Determine your face shape

Instructions to determine your face type

Stylists distinguish five major face features: Square, rectangular, oval, heart-shape, and round. This quiz helps you to determine your face shape type to find the best frames for you.

The first step is to get your hair out of your face. Next relax your face and  look directly with both eyes at the mirror before answering each of the following questions.

Is your jaw line smaller than your cheek bones?

Is your forehead as wide as your cheek bones?

Is your face taller than wide?

Is your forehead wider than your jaw?

Is your jawline small or broad?

Determine your face shape
Your face type is oval.
Your face height is larger than your face width and your jaw line is round. The oval face is the most balanced one as it follows the golden rule of best length to width ratio. It goes with most styles of eyewear as long as the piece doesn't overwhelm the face. In other words, the frame size must be in proportion to the face's proportions.
Your face type is round.

Round faces look like a circle and always look youthful. Lucky you! In eyewear look for angular lines to sharpen your soft features.
Your face type is square.

Your face is Square. You have a  wide forehead and wide cheekbones plus a strong, rectangular jaw line. When wearing glasses you should aim to soften these features. To reach this goal choose oval or round-shaped glasses. Look for thin frames. You are the type who may look great with cat-eye and semi-rimless glasses.
Your face type is rectangular.

Your jawline and forehead are broad and as wide as your check bones plus your face is taller than wide.
Your face type is heart-shape.

Your forehead is wider than your jaw. Your check bones are wider than your jaw and forehead. Your jaw is narrow and your chin is well-defined. Your cheekbones are high (lucky you). Balance your face with frames that are wider than your forehead. Thin temples enhance the symmetry of your face.

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