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What to wear for sightseeing is a good question. You want to be comfortable, but not recognizable as a tourist on first sight.  Read what to pack for a safe and comfortable sightseeing experience no matter what the weather will be.

  1. When on Travel always Plan a Sightseeing Outfit
  2. What to Wear for Sightseeing on Vacation or on the Side of Business Trips
    • Wear Loose Cut Pants for Comfort
    • Go for Stylish Walking Shoes
    • When Touring Museums Have a Cover-up
  3. What Bag Is Best for City Touring?
  4. Prepare for the Elements
    • How to Dress for Sightseeing on a Rainy Day
    • Protect Your Skin, and Eyes
  5. Photo Inspirations for Sightseeing Looks


When on Travel always Plan a Sightseeing Outfit

Even when your your vacation asks for resort style plan at least for one sightseeing look. Days too  cold for the beach are perfect for exploring the town. Also plan a sightseeing outfit or two when  you pack for a cruise.  When your sightseeing is limited to the evenings while on a (science) conference plan your wardrobe accordingly so you can swap fast from business casual style to a walk around town.


example how to dress for sightseeing featuring a skorts sandals tunic look
Skorts look great with flats. Tunic and skorts c/o Coolibar, fringe bag c/o Uno Alla Volta, Tommy Hilfiger sandals, DIY pendant necklace, and headband


What to Wear for Sightseeing

Wear Loose Cut Pants for Comfort

Most skirts don’t look great with walking shoes or flats. Therefore, safe options are jeans or chinos depending on the temperatures. In both cases, opt for a loose/relaxed cut for your pants. It is just so much easier to walk up the stairs in the tower of Cologne Cathedral in a relaxed cut than in skinny jeans.


chinos with striped top look showing how to dress for sightseeing
Oliveo chinos, Ann Klein scarf, top c/o Coolibar, bag c/o Uno Alla Volta



When Touring Museums Have a Cover-up

Visiting museums and galleries means air conditioning. When it is hot outside or when sweating in clothes during the dog-days, the cool air and moist clothes can lead to a cold. Therefore, you should have a shirt/top plus sweater/cardigan/casual jacket combination as coverup to adjust for thermal comfort.

Stylist tip: Knot the cardigan or sweater around your waist or shoulders when outside. So stylish.



Go for Stylish Walking Shoes

Sightseeing in metropolitan areas typically includes being on public transportation and on your feet a lot. Comfortable, chic shoes that you can walk in are key. Of course, you can rely on your running shoes. However, waterproof sneakers or walking shoes are a much more stylish option. In summer, comfortable sandals may be a good choice too when the weather is dry.

Pro tip: Never take a tour with brand new walking shoes. It’s a recipe for blisters. Walk them in in the weeks prior to your tour.


mature blogger in a look for city tours
Swap the pumps of this professional outfit with ballet flats for city touring in the evening after a day of conference sessions. Lauren Ralph Lauren pleated polka dot skirt, GNW cardigan worn as top, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Blue One tailored denim jacket, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, Liz Claiborne pumps, Kate Moss for Longchamp bag, and Ray Ban sunglasses.



What Bag Is Best for City Touring?

A Safe Bag Is a Must. Sure, you want your hands free to take photos with your iPhone, to check the map for orientation to find the museum, hold the museum guide or whatever.  A funny pack screams tourist. Not to mention looks easily frumpy. Nevertheless, for your bag stay away from backpacks. You risk to throw something down when turning around in a museum/gallery. It is also an annoyance when you wear it in public transportation.

You may hit it in kids’ faces.

Go for a cross-body bag. It is stylish and leaves both hands free for checking the google map and directions on your phone, holding a catalog, carrying your latte or ice-cream cone, handling the metro ticketing machine, holding on to a handrail on the train, etc. A wrap scarf purse is a safe travel alternative too. Both these options don’t scream tourist like a funny bag or rucksack.


Prepare for the Elements

How to Dress for Sightseeing on a Rainy Day

Have a light weight rain jacket or trench coat handy. You can check the wet jacket or coat with the coat clerk when visiting a gallery/museum. A pocket umbrella is an alternative, but will be difficult when you need both hands like for pulling maps on your phone. Color is great to up your style and mood in rain.



Protect Your Skin, Eyes and Sunglasses

Add a nice necklace or scarf for style. On sunny days, make sure to put on sun cream. Reapply often as sun screen rubs off on clothes especially when you are on packed public transportation. Also go for sun protective wardrobe items and wear sunglasses. Protect your sunglasses with a box when not in use. Scratches impair the protection of your eyes.


Photo Inspirations for Sightseeing Looks

Here are some visible inspirations what to wear when sightseeing.

casual summer outfit what to wear for sightseeing
London Jean boyfriend jeans, GNW utility jacket, Hermes leather bracelet, Lands End sweater, BP espadrilles, Ray Ban sunglasses, and Coach bag


casual outfit for walking a town on a rainy day
T-shirt c/o Marine Layer, Burberry Brit trench coat, London Jean bf jeans, Kate Moss for Longchamp satchel, DIY belt buckle, DIY pendant, Tote umbrella, and Hunter rainboots


Rain outfit for a city touring with trench coat, rubber boots and umbrella
Burberry Brit trench coat, G-III skirt, Hunter rainboots, Jaeger tote, and polka-dot pocket umbrella


mature woman in mini dress with leggings, Keds and cardigan knotted around the waist
Zaful mini dress, leggings, Keds, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Notations cardigan, Hermes Constance bag, and bracelet c/o Lizzy James



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Photos: G. Kramm

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