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Read how to dress for Easter to look your best without catching a cold or looking out of place. Get inspired by these easy to copy Easter outfits.


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What Should I Wear for Easter?

Traditionally, Easter is the catwalk for the new spring outfit on the curbside, in church, in the queue to be seated and/or at the buffet! On Easter, any cold gear is so yesterday because we consider Easter as a spring holiday. However, tradition is so old-fashioned!


example spring-inspired look with fashion color magenta
J. Crew skirt, Hipstik tights, peacock pendant necklace, Valentino boots, Hermes collier de chien bangle.



Actually, you celebrated already many Easters. Therefore, you should know better and dress stylishly, but weather-appropriate for the sake of your own health. If the weather asks for cold weather gear, style a winter-to-spring transition look from a mix or winter and spring pieces. Choose colors and/or prints with a spring-vibe.


midlife influencer showing how to dress on Easter Easter
Left: Max Mara skirt and puffer jacket, Notations floral cardigan, Hipstik nude pantyhose, Prada pumps, VO purse, Middle and right: DIY necklace, MessyWeekend sunglasses, Banana Republic skirt, ballet nude fishnet tights, Notations cardigan, Ivanka Trump ankle strap pumps, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and Nordgreen watch. Get 15% off with my discount code HLSTYLE.



What to Consider When Dressing for Easter?

Easter is a family and religious event asking for timeless and modest clothing, respectively. When the celebration includes extended family a timeless family reunion outfit in a spring vibe is your best choice.


Tip: Keep in mind that tons of photos are taken on holidays.
Therefore, last year’s dress won’t do the trick because family members most likely see you only so often. They will remember it!


Also consider that a brunch, or dinner is a social event asking for trendy attire. The squaring of the circle so to speak. Take the usual brunch dress-code or dinner dress-code of the restaurant in mind, and dress it up a notch. If extended family attends, limit yourself to one trendy item.


Stylist tip: When wearing only one trendy item go for a perennial classic like the black-and-white trend or one of the fashion colors of the year. Years later nobody remembers that it was a fashionable color back then. But today they know.


Nicole of High Latitude Style in trendy wide-leg trousers, gemstone belt, pendant necklace, and blouse Easter look
eShakti wide-leg trousers, Edith Leiber belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, quartz-pendant necklace, hair pin, Escada booties, and silk blouse c/o LilySilk.



How to Dress for Easter?

Go for a classic spring-inspired skirt-top combination or dress with floral or another timeless print and an “office appropriate” (read modest) neckline. Add one trendy statement piece, e.g., one of the colors of the year. Go for sling backs, pumps or classic sandals with a heel no higher than 2.5 inch (5 cm) if the weather and place you go to permits. They are easy on your feet when standing in line for a long time.

Have a cardigan in a color that matches the dress to cover up. At this time a year, it actually is still too cold, for the spring dress you will wear. You also need the cardigan to stay warm, when you wear a light transitional coat. The easiest way for flawless legs is to wear pantyhose.


Tip: Steer away from any solid color dress in pastels. You don’t want to look like a walking Easter egg!



What Colors Are the Best to Wear on Easter?

Even tough it may be still cold, wear the pastels of your color palette. Determine your 12-season color palette.

Caramel dress pants with a white blouse and a floral-print scarf in pastels make a cute spring-inspired look. When pastels wash you out, stay with the lighter colors of your palette. Salmon pink looks great on almost everybody. Or try adding light spring-inspired colors with a scarf.

Tip: Avoid solid clothing in Easter-egg colors. You would look like a walking Easter egg.



Best Easter Outfit Ideas for Warm or Chilly Weather

The following Easter outfit inspirations fit the bill of thermal comfort, timeless style, and a spring vibe. The dresses in the collage below work for Easter brunch in warm climate regions in a casual place.


stylist presenting how to dress on Easter outfits in the South with bleu-white and floral print spring dresses
Left: Shein blue-and-white spring dress, Philosophy blue cardigan knotted for style, sunflower yellow Longchamp pliage, Anne Klein nude pumps, Hipstik pantyhose, and Ed Hardy sunglasses. Right: eShaki Easter dress, Michael Kors plateau sandals, statement belt, Coach shearling purse, Winkwood sunglasses.



The looks below work for Easter brunch or dinner in a conservative restaurant when the weather is chilly or cold.


collage of over 50 years old fashion blogger dressed for Easter in different looks in cold weather
Left: Armani cape, Prada satchel, Gloria VanDerBilt pointy-toe pumps, Leggs pantyhose, rose-pin, puma buckle belt, G-III skirt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and gingham button-down c/o Whistle River. Middle: Jones New York shirt, Oliveo striped leather skirt, floral print scarf, Leggs pantyhose, and L.K. Bennett pumps. Right: Vittari rust leather coat as cover-up for the look in the middle accessorized with Chanel bag.



Easter Outfits in Alaska

In Fairbanks, boyfriends and husbands alike drop the female part of their party at the door of the restaurant because it is impossible to walk in heels or sandals in the muddy dirty unpaved parking lots. Furthermore, it is still way too cold for their ladies’ spring dresses as Easter outfits. Well, springtime in Alaska is 40 below.

Despite ditching the tights and boots and going bare leg in sandals or pumps is a Do in Fairbanks. I wore these weather-appropriate Easter outfits in the last couple of years. Thermal comfort and great style don’t contradict.


Photos: G. Kramm

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