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Red custom made skirt suit with black wash-silk blouse and wide brim hat I wore for our wedding

Many women keep their wedding dresses, but never wear it again after the big day. More frugal women buy a gown that they can dye later to reuse the dress for balls or other formal events. Women who had a civil wedding may chose a skirt, dress or pantsuit that without the wedding accessories can serve as work attire. Once women get into menopause the related body change make it a challenge wearing it. This post is an entertaining story about the Wearing my Wedding Dress Challenge.


  1. Accepting Catherine Summer’s Wearing my Wedding Dress Challenge
  2. Where My Husband and I Got Married
  3. My Childhood Dream Bridal Dress
  4. The Bride Wore a Hat
  5. What Happened to the Shoes


Accepting Catherine Summer’s Wearing my Wedding Dress Challenge

I’m in! In September, Catherine Summers challenged bloggers in September to enter her The wearing my wedding dress challenge.

wearing my wedding dress 23 years later
Back view of my wedding skirt suit with hat. L.K. Bennett open toe pumps



Where My Husband and I Got Married

My husband and I got married in the old registry office in Cologne which has a great Neo-Gothic ambient. We had planed a reception at the Rhine river. When we made the final arrangements for the reception a couple of days before the wedding, there was a strong high pressure system over Europe. All the forecasts predicted sunshine for days after our wedding day. Thus, the owner of the place wanted to plan for outside. I said he would waste his time, as it would rain. Guess what, it rained cats and dogs on our wedding day.


My husband and I after our nuptials on the way home
My husband and I walking to the parking garage after our wedding in Cologne



My Childhood Dream Bridal Dress

Originally, I wanted to go for a black velvet fit-and-flare dress with a white flower (daisies) head band – my childhood dream of a black wedding dress. However, my husband had already bought a Boss suit in a charcoal. He also did not want me to wear white. He had all kinds of reasons, but the true one is white washes me out. Thus, I went for my second favorite color red and used my favorite color black for accents.

me wearing my wedding dress after 23 years
Front view of the skirt suit I wore at our wedding after 23 years. L.K. Bennett pumps.



The Bride Wore a Hat

In the left lower Rhineland, where we grew up, hats or headbands were a big thing. I went for a huge brim black hat as it works best with a suit.



photo of our outfits on the day we got married
Wearing my skirt suit with hat and Peter Kaiser pumps at our wedding. My husband wore a Boss double breast button suit


When my husband wanted to buy the flowers on the day before, I insisted to accompany him. I wanted to ensure that the flowers look great with the suit (he of course had not seen it before). Three white orchids with a red inner part were the perfect match.


Photos taken at our wearing
Photo taken on our wedding day after signing the documents



What Happened to the Shoes

Unfortunately, I lost the shoes when living in Leipzig. The apartment was small, so we had stored a lot of stuff in the cellar. However, the cellar was moldy like many cellars of renovated pre-Great War houses right in the early years after the German Unification. The Peter Kaiser black patent leather pointy toe pumps with different shades of red triangle patches got moldy and we had to throw them out when moving. 🙁


details on the sleeves of my wedding dress
Side view of my skirt suit to show the details of the sleeves



What did you wear at your wedding? Did you go for the traditional white dress? Would you wear black to your own wedding? Do you have a wedding coming up soon?

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Photos: G. Kramm

Photos of our wedding: H. Mölders

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