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I am Nicole Mölders, 57, married, one cat, no kids, a fashion, dance and science enthusiast from Fairbanks, Alaska. I am the CEO and blogger of the award winning blog High Latitude Style. I am also the author of the fashion and style book How to Dress for Success in Midlife. On my blog you can find posts about how to dress appropriately for the weather, about life in Alaska, body changes due to menopause, budget fashion, fashion history and Alaska insider travel tips.

Why High Latitude Style is not just another 50+ fashion blog

I share and explain how to turn fashion into style and help women in midlife to look their best. When I moved from Europe to Alaska, I found myself in the situation to totally change the way I used to dress. Of course, the different climate was one reason. Other reasons where no department stores with high quality clothes, a new job, a change in lifestyle and food, and a changing body entering midlife.

I hated to become invisible by wearing the same clothes every women wore in town due to the lack of shopping opportunities for women my age. Being a scientist by education, I first looked for books to teach myself. However, the majority of them were dissatisfying. They just started wear this with that or buy this not that. Just stating does and don’ts may lead to a stylish outfit. However, the resulting outfit would be sort of a uniform. In a crowd of stylish uniformed midlife women, the individual woman again would be invisible. That’s not what I wanted, and probably not what you want!

It struck me how many women in midlife became invisible because they lost their style and/or they have difficulty to identify what works for them now on their changing body. I started to research and analyze the problems. I learned to shop online and to understand what kind of clothes work and don’t work for mature women, even when the clothes were presented by a twenty something model. I also figured out why the solutions to the various dressing problems work, and why the the don’t won’t do the trick.

I share my solutions on how to build ageless and stylish outfits in your personal style from fashion you buy. In addition, I share the reasons why something works or doesn’t. I explain why certain cuts, lines, colors, materials, hems, etc. are advantageous or disadvantageous for what body types, life and dressing situations. This knowledge permits my readers to develop their own personal style. My readers and clients learn to create/compose outfits from the fashion they bought, i.e. the pieces they already own. My goal is to enable and empower you to create your own personal style. Doing so makes my blog and me different from other 40+ blogs.

I strongly believe that having your own style makes you happy, feel great, and confident. It tells the world who you are now! Looking your best in midlife will help you to have success and enjoy life to the fullest.

What you can find here

My blog provides the tools (e.g.  free online personal style finder, body shape finder, face shape identifier), motivation, tricks and tips as well as countless inspirations to make your goal of personal style achievable. I have loved turning fashion into personal style all my life and I enjoy sharing the art of dressing well with other women. I love to help you

  • with the midlife style challenges of your changing body,
  • to take the stress out of getting dressed,
  • dress for a new lifestyle,
  • getting dressed for re-entering the work field,
  • getting out of a more than a decade long style rut,
  • learning to dress your best,
  • finding your personal style,
  • feeling sexy and beautiful after mastectomy, or even
  • with an online style makeover (Service starts May 21, 2018).

On this over 50 fashion blog you will find, among other things, reviews of clothes and beauty products, gift suggestions and promo codes, links to retailers, who offer clothes that look great on mature women or are even designed with us in mind, style and beauty advice, outfit inspirations, and curious things about science related to clothes, fashion history and my home state Alaska including insider Alaska travel tips and Alaska lifestyle.

When you are in the Fairbanks metropolitan area, you can hire me for talks about fashion and style as well as about the physics of clothing, for modeling clothes, and to make appearances at Grand Openings, sales and other events at your local businesses.

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