If money were no issue for you, which of the below vacations would your take?

If money were no issue, your “goto” bag would

You prefer to be around

You prefer to shop at

You prefer your hair to be

Your “goto” jeans is

Your “goto” top is

As your hair gets gray, you

Detect your personal primary style
Your primary style type is alluring
Your primary style type is casual
Your primary style type is classic.
Check this guide on American Classic Style for a start on how to create the look.
Your primary style type is dramatic.
Your primary style type is innovative.
Your primary style type is romantic.
Learn more about Romantic Style, its key pieces and how to pull the look off over 40.

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Did you know that personal style often is the combination of your primary style that you just identified, and your secondary style?

Curious about your secondary style?

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