Look great in a white blazer and black leather pants

over 50 years old style book author showing what color pants go with white blazer

White blazer style tips

I really love my short sleeve linen white blazer and wore it a lot this summer. It’s so versatile. The short sleeve white blazer looks great with yellowjacket for a casual look, but also great with leather shorts for work as a “fake” summer suit on Casual Friday. A white blazer is so versatile that I bought this long sleeve white wool blazer for winter.

Workhorse or doubling up?

Is this doubling the same item? Certainly not. The short sleeve one was a workhorse in summer. Thus, the new one is its winter equivalent.
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Personal style also means to replace signature items with new ones when they are worn out.

How to style a white blazer in winter

This post is this blazer’s premiere. 😉 I paired it with my favorite black leather pants, booties, a denim shirt, and pearls for a Casual Friday outfit.
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You can’t go wrong with this neutral color combination. For the daring try to go for a modern combination of three neutrals with black, brown and white.

Take inspirations from Style Icons

Of course, a white blazer and black slacks look great together. But so muck better do trousers in leather when your work dress code permits wearing it.Queen Letizia of Spain once wore her black skinny leather trousers with a long sleeveless double-breasted white blazer and sky-high pointy-toe heels as she visited a science museum in Madrid.
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To finish the look add a statement belt and a string of pearls.
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over 50 years old fashion blogger in black leather pants, denim and white blazer outfit for work in winter

style blogger showing how to wear a white blazer in winter with leather pants
Casual Friday winter office look: Harley Davidson booties, Moda International leather pants, Great Northwest denim shirt, Ann Taylor white blazer, vintage brooch, statement smoky quartz belt and pearls (all own)

Outerwear for great style too

mature blogger in winter street wear with Burberry coat, booties and gloves
Burberry motorcycle coat with RAK chevron cashmere scarf, structured bag, Harley Davidson booties and LeatherCoatsEtc leather gloves (all own)

When styling outerwear he number 1 thing you have to consider is what of your outfit is showing when you put your coat on. The coat, what shows and the accessories together must make sense and look put together. Never forget that the first impression is important! Thus, also pay attention to your outerwear and style it as well. Clothing conveys a message. You never know whom you may meet the first time or to whom you may be introduced in the elevator when you are wearing your outwear on your way to or from the office.

Pro tip: On your way to work wear professionally looking pieces too.

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On my way to work, I wore my olive motorcycle coat with a gray, white, black Chevron striped cashmere scarf and black leather gloves, i.e. I stayed with neutral colors.

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