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Sienna Studio midi leather skirt, Hipstik opaque tights, Söfft shearling booties, GNW leopard print cardigan, smoky quartz statement necklace (all own)

I love cats, cats of all size, their elegant moves, their jumping abilities, their faces, and the color pattern of those, who have a pattern. Therefore, it is no wonder that I love leopard printed patterns on everything from shoes over cardigans and jackets to tights. In this Leopard Print Style Guide, I share with you my secrets how to wear the print in an effortlessly stylish way. Read and see to get inspired.

    1. Leopard Print from Red Light to Work Appropriate
    2. Try It with Neutrals or Bold Color Solids
    3. When Wearing Leopard Print Tights, Make Them the Statement
    4. Snowleopard Is a Great Desaturated Choice
    5. How to Style Leopard Pattern Coats, Jackets and Vests
    6. Which Colors go with Leopard Print?
    7. What to Wear with Leo Print Shoes?
    8. Wrapping Up the Leopard Print Style Guide


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Leopard Print from Red Light to Work Appropriate

Leopard print has been around already so long. It became mainstream and nearly a classic in recent years. In the 1950s, the exotic print was for date night and bombshells style only. In the 60s, this print was associated with nightlife, sexy underwear or night gowns. You wouldn’t had worn it to the office, church or any formal occasion!

How times and fashion changed in the last 60 years! In a couple of decades, the current decade will probably be known as the time of the leopard print conquering the day life and even the office.

The daring fashionista can even mix this feline print with florals, stripes or any other large geometric fabric adornment. When you chose the beasts natural fur colors

You can wear leopard print like a neutral. #agelessstyle Click To Tweet

But let’s take one step at a time to get the most out of the trendy (or new classic ?) It piece.


post logo of the Leopard Print Style Guide showing a woman with leopard print cardigan


Try It with Neutrals or Bold Color Solids

Black is a fool proof pairing. It makes the feline piece the statement (see photo below).

stylist in all black with feline design cardigan
Sienna Studio midi leather skirt, Hipstik opaque tights, Söfft shearling booties, GNW leopard print cardigan, smoky quartz statement necklace (all own)


The neutral colors of the sweater in the photo below permit grounding the look with another color than black. This fact makes the look more interesting because most of the time black is used. It’s important to repeat colors to tie the look together. Here the brown tights and heels do the job. The heeled loafers elongate the leg and the belt adds some shape.

over 50 years old fashion blogger wearing a leopard sweater and leather skirt
Unbranded cashmere sweater, Halogen tan leather skirt, GNW tight, Nine West plateau heeled loafers, Kate Moss for Longchamp bag, H-buckle, Kieselstein Cord belt, and statement necklace (all own)


When Wearing Leopard Print Tights, Make It the Statement

Leopard-print tights are a statement. The safe way to look sophisticated in the animal print trend is only one fur print item at a time. The next two explained example photos feature two inspirations how to style leo tights.


style blogger wearing a sheath dress with leopard print tights
Outfit details: Eli Tahari leather sheath, Moda International cardigan, GNW tights, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Festina watch, Nine West plateau heeled loafers, Ray Ban sunglasses, Philip Lim 3.1 bag and pearl necklace (all own)


In the above example, the gray background color of the print ties the gray cashmere cardigan and chocolate sheath dress together. The plateau high heeled loafers and bag add extra pops of color in burgundy and fuchsia to the otherwise all neutrals business casual winter work outfit.

The example below shows how to integrate the leo print tights into an outerwear look. The shearling motorcycle jacket and gray pom pom hat sort of repeat the colors of the tights.


over 50 years old woman in shearling motorcyle jacket and pom pom hat with leo legwear
Outfit details: Marc Aurel shearling motorcycle jacket, Eli Tahari sheath, GNW leopard print tight, Clark booties, Philip Lim 3.1 tote, Ray Ban aviator sunglasses, leather gloves and pom pom hat


Never miss the opportunity to style your outerwear. It's an outfit too. Live is too short, to not be stylish. Click To Tweet

You can find more on how to wear patterned tights in the guide at the link.


Snow-leopard Is a Great Desaturated Choice

Wearing stylish animal print outfits is a big trend. But picking the right cut and direction of the spots can do a lot for your look. A V-neck and vertical design of the pattern like to top in the photo below  have a slimming effect. Going for a snowleopard is a cool twist on the eternal classic of black and white.


mature woman with snowleopard Covered Perfectly top

over 50 years old woman with spotted top standing in a bar

fashion blogger posing in a black, gray and white outfit with leather skirt and animal print top

style blogger in posh casual look with leather skirt, snowleo T-shirt and gray shoes
Outfit details: Snow leopard v-neck modal top c/o Covered Perfectly with own DIY belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Sienna Studio leather skirt, Ecclisse watch bracelet, pantyhose and Clovington ankle strap pumps


Of course, you can wear this print as an all neutral look with a gray, black or white bottom. Add dress pants, skirt, jeans, leggings and even leather pants in these colors. Pair the look with matching shoes, pearls or silver jewelry. It’s a recipe for a posh and stylish look in no time. Like with the brown-beige-black version of the feline’s fur print any bold jewelry color works well as a fashion statement.

Try Leopard Print with Stripes, Florals, Tartan and Alike

We saw a lot of mixing prints and patterns on the runways. Of course, you can do so with this feline design. Just remember to

  • Wear it as a neutral
  • Ground your look with a color that is common to all pieces, and
  • Select designs of distinct different size.


Stylist tip: You can mix all patterns when they are gray.


In its natural colors – either in brown black or black-gray-white – the design like any neutral works with about anything from floral to stripes to neutral, plaid, colors or real bold statement colors like my orange skirt shown later in this post.

When you are a beginner in mixing prints/patterns, pick another print in similar colors and ground your look with black tights. So chic! The following photos feature a simple to copy  example for a mixed patterns, desaturated look in gray shades between black and white.

mature fashion blogger in jeans and top in a posh all neutrals look

midlife blogger in jeans and tee with mixed prints

midlife stylist in casual Friday look with animal print and stripes

style book author Nicole in bootcut jeans with tucked in sweater
Outfit details: Snow leopard T-shirt c/o Covered Perfectly styled with own unbranded striped oblong scarf, Oliveo bootcut jeans, rutil-quartz necklace, Hermes collier de chien bangle, quartz bangle, quartz earrings, statement snake-tail buckle belt and Manelo Blahnik denim booties


You can learn mixing leopard and floral prints in this special post.  See the post at the link for a lesson solely dedicated to mixing stripes with leopard.

How to Style Leopard Pattern Coats, Jackets and Vests

The feline motif looks great with bold colors. Thus, wearing a natural color, faux fur vest like the one in the photo below works with all combinations of grounding neutral and solid bold, unmuted color.

leo faux fur vest with leather skirt and turtleneck sweater outfit
Leopard faux fur vest with hood c/o Covered Perfectly with own Sienna Studio leather pencil skirt, Anne Klein red cashmere turtleneck sweater, GNW tight and booties for an office appropriate winter look


over 50 years old woman in fall trend of vest with hood
Vest with hood c/o Perfectly Covered with plaid skirt, GNW tights, Anne Klein sweater


over 40 style Leopard light weight faux fur vest under coat
Hoodie vestlight weight faux fur vest c/o Covered Perfectly under coat. Leave the hood out to don a sleek elegant silhouette


In the case of jackets and coats, pay attention to the pieces that will show in the outerwear outfit. As a rule of thumb whatever hem is visible should be about 4 inches (10 cm) longer than your coat/jacket for a balanced stylish appearance. Jeans with sweaters or shirts tucked in work well. For the color and print combinations use the tips discussed above. See this guide for more on how to style an animal print coat. See this guide for a more general focus on tips how to style your outerwear.


Which Colors Go with Leopard Print?

Of course, all colors that are in the print. The pattern looks also great with orange or red. You can find examples of an orange skirt with leopard print boots at this link. For inspirational example outfits featuring red with leopard see this post on what to wear for Valentine’s Day.


What to Wear with Leo Print Shoes?

Footwear with the feline pattern is having a moment. The principle on how to style them is the same as laid out above.

There is a funny thing about the boots shown below: The first time I wore them a co-worker said she’d recognized me from the back by my boots. I was like “I never wore them before.” Her answer was “You are the only one on campus who would wear such boots.” Score! Touché! You name it! She’s right! These boots are so me!


When you like the tips and advice on the blog, you will also like my book How to Dress for Success in Midlife. Buy your copy now.


High Latitude Style blogger in orange and poppy look of the day with statement leo print boots
Side view to show details of the ponyhair printed leo boots


outfit details of tote and boots
Outfit details: Mara over-the-knee hem skirt, Moda International cashmere silk cardigan, sweater top, smoky quartz bracelet, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Yes Saint Laurent tote, twigg’s pantyhose, and Manolo Blahnik boots with back zipper


stylist in leo pumps, black blazer, tan skirt, black tights, denim shirt
Side view of Casual Friday look with leopard-pumps

stylist posing in casual winter work outfit with pumps for the Interested in more leopard print outfit ideas? Then you may enjoy reading my 15 tips to look ageless in animal prints.

Outfit details: Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, Great Northwest shirt, Vittari blazer, pearls, Halogen A-line leather skirt, Aldo leopard print pumps, Festina watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own) 

Wrapping Up the Leopard Print Style Guide

In a nutshel the most important aspects of this leopard print style guide. Always go for a motif in the natural colors of the feline. Style it like a neutral with clean (unmuted) colors. When combining with other designs chose different scales and ground your look with a common color. You can find more leopard print outfit ideas in my 15 tips to look ageless in animal prints.

Photos of me: G. Kramm

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