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Welcome to High Latitude Style

The goal of High Latitude Style is to entertain, inspire and educate you about fashion, fashion-related science, and lifestyle in Alaska. Nicole Mölders, a style book author, scholar, geophysicist, and meteorologist, is the editor and author of this blog.


What You Can Find Here

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Why High Latitude Style Is Not Just Another 50+ Fashion Blog

It struck me how many women in midlife became invisible. They lost their style and/or they have difficulty to identify what works for them now on their changing body. I researched the problems, and share my solutions with explanations why certain cuts, lines, colors, materials, hems, etc. are better than others. These explanations cover include, among other things, body types, life and dressing situations, personal style and color seasons as well as wear comfort, sustainability and environmental impacts. Armed with this knowledge you can become your own personal stylist over time.

My goal to enable and empower you to create your own personal style, while being knowledgeable about sustainability, wear comfort requirements for the weather of your climate zone, and environmental impacts of the textile industry. These aspects beyond just tips for being effortlessly stylish make this blog different from other 50+  blogs and stylists.

How This Over 50 Fashion Blog Can Help You

This blog provides the tools (e.g. free online personal style finder, body shape finder, face shape), motivation, tricks and tips as well as countless inspirations to make your goal of personal style achievable. Once you determined your personal style you can find posts discussing the respective style, its key elements, and to put them together. Knowing you face shape, for instance, you can learn which frames are best for you. You can find in posts what works for your body shape. This blog covers

  • The midlife style challenge of dressing for your changing body,
  • How to take the stress out of getting dressed,
  • How to dress for a new lifestyle,
  • Getting dressed for re-entering the work field,
  • Getting out of a more than a decade long style rut,
  • Inspirations to dress your best,
  • Finding your personal style,
  • Feeling sexy and beautiful, even after mastectomy,
  • Entertainment on lifestyle at the Last Frontier,
  • Insider travel tips for Alaska,
  • Sustainable fashion,
  • Environmentally-friendly textiles, and
  • Dressing for thermo-physiological comfort to beat the weather in your climate zone.

What’s your fashion/style challenge? Let me know by email or use this simple form so I can help you.


Where to Start

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