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Look great in a white blazer and black leather pants

fashionover40 Casual winter look with leather pants and white blazer
London leather pants with Great Northwest denim shirt, Ann Taylor white blazer, statement smoky quartz belt and pearls (all own)
styleover40 Winter look with leather pants
Casual winter look of Ann Taylor white blazer with Great Northwest denim shirt, Harley Davidson booties, pearls and London leather pants (all own)

Re-shop a great item for a signature style

I really love my white short-sleeve linen summer blazer and wore it a lot this summer. A white blazer is so versatile that I bought this Ann Taylor white wool blazer for winter. This post is this blazer’s premiere. 😉 I paired it with my favorite black leather pants, which you have seen already in the post at the link, my Harley Davidson booties, a denim shirt, and pearls for a Casual Friday outfit. Black, white and denim together in one outfit are such a classic that I can wear the leather pants at the office at the university.

Style your outerwear for great style too

Never forget that the first impression is important. Thus, also pay attention to your outerwear and style it as well. You never know whom you may meet the first time or to whom you may be introduced in the elevator when you are wearing your outwear.

Pro tip:

On your way to work wear professionally looking pieces too.

matureStyle Winter look with Burberry motorcycle coat
Burberry motorcycle coat with chevron cashmere scarf, structured bag, Harley Davidson booties and leather gloves (all own)

On my way to work, I wore my motorcycle coat with a gray, white, black Chevron striped cashmere scarf and black leather gloves. For other styling of this coat or how to wear this coat with camouflage cargo pants see the links.

Do you like leather pants? Can you wear them to the office on Casual Friday? If so, how do you style them to look work appropriate? Let me know by email, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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