashion Week
Fairbanks Formal
Fairbanks street style
Fashion show
Unexpected looks

Life style

Winter depressions
Grocery shopping
Fuel problems
Survival in the wild
Medical supply
Dumpster diving
Looking forward to snow
Power outages
WIFI but no running water
13 pairs of shoes is no news
Alaskans know the flight schedules like others their bus schedule
Starting a car at 40 below
Cabin fever
Seasonal depressions
Winter solstice
Day of light
Owls act as photo bomb
Moose in backyard
Reasons why a non-outdoor gal loves living in Alaska
What’s a sourdough?
Why Alaskans book their vacation in October
Lack of water killed the Christmas spirit
Seasoannal roads
Wildlife in the driveway
In the Interior wind is worse than 30 below

Story Telling

Women’s chat in a roadhouse
You are a dancer
White powder
How to get into prision in Fairbanks – Golden Days
New Alaskans come from the airport, Big foot
One broken thru the ice bridge to many
Wolf on the ski trail
Misleading digital fingerprints
Scary flight from Whitehorse to Fairbanks
Coming to Alaska: Believe it or not, I can read
A summer evening at the Last Frontier

Insider Travel Tips

There is more than one climate in Alaska
Weird ads for wind shields
Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival
Haulway to Dead Horse
Denali fault
What you should know when traveling in Alaska
What to pack for aurora watching
Events in Fairbanks
Northwest Passage cruises
Safety tips
Potato Festival in Fairbanks
A peaceful place at the Arctic Ocean
Why 40 below is great for a bikini look
Views from Alaska’s first university
What to do when you spend a week in Fairbanks
Midnight Sun baseball game
What to wear in Alaska in January
What to wear in Alaska in February
What to wear on a business trip in Alaska in February
What to wear in Alaska in March
What to wear in Alaska in April
What to wear in Alaska in May
What to wear in Alaska in June
What to wear in Alaska in July
What to wear in Alaska in August
What to wear in Alaska in September
What to wear in Alaska in October
What to wear in Alaska in November
Fairbanks’ New Year’s Eve fireworks


Science related to clothes

Why clothes spark
The physics of sweating
Understand the blue-black or white-gold dress
Why items reflect on clothing
Why some clothes feel cool on touch

Science related to hazards on the Last Frontier

2002 Alaska earthquake
Air pollution
Chinook warming
Creamer’s Field bird paradise
Funnel clouds
Pollen situation in Fairbanks
Foam on rivers
Drink water challenges in Alaska
Artesian wells in permafrost
Science in general


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