In the insider travel tips category, you find both advice for the typical tourist places and the off the tourist path destinations. Read what to wear in Interior Alaska on your vacation or business trip in various month, and what to wear when watching the aurora. There are also insider safety tips, road traffic and car renting tips, as well as recommendations for eating out and Must-See events while you are here. Plus insider travel tips for booking field trips on the oil fields, and remote locations.



Travelling in Alaska by Car

Read what to consider when renting a car for your trip. What to know when traveling Alaska highways. Everything on road construction during the tourist season. Also many safety tips to not become part of the food chain, and to stay safe in general.

All You Need to Know When Driving on Highways in Alaska
Leave Your Due Date for Survival in the Wild
Coming to Alaska – What Is a Plugin for a Car
Best Safety Tips When on an Alaska Outdoor Adventure


What to Pack for and Wear on Your Alaska Trip

What You Need to Pack for Ageless Style on a Dance Cruise
Best Packing List for Your Thermal Comfort when Watching the Aurora
What You Can Wear in Alaska in January (lookbook)
What You Can Wear in Alaska in February (Lookbook)
Alaska February Lookbook Office Outfits
What I Wore in Alaska (March Lookbook)
April Lookbook for Alaska (Mature Women Outfit Ideas)
Lookbook What to Wear in Interior Alaska in May
June Lookbook (What to wear in Alaska in June)
July Lookbook (What to Wear in Alaska)
August Lookbook (What I Wore in Alaska)
Lookbook (What I Wore in September in Alaska)
See My October Lookbook – What I Wore in Alaska
What to wear in Alaska in November (Lookbook)
Loo0kbook What to Wear in Alaska in December
What Do You Wear Watching the Iditarod
I Hope It Is Hot Enough for You Today


Must-See Locations

When and Where Can You See Denali from Fairbanks?
Driving the Dalton Hwy a Ride on Unpaved Roads
Prudhoe Bay to Buenos Aires with a Jeep and Cat
The Use of Alaskan Rivers Bears Safe and Dangerous Opportunities
A Peaceful Place at the Arctic Ocean
Views from Alaska’s First University
Great Trans-Alaska Pipeline Facts You’ll Love
Ice Shoes and Outfits in the Cold Desert
Exhausted Birds’ Food Paradise Is a Scary Pit-stop


Great Locations off the Tourists Paths

Hot Springs Cool Alaska Places to See off the Tourist Paths
Permafrost promotes artesian wells in the tundra
Recognize Permafrost when You See It
See the Winter-Summer Paradox of Seasonal Roads
Were You Aware of the Rocket Launch Facilities in Alaska?
33 Cool Things You Can Do in Alaska
Are You Aware of the Paradox of Last Chance Tourism?
Recognize a Fault When You See It


Best Entertainment While You Are in Fairbanks

What to Do When You Spend a Week in Fairbanks
Rocket, Pioneer Fashion Excite at the Golden Day Parade
You Can Learn from Famous Artists at the FSAF
You Want to Watch the Mid-night Sun Baseball Game
Midnight Sun Run in Designer Costumes
Fairbanks’ Great Art Scene Fears No Lookalike
See I found a cool new It place in Fairbanks

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