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Awesome Easter Outfits for 40+

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fashionover40 sheath with sweater
Elli Tahari leather sheath dress with LV silk scarf, GNW tights, GNW Luxe sweater, and Antonio Maneli booties (all own)


In Fairbanks, going out for Easter Brunch is a big dress-up thing. No matter how cold it is still outside, ditching the tights and boots and going bare leg in sandals or pumps is a must for Fairbanks women and girls of all ages. The new spring dress gets its first appearance. Boyfriends and husbands alike drop the female part of their party at the door of the brunch place because it is impossible to walk in heels in the muddy dirt parking lot. Furthermore, it is still way too cold for their ladies’ outfits.

fashion over 40 woman in Easter brunch outfit
Elli Tahari leather sheath with Burberry plaid blazer, LV scarf, GNW tights, and Antonio Maneli booties (all own)

Actually, one should still dress like in the photos above and at the end of this post. On Easter, however, any cold gear is so yesterday and the catwalk for the new spring outfit is the queue at the buffet!

The dress code

To dress best for Easter Brunch is a challenge. On one hand, it is a family and religious event, on the other hand, a brunch and social event. The squaring of the circle so to speak. 😉

Tons of pictures will be taken. Thus, last year’s dress won’t do the trick because family members most likely see you only so often. They will remember it! Moreover, the outfit should not cause a major laugh attack of your kids, grand-kids – you name it – when looking at the photos in ten, twenty, thirty years at a family reunion.

Easter outfit suggestions

Now what to wear? Go for a classic spring skirt-top combination or dress with floral or other timeless print and an “office appropriate” (read modest) neckline. Add no more than one trendy statement piece. The best “trendy” part would be some of the colors of the year. Go for slingbacks, pumps or classic sandals with a heel no higher than 2.5 inch (5 cm). They are easier on your feet when standing in line at the buffet for a long time. Have a cardigan in a color that matches the dress to cover up. At this time a year, it actually is still too cold for the dress you will wear. You also need the cardigan to stay warm as you want to wear a light transitional coat. Wearing a winter coat with spring/summer shoes looks plain ridiculous! Remember, you don’t want to be the family clown or the family’s fashion victim.

Steer away from any solid color dress in pastels. You don’t want to look like a walking Easter egg! 😉

Below are some inspirations of outfits that would fit the bill.

fashion over 50 woman in Easter brunch outfit Calvin Klein striped sheath dress with GNW cardigan, and L.K. Bennett wedge patent leather heels (all own)styleover40 Easter lunch look Striped Jones New York cardigan with Ralph Ralph Lauren polka dot skirt, GNW cardigan worn as top, Mandalo Pippa bag, Kieselstein Cord belt, and Christian Louboutain pumps (all own)

fashionover50 woman dressed for an Easter buffet Victoria Victoria Beckham silk print dress with cardigan, and Gloria Vanderbilt pumps (all own)style over 40 woman in spring cat dress Victoria Victoria Beckham silk cat-print dress with GNW cardigan, and Esprit bag (all own)

What is your Easter tradition and what will you wear? What are your Easter dressing challenges? Let me know by email so I can help you up your style.

Happy Easter!

matureFashion Easter going out for lunch outfit
Burberry blazer worn over Elli Tahari leather sheath with LV silk scarf, GNW tights, Antonio Maneli booties, YSL bag, and pea coat (all own)

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Photos: G. Kramm

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