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The High Latitude Style archive provides a lot of free resources for informed fashion shopping including reviews, saving on fashion and beauty, and turning fashion into style in midlife. It has a lot of inspirations, entertaining and educational posts in storage about fashion history, science and life at the Last Frontier.


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Have fun exploring, discovering, and get inspired by High Latitude Style. Get the inspiration, support, motivation, and tips to look to your best in life. Deep inside you know when I can do it you can do it too. And while you are here,  



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How To Style and Authentic Evergreen Content

Evergreen style tips on how to style various clothes styles, accessories (hats, scarves, belts), footwear, bags, and jewelry.



How to look stylish with hats

Up your style with scarves

How to Wear Your Pearls

Guide to Best Accessorizing with Belts

Are You Absolutely Sure Your Belt Is the Best for You?

13 Tips How to Improve Your Style with Gloves (Ultimate Guide)

Do You Know Which Sunglass Frames Are Best for You?


Cardigans, Blazers, and Jackets

Look posh in an Adidas jacket

How to look great in linen and blazer

Squared Burberry: Styling a Plaid Blazer

How You Can Wear a Blazer Multiple Ways

Styling Tip to Look Slim in Waterfall Cardigan

How to Style 17 Stunning Looks with a Pink Jacket

See How You Can Look Ageless in an Utility Jacket

Best Ways How to Wear a Floral Bomber Jacket

You Can Wear One Baseball Jacket More Than 9 Ways

What to Wear with a Denim Jacket over 50

Look Great in a White Blazer and Black Leather Pants

What to Wear with a Denim Jacket over 50



4 Things to Pair with Statement Shoes

What You Can Wear with Camouflage Booties

How to wear over-the-knee boots over 40

See How You Can Wear Your Wedges at Work

You Can Wear the Patterned Tights Trend

What Can You Wear with Ballerina Flats Trend?

How to Wear Sneakers with a Skirt to Look Your Best

You Can Look Polished in Sneakers Like Karlie Kloss

101 Reasons Why You Should Wear Heels over 40

Look, You Can Wear High Heels in Winter

How to wear boot toppers over 50

Why You Can Walk in Heels in the Store, but Nowhere Else

Spruce Up Your Life with Fun Novelty Socks

How To Cover a Bit More Skin with Long Thigh High Socks

Lobben Boots

Why I Failed for an Eternity to Get Great Mules



All you need to know about ear jackets

Which Style of Ear Jewelry to Wear When and Where

Best Ways to Accessorize a Loose Knit Dress

Use Brooches to Turn even the Simplest Look to Outstanding

Chic Hair Jewelry for Mature Women with Long Hair

How to Wear the Drop Earring Trend over 50

Earrings in the History of Fashion

See the Best Earrings for Your Face

You Can Close a Cardigan With a Chic Brooch

How to Accessorize a Busy Print Dress



5 Tips to Look Stylish in Your Outerwear

Best Tricks to a Lean Look in Your Shearling Coat

You Can Look Stylish in Down Clothes

Mature Women Can Wear a Maxi Leather Coat


Pants, Leggings, and Jeans

Best Secrets to Styling Leather Shorts

How to wear capris up North

See How to Wear Shorts over 40

How to style joggers for work

Best Tips to Style Leather Pants for Work

How to style chinos

You Can Look Outstanding in Neutrals with Denim and Leather

Can Women over 40 Look Lovely in Leggings?


Skirts and Dresses

How to wear a knit dress over 40

Style 46 looks with the same skirt

Look chic in size 14 or up

Style a summer dress in spring

When Can You Wear Your Leather Skirt?

How to Wear a Long Leather Skirt (Style Guide)

Pleated Leather Skirt

How to style a white dress

Women over 50 wearing the same fit-and-flare leather dress

You Can Look Great in a Sheath as skirt, …

One Sheath Dress = 6 Looks

How to Style a Little White Shirt Dress

What to Wear with an Orange Skirt to Make an Entrance

Celebrities in Retro Skirts: What To Pair Them With



How to wear suits

Leather Suit

Superb Leather-Suit Looks

3 Tips to Loose Your Fear of Unmatched Suits


Sweaters, T-Shirts, and Blouses

Pair Fair Isle with Leather for an Unexpected Look

You Can Look Ageless in Graphic Tees over 50

How You Can Wear an Oversize Cable Knit Sweater



Why Washable Incontinence Underwear Is a Better Choice for Adults

Yes, There Are Underwear Issues

What’s Underneath the Clothes: History of the Slip

Fashion History: The Origin of the T-shirt



How You Can Wear a Leather Biker Vest

What to Wear with a Hooded Puffer Vest?

How to Wear a Puffer Vest and Not Look Fat


When you like my outfit inspirations, you may also like to buy my book How to Dress for Success in Midlife.


Solids, Prints, Pattern, Embellishment

Style neutrals without looking boring

How to wear sparkle during the day

Look great in a monochromatic outfit

Mix pattern to look stylish

How to wear pink over 40

Great snake print outfit ideas

How You Mix Gingham, Plaid and Leather without Looking Like a Punk

Stylist Tricks to Avoid Looking Old in Pastels

See the Color Blocking Formula for Effortless Style

Ditch Classic Black: Try Unique Colors For Formal Evening Gowns

You Can be Effortlessly Chic in Brown with Black

Mixing prints and/or pattern

Your Ultimate Leopard Print Style Guide for an Iconic Look

You Can Look Cool Mixing Stripes with Leopard

When You Love a Leopard and Floral Print Outfit

I love the great look of leopard mixed with plaid

Which Florals are Office Appropriate?


Outfit Suggestions for Holidays and Special Occasions

What Is Best to Wear When Your Invitation Says Festive Attire

Women engineers

What to Wear for a BBQ with Friends or Family


Family reunion

How to dress on Father’s Day

Office holiday party

Mother’s Day

Science conference

Military ball

Dinner party

Female civil engineer

Graduation guests

Sport event



Outdoor concert

Dance cruise

New Year’s Eve

Valentine’s Day


Job interview

What to Wear for a Job Interview in the Creative Field

Clothes shopping

St. Patrick’s Day

Fashion event

First Friday

Easter brunch

New Job

Wedding FAQ: Answers for Guests, Family, Fiancés

Look Stunning on Your Wedding Day over 50

Civil Wedding

Beach Wedding

Afternoon wedding

Winter wedding

Mature Looks to Wear at a Casual Afternoon Wedding Reception

What to Wear at an Authors’ Reception

National Day

What to Consider When Picking Your Homecoming Dress

Diwali party

White after Labor Day

Dressing for the Opera: What You Can Wear

What People Wear at an Oath Ceremony

What Is Best to Wear in the First Weeks on a New Job

Essentials You Need to Look Great at the Spa

Ditch Classic Black: Try Unique Colors For Formal Evening Gowns


Do want outfit suggestions for all kind of dressing situation in midlife? Then buy my book How to Dress for Success in Midlife to never stress out getting dressed.


cover of book written by Nicole Mölders entitled How to dress for success in midlife


Weather Appropriate Dressing

Best Ways to Look Great in Leather in Spring

Dress for summer to fall transition

Best Shorts for the Summer Heat
Cold, wet weather

How to up the mood on rainy days

These 40+ Texan Fashionistas Look Awesome Despite of the Heat

Best Looks You Can Wear in Subtropical Humid Weather

What to Wear in Pacific Northwest Weather

7 Great East European Style Bloggers You Should Know

How to Identify the Best Down Coat for Your Climate Zone

What Are the Best Sweaters for Your Climate Region

Chic Cozy Looks for Different Climates

Your Best Vacation Style in Warm Climate

What Are the Best Sweaters for Your Climate Region

Stay Warm in Style when the Polar Vortex Hits

What Is a Stylish Rain Outfit for Walking in a Parade

Guide to Stylish Winter Layering to Stay Warm

What You Should Wear in Cold, Wet Weather

Style Bloggers Dress for Continental Humid Weather

Best Looks for Work Meetings During the Dog Days

Why Are the Dog Days So Uncomfortable

How to Beat the Summer Office Outfit Challenge

Adaptation of Dutch Traditional Clothes to Climate

There Is No Such Thing like the Climate of Alaska


Wardrobe Management and Planning

How to get your wardrobe under control

Tips to create a fall wardrobe

Statement coats

What to Keep When You Update Your Jewelry

It’s Not Just You Struggling with Wardrobe Updates

Closet Overhaul: Identify Your Too Tight Clothes

How to Revamp Your Personal Style

See Why to Makeover Your Wardrobe for Fit, Trends and Style

How to Become a Trendsetter

Win a COLOR and STYLE Makeover

How to closet shop for new, great outfits

Pros and Cons of a Walk-In Closet – Dream or Nightmare?

How to remove ink stains safely

No Reasons to Be Anxious About a Style Makeover

How You Can Remove Ball Pen Ink from Fabric

Dryel 101: Introduction to at-home Dry Cleaning

Fabric Care: Dryel Won’t Shrink, Stretch, Fade Sweaters, Denim, etc.

Timeless Laundry Maintenance Tips


Fashion Shopping

You can find a listing of my ultimate style guides in the Style Guides Library for Women in Midlife.


Perennial Trends

How to wear the shine trend over 40

Fur skirt





Global Inspirations


Floral Prints


Leather Pants


Analogous Colors


Christmas outfits


Leather on leather


Black and white


Animal print

Patterned tights


Bold color clothes

Look You Can Wear a Great Tulle Skirt over 50

What Is Behind the Trend of Black Wedding Dresses?

Midlife women looking stunning in the hide

Wearing leather-on-leather

Posh Looks in Leather for over 40

Styling Leather for Work

Looking classic with leather clothes



Shopping and Staying on a Budget

How to save when shopping (Ultimate saving guide)

Savings: Dryel Is a Fraction of the Cost of Dry Cleaners

How to save with second hand wardrobe additions

Fall wardrobe on a budget

5 tips to buy high end fashion on a budget

Avoid mistakes when shopping the sales

Save time when thrifting

Know when to splurge and/or bargain

How to Stay on Budget for Women Starting a Business Later in Life

Shop your own closet for a Halloween outfit

How to Survive COVID-19 Financial Burdens

Shopping and bidding on eBay

Save money on dry cleaning

How to save on buying eyeglasses and sunglasses

See How a Fashion Budgeting Tool Can Help You

How to Stay on Budget for Women Starting a Business Later in Life

Save on second hand wardrobe additions

How to Be More Minimalist (On a Budget)

7 tips to buy excellent high-end fashion on a budget

How to Buy Statement Shoes on a Budget

7 budget fashionistas share their secrets

How to Be More Minimalist (On a Budget)


What to Look for When Buying

California Casual Style

Designer/brands to look for at thrift shops

Mother-of-the-bride/groom dress shopping

Irish cable-knit sweater

Fair Isle sweater


Down coat


Vegan fashion

Bohemian Style

Floral print clothes

Gamine Style

Preppy Style

Romantic Style

Trench coat

Leather clothes

Duffle coat

Lice jacket



For your petite frame


Textile and Accessory Production

How Machine Vision Is Changing the Textile Industry

What the Heck Are Sun Safe Clothes?

What You Need to Know about the History of Graphic Tees

National Sewing Month: The History of Sewing

All You Need to Know about the History of Tie Dye

Did You Know about Sumptuary Laws and Luxury?

History of the Kimono: Hemp, Luxury, Must-have

See how Cars led to Motor Age Fashion for Women

What Characterizes the Fashion of the 1920s?

Did You Know this about the History of Watches?



Raw Material, Yarn, and Fabrics

Did You Know This about Regenerated Fibers?

Worsted vs. Woolen Wool What’s the Difference

Did You Know Banana Fibers Can Be Used for Textiles?

Worsted vs. Woolen Wool What’s the Difference

See Why Acrylic Is More Cozy than Wool

What You Need to Know about Hemp Textiles

Why is Muskox Wool Fashion So Expensive

History of Faux Leather

Why Colored Denim Fails to Be Comfortable Like Jeans


Environmental Impacts of Textile Production

Did You Know Banana Fibers Can Be Used for Textiles?

See How Environment-Friendly Fashion May Be

How to Look at Fast Fashion, Sustainability and Quality of Life

Did You Know the Textile Industry Recycles Some of Its Waste?


Marketing Concepts

These posts discuss how retailer, influencer and producer try to sell their merchandise using different concepts and targeting customer groups according to their ethical believes and values.

Nordgreen Watches: Sustainability Meets Design

Where Can You Find Cheap Chic Vegan Fashion

Why You Can Walk in Heels in the Store, but Nowhere Else

Influencer Marketing – Cheap Advertisement or a Way to Get Rich?

5 Steps You Need to Become a Fashion Influencer in 2023

The Latest Trend in Gifting Is Affordable High Quality

Now Everyone Can Buy High Quality at Low Prices at Italic

eShakti Custom Made Clothes Fit, Style Matter

Where Can You Design Your Own Jewelry

Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Moda Collection: Ten Years of Luxury

Where Can You Find Cheap Chic Vegan Fashion

Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Moda Is More Than Fashion

Wearable Art by Mike Grace

How Machine Vision Is Changing the Textile Industry

Support Women on Small Business Saturday

Don’t Miss these Black Friday Deals at Ever Pretty

How You Can Navigate Black Friday in 2022

Black Friday Bag Stuffing for Cyber Monday

Super Chic SS2022 Trends Stylish Women Add to Their Wardrobe

Why Cutting Middlemen Out Is a New Trend in Retail


Physical Properties of Clothes, and Gemstones

Real Sapphire Rings Versus Fake

Why items reflect on clothing

Surprising Emeralds Facts You Didn’t Know

Why some clothes feel cool on touch

Electrostatics – Or Why Clothes Release Sparks

Why is the Illusion of the Blue-Black or White-Gold Dress

Show Your Support of the Environment not only on Earth Day

Understand the blue-black or white-gold dress

Why colored denim isn’t as comfortable as jeans

How Does Layering Clothes Create Thermal Comfort?

Why being in the shade fails to protect you from getting a sunburn


High Latitude Style Archive Hacks: Alterations and Upcycling

Alterations and More

Shortening a high-low hem

Dyeing wardrobe favorites

Patching a shirt

Be your own jewelry designer

Great Ways to Recycle an Evening Gown

Are Mockups Useful for Creating Clothes?

5 Fashionistas Share Their Secrets of Great Self-Made Clothes



Shirt into skirt

Boots to look trendy

Shirt into infinity scarf

Old sari

Up-cycle old wardrobe favorites by dyeing



High Latitude Style Archive on Health and Beauty over 50


Going Down Memory Lane, But Not Too Far

Changing Lanes over 50 – How to Start Over, Reclaim your Life, and Peace

6 Tips for including Workouts in a Busy Schedule

Ways to Stay Sane When You Work Hybrid

How to Live Life to the Fullest with Chronic Disease

Be in control of your life, not menopause

What to expect when you get an MRI

Why being in the shade fails to rescue you from sunburn

Sun protection clothing

Stress during the holiday season

Achieving coolness for a relaxing sleep during menopause and on muggy summer nights

Not gaining weight over the holidays

When your waist plays yo-yo

Why Freebies Are Scary When You Prepare for Colonoscopy

Treat Yourself: Fashion, Pamper And Selfcare Essentials To Boost Your Calm

Office Desk Exercises Benefit You Even at a Standing Desk

Keeping It Cool – Is Your Air Conditioner Summer Ready?



The following section has general beauty tips. For beauty products see the review section.

Secrets to get bikini ready

Makeup over 40

French beauty look

86 fashion mistakes that make you look old

73 beauty mistakes that make you look old

Styling solutions to shape problems

Secrets of flawless legs

You Want to Know these Halloween Makeup Tricks and Removal Hacks

5 Beauty Bloggers Share Secrets of Makeup Over 40

Skincare Routine for the Alaskan Climate: Tips for Women Over 45

Beauty Rituals from Around the World: Unveiling Global Secrets to Radiant Skin

Ginger Hair Color: Tips and Products for Maintaining Vibrant Locks

Express Your Style: Experimenting with Haircare and Hairstyling

Secrets to Look Fabulous with Gray Hair




Dressing for Your Career

What to Wear as a Female Civil Engineer

What Is Best to Wear in the First Weeks on a New Job

How to Master the Challenge of Back to Work Outfits

Best Dress Code Tips for Female Engineers

What to Wear to a Job Interview as a Woman Engineer

How to Dress for a Job Interview (Conservative Field)

What to Pack for a Summer Business Trip

Business Casual in Blazer, Jeans, Pearls, Pumps, …

Sun Safe Business Casual Outfits for Female Engineers

What Is Best Wear at a Science Conference As a Female Scientist

Summer Business Casual Outfits in Bold Colors

What to Wear for a Job Interview in the Creative Field

How You Can Have Non Boring Corporate Style

What Is Best Wear at a Science Conference As a Female Scientist

How to Pick an Office Appropriate Halloween Look

Best Looks to Wear at the Work Holiday Party

15 Tips to Look Natural in Makeup at Work over 50

Instant Chic Work Outfits When Dressing in a Hurry

How to Beat the Summer Office Outfit Challenge

Look I wore for Fairbanks Poor Air Quality Lunch Talk at Rotary

What to Wear and Not to Wear When Live Streaming



Career Development and Healthy Work Ethic

What It Meant to Study Meteorology in the 80s as a Woman

What Skills Do You Needed to Be a Public Speaker

How an International Internship Later in Life Can Boost Your Career

Ways to Stay Sane When You Work Hybrid

How to Stay on Budget for Women Starting a Business Later in Life

How to Inspire Children to Enter STEM Industries

See Why Female Scientists Fear to Look Their Best

5 Things to Know if You’re Trying to Begin a Career in Science

How to Get Famous on USA YouTube and Boost Views

5 Steps You Need to Become a Fashion Influencer


Life at the Last Frontier

Alaska Street Style

Dressing for aurora watching

Iditarod street style

Diwali in Alaska

Fashion Week

Fairbanks Formal

Fashion show

Fairbanks street style

Unexpected looks

International Friendship Day Celebrates Diversity


Alaska Lifestyle

Fairbanks Melting Season Brings Out the Worst of Winter

Keeping It Cool – Is Your Air Conditioner Summer Ready?

Staying Sane at Home in Interior Alaska

Coping with injury at the Last Frontier

Winter depressions


Grocery shopping

Survival in the wild


Medical supply

Dumpster diving

What to Know When Driving Alaska Highways


Power outages

13 pairs of shoes is no news

Starting a car at 40 below

Cabin fever

Winter solstice

Owls act as photo bomb

Moose in backyard

Reasons why a non-outdoor gal loves living in Alaska

What’s a sourdough?

Lack of water killed the Christmas spirit

Seasonal roads

Wildlife in the driveway

In the Interior wind is worse than 30 below

Dandelions Look Pretty and Taste Even Better

See Why 40 Below Was Great for a Bikini Look

What life in Interior Alaska looks like in August

See Why Electricity Is So Expensive in Alaska

Why Does Permafrost Destroy Valuable Plugins

Coming to Alaska – What Is a Plugin for a Car

Fairbanks Melting Season Brings Out the Worst of Winter

Walker Mallott Inaugural Ball: What I wore

Keeping it cool – Is your air conditioner summer ready?

Incorporate Alaskan Aesthetics: Unique Home Décor and Lifestyle Ideas

7 Simple Additions to Your Living Room That Make it Look Attractive for Guests



My Coming to Alaska

White powder

How to get into prison in Fairbanks – Golden Days

New Alaskans come from the airport

Wolf on the ski trail

Scary flight from Whitehorse to Fairbanks

Coming to Alaska: Believe it or not, I can read

      ”       ”      ”     : The new car challenge

A summer evening at the Last Frontier

Remembering 911 and Early Fall Work Outfit Ideas



Traveling in Alaska

When and Where Can You See Denali from Fairbanks?

Pack for a dance cruise

There is more than one climate in Alaska

Recognize Permafrost when You See It

See this relaxing winter ride from Fairbanks to College

Weird ads for wind shields

Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival

Haul way to Dead Horse

Denali fault

What you should know when traveling in Alaska

What to pack for aurora watching

A Peaceful Place at the Arctic Ocean

Hot Springs of the Tourists Paths

Events in Fairbanks

Northwest Passage cruises

Safety tips

Why 40 below is great for a bikini look

What to do when you spend a week in Fairbanks

Midnight Sun baseball game

See the Celebrities of Dancing with the Fairbanks Stars

70+ Woman Defeated Car Dealer at Tanana Valley Fair

Hidden Gems: Alaska’s Unique Travel Experiences for the Intrepid Woman


Lookbooks for Alaska in the High Latitude Style Archive

What to wear in Alaska in January












What to wear on a business trip in Alaska in February

Fairbanks’ New Year’s Eve fireworks

Are You Aware of the Paradox of Last Chance Tourism?

See Why Light Is Pink in Fairbanks in January

Were You Aware of the Rocket Launch Facilities in Alaska?


Hazards of Alaska

2002 Alaska earthquake


Air pollution

Black Carbon in the Arctic

Funnel clouds

Foam on rivers

Drink water challenges in Alaska

Artesian wells in permafrost

Is Air Pollution OK Just Because It’s Wildfire Caused?

A Summer Intern Who Got into Jail in Fairbanks

Anchorage earthquake – shaken, not stirred



High Latitude Style Archive by Categories

Everyday Fashion


Reviews by Wardrobe and Home Items

To read reviews of a specific brand hoop to the respective alphabetic letter in this review listing.






Product Reviews

Search by the brands and/or product type you are interested in. Post related to the same brand are linked for your convenience.



AccuRelief Ultimate Foot Circulator Review

AirFree air purifier Onix-3000

AMICLUBWEAR Ribbed Sweater Dress Review

AMICLUBWEAR Sequin Accent Dress Review

Angrila plus size mother dresses

Why You Should Look at Apricot’s Dress Collection

Auxano Brow and Lash Serum Review



Bellorita designer bag

Beneunder Sunglasses and Knitted Straw UPF50+ Sunhat Review

Zip-pocket Tunic Blue Vanilla Dress Review

Samantha Brown Wrap Dress for Travel

Buffalo Games Patriotic Puzzle for July 4

Buffalo Games City Puzzle



Clara Sunwoo Print Dress Review

Caroline Young, Style Tri bes

Caroline Young: Living with Coco Chanel (Review)

You Feel Like a Star with Cate and Chloe Earrings

Chilly Jilly wrap scarf

Christina Chiu Beauty

Coolibar sun protection clothing

Cool Jam thermal comfort PJs

CYCL face guard anti pollution scarf



Women DKSUKO Rain Boots Review


Eagle Eyes sunglasses

Review of Ed Hardy Sunglasses

Enamour Design House fabric covered studs review

Review of Entertaining Is My Love Language

eShakti skirt review

Ethyl clothing shirt and pants review, and Ethyl Clothing Fit is Fabulous

Ever Pretty Dresses review

Review of Everything We Should Have Taught You in High School, …


Fashionable Hats cloche review

Fashom Styling Box Review (Testing Their Service)

Review of My Second Fashom Box

Feetures everyday socks
Femme Luxe

Fishe Wear abstract char print fly fishing leggings

Flatout review


Green Tree Jewelry earrings review

Review of In the Name of Gucci

Gunnar Computer-sunglasses Review


You Can Create Easily a Stylish Look with a Haftee (Review)

Haftee cropped tops

Hanes tights review

Happiness Boutique costume jewelry review

Happy Goat Lucky Valentina Down Coat Review

You Will Love This Fitted Happy Goat Lucky Down Coat

Hanes Shaping Tights Review

Rita Hayworth Bracelet




IVY Swimwear Coverup for Your Poolside Entrance



Jafferjees Leather Bag Review

JJs’ House mother-of-the-bride/groom dress review



Just Fashion Now dress review




Kut from the Kloth jeans review



Latico Harbor Crossbody Bag Review

Leather Skin green motorcycle jacket

Liang, Grace Finding Grace

Lily Lulu pink tulle skirt

Lily Silk shirt and skirt review and styling inspirations,  Lily Silk shirt review

Lizzy James custom-made bracelet-necklace review

London Tradition Pea Coat Review



Marine Layer T-shirt review

Fashion “It Girl” Shantell Martin’s Published Fold-out WAVE

Messy Weekend Scandinavian designer sunglasses review

Mike Grace Wearable Art

Misook skirt and shirt review

Musse & Cloud sandals



Needham Lane Dress Review


No nonsense

Nordgreen Watches: Sustainability Meets Design



ONNO sustainable T-shirt review

Okaysou air purifier

Olivia + Joy review of vegan convertible clutch/mini cross-body bag and satchel


Sigrid Olsen Studio Dress Review



Pearl Claps baroque pearl necklace review

Are Prestel Children Books a Great Holiday Gift? (2 Reviews)



Red Bubble Print-on-Demand Leggings

Riders by Lee Buffalo Plaid Shirt Review

Rita Phil custom-tailored skirt try-out

Robert Matthew Vegan Shoulder Tote Review

Robert Matthew Bangle: Rose Gold Is an Evergreen

Rocky Nook

R. Riveter Bag Review – a Bag on a Mission



Score Deni Sciona see-thru bag for game day

Sheertex unbreakable pantyhose testing

Shein bomber jacket

Shop Cozy Try On Haul – What I Found white frame sunglasses

Soft Surroundings

Sholdit infinity scarf testing

Shop Cozy Try On Haul – What I Found

Snowberry anti-aging face serum testing

Spring Step Shoes Review – European Comfort for Your Feet

SouthShore fine Linens Grand-symphony Duvet cover set

Spooky Eyes Blue Eyes Review

Spray Perfect Nail Polish

Spring Step shoes try-out

StyleWe clothes review

SUNGAIT Sunglasses the Next Must-have for Trendsetter?

SUNS Shoes color changing sneakers

Review of a SYMPLI Drama Dress



Tenth Street Hat Reviews

Book Review of The ABCs of Asian American History

The Jacket Maker Leather Blazer Review

The Pearl Source Inc. Akoya necklace review

Thirty-One around town tote review

Tiv Caribbean Original Eau de Parfum Review

Why I love Wearing Tommy John Men’s Socks

Tricia Tanaka, a Grassroots Designer to Know

Trendhim Men’s Shoulder Bag

Trendhim Cross Shoulder Jasper Backpack



Ulrich, Lynda, Dr.

Happiness is an option
Uno Alla Volta

U7 Jewelry – Mother’s Day gift ideas



Vegamour Lash and Brow Serums on Nearly 60 Years Old

Review of Vera Bradley Adult Coloring Books

Verros, Nick A Passion for Fashion

Vienne Milano Hosiery a New Idea to Wear Stockings

Vionic Shoes review with 5 tips to style orthotics

Voodoo Vixen Holiday Dress Review

Vshred apparel lightweight jacket with hoodie



WAMA Hemp Underwear

Wantdo Women’s Double-Breasted Trench Coat

Wharton, Paul: Pulling It All Together – Review

Weathermen App and Umbrella

Wendy Mignot Donates Profit of TaTa Necklace Sales

Wendy Mignot Fine Pearls Review

Whistle River Herring Bone Zipper Jacket (Review)

Whistle River Gingham Blouse

WHITL Woodworking Wood Earrings Review

Wild Spirit fragrances






3 Wishes Feature of what they offer beyond lingerie



Did you know that there is a Coupon, Promo, and Discount Codes pages of my favorite brands? Use them to save!



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