This page is a library of Style Guides for women in midlife. Check the links in the guides for more in depth coverage of a certain topic. The bullet-pointed links go to posts that cover a specific styling FAQ question related to the guide in more depth.


  1. Dressing for the Weather and Thermal Comfort
  2. How to Have Sustainable Fashion
  3. Best Styling of Knits, Leather, and Fabrics
  4. Personal Style Guides for Women in Midlife
  5. Styling How-Tos for Various Clothes
  6. How to Dress for Your Body Shape
  7. Dressing for Various Occasions
  8. Styling Prints and Patterns
  9. How to Wear Colors
  10. Miscellaneous Guides


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Dressing for the Weather and Thermal Comfort

Best Ways to Wear Great Winter-to-Spring Transition Looks

9 Tips to Style a White Summer Dress for Spring

Your 5 Steps Guide to Create a Great Fall Wardrobe

How to Identify the Best Down Coat for Your Climate Zone

22 Tricks How to Transition Your Summer Pieces into Fall

You Can Stay Warm Wearing These Chic Winter Layering Looks

Your Best Vacation Style in Warm Climate

How to Beat the Summer Office Outfit Challenge

Learn How to Avoid Cold Feet at Frigid Temperatures


How to Have Sustainable Fashion

Tips to Increase Your Wardrobe Options



Best Styling of Knits, Leather, and Fabrics

Use this Guide to Wear Ageless Style in Lace Like a Pro

Best Stylist Secrets to Look Modern in Tweed

26 Tips to Look Ageless in Knits

See How These Midlife Women Look Stunning in Leather

How to Wear Denim Like a Pro


Personal Style Guides for Women in Midlife

If you know your personal style, scroll down to the respective links. If not, determine your primary personal style with this free online style finder quiz (opens in a new tab for your convenience).


California Casual Style

Feminine Preppy Outfits over 50

Romantic Style over 50

Gamine Style

Euro Chic Style

Modern Bohemian Style

American Classic

Non Boring Corporate Style

Business Casual in Midlife

Coastal Grandma Style

Pop Culture Style


Styling How-Tos for Clothes, Footwear, and Accessories

How You Can Style Your Chinos

How to Wear a Long Leather Skirt

Guide How to Wear a Suit and Not Look Old


Ultimate Guide to Styling Athleisure


How You Can Look Your Best in Dress Over Pants

You Can Wear One Baseball Jacket More Than 9 Ways

See How You Can Look Ageless in an Utility Jacket

How to Create an Awesome Coat Wardrobe


Shoes, Sandals, Boots

13 Secrets to Look Stunning in Over-the-Knee Boots

See 9 Great Ways How to Wear Tall Boots

Best Kept Secrets of Mature Women for a Great Boot Topper Look

How to Wear the Sneakers with Skirt Trend


Accessorizing Style Guides for Women in Midlife

Guide to Best Accessorizing with Belts

13 Tips How to Improve Your Style with Gloves

Ultimate Guide to Look Incredibly Stylish with Hats

Chic Hair Jewelry for Mature Women with Long Hair

Ultimate Guide How to Up Your Style with Scarves


Which Earrings Enhance a Look from Great to Best

Do You Know Which Sunglass Frames Are Best for You?


How to Dress for Your Body Type and Face Shape

When you don’t know your body type and/or face shape, you can determine them with this free online body shape detector and this free online face shape finder, respectively. Both open in a new tab for your convenience.

Guide to Dressing for Big and Tall People

See How You Can Look Chic in Size 14 And Up

27 of the Best Styling Tips for Petite Women

Do You Know Which Sunglass Frames Are Best for You?

See the Best Earrings for Your Face



Dressing for Various Occasions, and Dress Codes

Work Style Guides for Women in Midlife

How to Dress for a Job Interview (Conservative Field)



What Is Best to Wear in the First Weeks on a New Job

Best Dress Code Tips for Female Engineers

Instant Chic Work Outfits When Dressing in a Hurry

Best Outfit Ideas for Casual Friday

How to Pick an Office Appropriate Halloween Look

15 Ideas What You Can Wear at the Work Holiday Party


Weddings, Other Formal, and Official Events

How to Look Absolutely Stunning on Your Wedding Day

How to Dress for a Civil Wedding as a Guest

Create Your Best Afternoon Wedding Guest Outfit

Best Look to Wear as Winter Wedding Guest

How You Dress Your Best for a Beach Wedding

Mature Looks to Wear at a Casual Afternoon Wedding Reception

What to Wear at an Authors’ Reception

Dressing for the Opera: What You Can Wear

You can Look Stunning at a Military Ball with these Tips

What You Can Wear at Commencement as a Guest

Picking Your Homecoming Dress

What People Wear at an Oath Ceremony



You Can Look Sexy for a Valentine’s Date over 50

Best St. Patrick’s Day Outfit Ideas with Green

How to Dress on Easter to Look Your Best

6 Tips How to Dress for Mother’s Day to Look Your Best

What Is the Best Outfit to Wear on Father’s Day

What to Wear to Look Your Best in Patriotic Attire

Sustainable Halloween Outfit Ideas from Your Closet to DIY

What Is the Best to Wear at a Diwali Party

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas to Look Your Best No Matter of the Plan

Easy Christmas Outfits for You to Look Stunning

What to Wear New Year’s Eve, Where, When



Leisure, Vacation, and Running Errands

What to Wear for Clothes Shopping

How Best to Wear Your Resort Style

What Is the Best to Wear at a Family Reunion

Look Great at the Spa

What to Wear for a BBQ with Friends or Family

See How You Can Dress Stylishly for a Picnic

What Is the Best You Can Wear for Sightseeing

How to Dress Your Best for the Movies

9 Tips What Exactly You Can Wear to a Sports Event

First Friday Outfit Ideas


Styling Prints and Patterns

How to Wear Plaid in a Sophisticated Way

Your Ultimate Guide to Look Ageless in Floral Prints


Stylist Tips to Look Sophisticated in Animal Prints


Your Guide to Stylishly Mixing of Prints and Patterns


How to Wear Colors

Your Guide How to Wear White after Labor Day

What to Wear with White Denim

How to Style a Little White Shirt Dress

Guide to Wearing Effortlessly Stylish Monochromatic Looks

How to Wear Metallic at Day

Best Ways How You Can Wear Pink Over 40

You Can Wear Brown and Pink Together

How You Can Wear Sparkle During the Day

You Can be Effortlessly Chic in Brown with Black



Miscellaneous Guides

Best Gift Ideas

How You Can Save When Fashion Shopping

How to Revamp your Personal Style


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