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Hi, I am glad you are here.

Let Me Introduce Myself

I am Nicole Mölders, 59, married, two cat, no kids and the CEO, stylist, and blogger of the award winning blog High Latitude Style as well as a scholar. You can find a list of my books at the link. In 2021, I was honored the status of Professor Emeritus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where I researched and taught atmospheric sciences for 20 years.

I am also a ballroom dancer who performs to inspire and entertain the Fairbanks metropolitan area residents at various events. This includes a participation in Dancing with the Fairbanks Stars as a fundraiser for the Lathrop High School Ballroom Dance Team. Furthermore, I model at fashion shows, and give talks on fashion and air quality in the community. You can hire me for such events.

My Professional Education

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