Super chic 2020 spring/summer trends to add
Calvin Klein dress, Paloma Picasso x belt, and zipper front jacket c/o Whistle River
  1. Trends from the runway to real life
  2. Which spring/summer 2020 trends work for mature women
    • Lingerie as outerwear is on the rise
    • Statement sleeves stay …
    • Prints and mixing them remain
    • Dots
    • Long wide around the hem maxi skirts and asymmetric skirts
  3. What are the trends in accessories
    • Matching prints of clothes and accessories
  4. Trends to keep when they work for you
    • Sneakers
    • Layered skirts

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Trends from the runway to real life

At this time a year, we are still bundling up like I do in the featured photo. And yess, the weather may be tempting to buy a new coat, rather than thinking about our spring/summer wardrobe. However, spring will be here sooner as one thinks and with it the need to take your last spring/summer’s pieces from the storage, decide what to keep and what to buy to update your wardrobe for fit, style and trends. This post reviews the trends from 2020 spring/summer fashion week.

Typically when fashion weeks are around many of us are busy with getting ready for the next season, but not the season thereafter. Well, and there is always a substantial “cut-down” from what one sees on the catwalk to what is worn finally in the streets. Even a twenty years old gal doesn’t walk thru town belly free, unless – well she’s a hoaker. Nevertheless there was a fair share of belly free clothing on the runway.

And yes, we have seen so many excerts from fashion weeks over the years that it seems all to blur. In the end, we buy what we like. That’s fine when you go with fast fashion. These pieces are not meant to last.

Which spring/summer 2020 trends work for mature women

Let’s briefly discuss the trends that may work on a menopausal body. Of course, it also depends on the cut.

Statement sleeves stay …

… but they take a different form. Instead of trompet or belle form, the puff sleeves have a moment. They are perfect for all the Romantic Style gals. The only advantage of puff sleeves, I see, is that they are perfect to cover these bingo wings. Why do we get them as we hit menopause? Eventhough we do the same exercise in the same amount as before?

Pleasant style tops have puff sleeves, and they are a Do. When you have Romantic or Bohemian Style stock up on high quality timeless pieces.

The photos below are great versions of the puff sleeve trend.

Megan Dress - Social Studies
Karina Dresses Megan Dress – Social Studies.
Their dresses are made in the USA. I love them for work and travel. They won’t wrinkle.
Megan Dress - Prairie Clover
Karina Dresses Megan Dress – Prairie Clover Bromfield collection. This one has “wearable” puff sleeves with a great length for us

Lingerie as outerwear is on the rise

Not my cup of tea, to be honest. However, this trend can look very romantic when styled modest; sexy to ridiculous, when styled the wrong way. Read this trend is risky. You can find tips how to style your outerwear in the post at the link.

Prints and mixing them remain

Looking at what the big names had on the shows, the mixed print trend will last. Mixing prints remains a Do. See this ultimate guide for how to mix prints and pattern, if you missed it last year.

Bold prints, in bold colors! Now we are talking! Floral prints, full on or mixed with other floral prints. Try a pair of floral pants. See this post for how to look ageless in florals.

This time around, however, the floral prints don’t go with shoes in a solid color (eventhough sometimes with black sandals), but with the same  print as the dress. Abstract prints full on head-to-toe!


Polka dots remain. Stay with a size not larger than a quarter. And yes, skip the 3-piece suit with polka dot vest, polka dot blazer, and polka dot pants! Clowns aren’t funny.

over 50 years old style blogger in iconic Pretty Woman copper brown with white polka dot dress
Zaful copper brown full skirt dress with white polka dots (similar here, and here), Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Hermes collie de chien leather bracelet, Aigner wedge sandals, Chanel quilted purse, Bulova watch, and matching statement necklace with bracelet (all own).
Never wear a print with polka dots the size of chocolate chip cookies. #styleadvice Click To Tweet

Long wide around the hem maxi skirts and asymmetric skirts

Long, loose, and billowy, or all three at once, is how one could describe the dress-skirt trend. However, there are pieces that still show a woman’s shape. These are the ones to go for.

Maxi skirts of dresses and skirts alike that are sleek around the hips and get wider towards the hem. Great for walking. The length covers spider venes and leg hair. However, these dresses and skirts are not work-appropriate  (you will topple over each waste basket in your path). Or, just imaging to jump on the subway when the doors are closing. You may get stuck in place until the next station and can count yourself lucky, when the skirt isn’t ruined when the door opens again! However, this trend is very wearable at home, on the weekend, in your yard and on vacation.

Striped mermaid daily casual midi dress
StyleWe Misslook Striped mermaid daily casual midi dress
A-THENA Crew Neck Solid Long Sleeve Elegant Top
StyleWe A-THENA Crew Neck Solid Long Sleeve Elegant Top
Graphic Swing Printed Elegant Maxi Dress
StyleWe Athena Graphic Swing Printed Elegant Maxi Dress
Misslook Asymmetric Bow Daily Casual Midi Dress
StyleWe Misslook Asymmetric Bow Daily Casual Midi Dress

What are the trends in accessories

Remember the 60s, when one had to match the shoes and bag? Now it’s match your shoes or bag with your clothes!!!!! Who has the money for that unless you are married to Rockefeller?

Matching prints of clothes and accessories

The same print head-to-toe! How can we pull that stand off? We can’t buy a matching pair of shoes for each print dress. However, when you have to shorten the dress, keep and hem the cut-off fabric. Then make shoe jewelry out of them, or just wrap them thru the free space between the sole under the ball of your foot and heel. Tie a nice bow on the top. Sure this version only works on sunny days.

Alternatively, tie the hemmed fabric to a bow on your bag’s handle, or even better wrap it around the handle. Saving tip: This way you can get a little more wear out of your favorite bag that has meanwhile distressed or even loose treads on the handles.

Trends to keep when they work for you

If you bought the following items, keep them for the upcoming spring/summer season, when you overhaul your closet:

  • Basket or timeless bucket bags
  • Dresses/tops with ruffle sleeves
  • Sleek knit dresses
  • Shirt dresses
  • Bucket hats
  • Raffia-spun mules
  • Flatform sandals
  • Tassle drop earrings
  • Espadrille style wedges
Shein Marble Detail Tassel Earrings
Shein marble detail tassel earrings


Sneakers with flowy midi to tea-length skirts are still a do. Not so everyone’s cup of tea. It works well when you are 6 ft 1 (1.85 m). On a petite (<5 ft 4, 1.63 m) or average height of 5 ft 5 (1.68 m) these huge monsters and the amount of fabric are just drowning.

fashion blogger wearing the skirt with sneakers and black and white trends
Layered H&M skirt with Jones New York polka dot knotted shirt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Esprit silk neckerchief, and Adidas sneakers (all own)

What trends not to wear

Tiers and tiers-layered skirts

Layered skirts also known as tired skirts in tea-length or even maxi are BIG. In both senses. This trend is overwhelming on a small frame. You can barely get into your car, need space for two on the metro. Not to mention that such a dolled up look is impractical for work, when you can’t even reach the power button of the copy machine in them. Who wants to look like a walking wedding cake anyhow?

On a positive note: All that fabric is heavy on your hips giving your legs at least a good exercise. Worst of all, those variations that look like you wear a tired skirt just starting at your neck. It looks like you are not having your act together or were pregnant.

1960s Eclectic

This trend is a no-no for babyboomers and all Gen X who had been already around in the 60s. We don’t want to look like we want to relive our youth. When you belong to this group, I do, skip the trend.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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