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Italic vibrant red cashmere sweater, Escada jeans booties, Femme Luxe flared leg pants, unbranded neckerchief, statement belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle.

At this time a year, will need to take your last spring/summer’s pieces from the storage. We will have to update your wardrobe for fit, style and trends. Because the SS-fashion weeks took place when, we were busy with creating our wardrobe for fall/winter, and the substantial “cut-down” from the catwalk to real life, here a quick view on what SS2022 trends sell that work for women in midlife.


  1. Which Are the SS2022 Trends from the Runway to not Wear in Real Life?
  2. Which SS2022 Trends Work for Mature Women?
  3. What’s Trending in Vacation, Beach, and Resort Wear?
  4. Which Colors to Pick for the Monochromatic Head-to-Toe in Vibrant Colors?
  5. The Most Unsuitable Trend for Summer: Extreme Layering
  6. Which Trend to Invest in when It Works for You?
  7. What Is Trending in Footwear?


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Which Are the SS2022 Trends from the Runway not to Wear in Real Life?

This time around, the belly-free clothing is the worst trend seen on the runway. Even a twenty years old gal doesn’t walk thru town belly-free, unless – well she’s a hoar. You can find here a list of the ugliest Style ruining trends ever.

And yes, we have seen so many excerpts from fashion weeks over the years. Everything seems to blur. In the end, we buy, and wear what we like. That’s fine when you go with fast fashion. These pieces are not meant to last.


Which SS2022 Trends Work for Mature Women?

The most obvious trend are mini skirts and dresses. If you have the legs, go for it. Trends that may work on all menopausal body are vibrant monogromatic looks, vibrant colors in beach, vacation, and Resort Style. Of course, it also depends on the cut. Let’s keep an eye on sustainability too.


What Is Trending in Vacation, Beach and Resort Wear?

After all the lockdowns, vacation and travel are high on the to-do list. The right gear has vibrant colors for beachwear and swimsuits.

Crochet is a Do (again) and you can create great nostalgia-inspired pieces yourself. More in this review of Retro Crochet.


SS2022 trends in swimwear coverup
I love this one size fits most Black Sexy Print Hollowed Out See-through Swimwear Cover Up in black. It’s also available in white. Both are $13.99, not bad for a trend update. The long vertical line has a great slimming effect. The sleeves cover the upper arms which many of us women in midlife like to hide. Full disclosure: I am one of them.



Which Color to Pick for the Monochromatic Head-to-toe in Vibrant Colors?

Except for red and pastels including pink monochromatic looks have a slimming effect. A head-to-toe one color outfit namely gives the illusion of height. As a result, this trend is your friend. No matter, whether you are petite or want to hide a couple of pounds or the midlife belly. The trend works best in the dark fashion colors of your flattering palette. Read this post on how to style monochromatic looks from pieces you already own.


The Most Unsuitable Trend for Summer: Extreme Layering

High levels of heat stress can impact not only your health, but also reduce the efficiency of the activities you perform. Under long-term exposure heat stress can even cause death. During heat waves, mortality raises for several days. Therefore, in muggy or hot climate, you should skip the extreme layering trend. Go for just two layers for thermal comfort inside and pull off the second layer outside. Read more on styling by layering.


Which Trend to Invest in When It Works for You?

Fringes are a perennial classic. The fringes trend reminds me of the 1920s flapper style or the the Flower Power movement.  If your personal style is Boheminan Style, invest in fringes pieces with classic cuts.



What Is Trending in Footwear?

Shoes with plateau soles are It. Being a petite, I love that extra height. They can also help to create the illusion of a lean look aka hide a couple of pounds.

Ballet flats are also trending. I love my pointy-toe Vivaia you may have already seen in my Instagram video. These beauties are available in yellow, black, blue, ivory, … and more colors. Use the code VO08 to get 18% off.


A List of Trends to Keep

  • Puff and all kinds of statement sleeves
  • Sneakers
  • Layered skirts
  • Cropped blazers
  • Everything Preppy Style
  • Everything draped
  • Wide leg pants


Check also this post for more SS2022 trends.



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