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  2. What You Can Find Here
  3. Why High Latitude Style Is Not Just Another 50+ Fashion Blog
  4. How this over 50 Fashion Blog, and I Can Help You
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Nicole Mölders, CEO, owner, editor and blogger of High Latitude Style, stylist, style book author, scientist
Blogger and CEO of High Latitude Style, Nicole Mölders



Welcome to High Latitude Style

Hi, I am glad you are here.

I am Nicole Mölders, 59, married, two cat, no kids, an author, fashion, dance, and science enthusiast from Fairbanks, Alaska. Let me introduce you to my award winning blog High Latitude Style, for which I act as CEO, editor, and writer.  I am also the author of the fashion and style book How to Dress for Success in Midlife. Read more about me.


What You Can Find Here

On the blog, you can find posts about how to

  • Dress appropriately for the weather,
  • Budget fashion and saving tips including gift suggestions and promo codes,
  • Everyday fashion,
  • Reviews of clothes and beauty products,
  • Links to retailers, who offer clothes that look great on mature women or are even designed with us in mind,
  • Outfit inspirations,
  • Fashion history,
  • clothing and Alaska related science,
  • Alaska insider travel tips, and
  • Stories about life at the Last Frontier.

You can find more about my books, and my education, and expertise at the links.


Why High Latitude Style Is Not Just Another 50+ Fashion Blog

It struck me how many women in midlife became invisible. They lost their style and/or they have difficulty to identify what works for them now on their changing body. I researched the problems, and share my solutions. In addition, you get explanations why certain cuts, lines, colors, materials, hems, etc. are advantageous or disadvantageous for what body types, life and dressing situations. This knowledge permits you to become your own personal stylist over time. My readers learn to create/compose outfits from pieces they already own.

My goal to enable and empower you to create your own personal style, makes my blog and me different from other 50+  blogs and stylists.

I strongly believe that having your own style makes you happy, feel great, and confident. It tells the World who you are now! Looking your best in midlife will help you to have success, and enjoy life to the fullest.


How this over 50 Fashion Blog, and I Can Help You

My blog provides the tools (e.g. free online personal style finder, body shape finder, face shape), motivation, tricks and tips as well as countless inspirations to make your goal of personal style achievable. Once you determined your style you can find posts discussing the respective style, its key elements, and to put them together. Knowing you face shape, for instance, you can learn which frames are best for you. You can find in posts what works for your shape. I have loved turning fashion into personal style all my life. As an educator, I enjoy sharing the art of dressing well with other women. I love to help you

  • With the midlife style challenge of dressing for your changing body,
  • To take the stress out of getting dressed,
  • Dress for a new lifestyle,
  • Getting dressed for re-entering the work field,
  • Getting out of a more than a decade long style rut,
  • Inspiring and learning to dress your best,
  • Finding your personal style,
  • Feeling sexy and beautiful, even after mastectomy,
  • Entertain you with articles on life style at the Last Frontier,
  • Insider travel tips for Alaska,
  • Science related to fashion and Alaska including how to dress to beat the weather.

When you are a business or event organizer in the Fairbanks metropolitan area, you can hire me to give talks about fashion and style as well as about the physics of clothing, for modeling clothes, and to make appearances at Grand Openings, sales and other events at your local businesses.

What’s your fashion/style challenge? Contact me by email


Where to Start

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