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Moda International silk cashmere cardigan, Brooks Brothers sweater, Oliveo leather skirt, Nine West pumps, Hipstik pantyhose, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Longchamp Pliage, Rebecca Colins necklace (all own)

When you are a hard-die Hollywood fan, it’s a Must to watch the Oscar nominations and winner at the cinema. This post covers how to dress for the movies depending on your company and the plans prior and after the show.

  1. Best movie night outfits vary with company
  2. Dressy at the movies
  3. Accessories for going to the movies shouldn’t cause noise
  4. Casual at the movies
  5. Cute outfit ideas for the cinema


Best movie night outfits vary with company

Going to the movies is a great way to escape reality for two hours. Who doesn’t love that? But going there requires a reality check on what to wear. The challenges are on several burners. First, AC can be so strong that even someone used to subarctic conditions ends up feeling uncomfortable. Another aspect to think about is your company. Third, what you do when you come out of the cinema? Are you going with your significant other, the girls, friends, your kids or grand kids? Will you go out for dinner or a drink afterwards or stir home?

Depending on the answers to these questions, your outfit should be dressy or casual.

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Dressy at the movies

Movie night with your significant other or girl friends calls for dressing up. Keep in mind what the significant other or your girl friends might wear to not look out of place. A printed dress with cardigan or a loose skirt with top and cardigan are casual, but feminine and dressy, and still work for a drink after watching the film as well. The cardigan protects from chilly AC or later in the evening. It can be knotted around the shoulders or hips when it is too warm.

over 50 years old blogger wearing a dress over dress for going to the movies

stylist wearing a dress over a dress
Outfit details: Barbour cable-knit dress worn under Ruby Belle plaid sheath dress with GNW tights, and Clarks booties


The OOTD shown in the above photos is great for going to watch a movie in one of Alaska’s roadhouses. Often their showrooms are not well insulated and/or heated. Here I am wearing a dress under my sheath dress.



Outfit inspirations what to wear at the cinema

The photos below show some other suggestions. Wearing a statement skirt and keeping everything else casual makes a (risky, but fun) outfit for the occasion.

street style blogger wearing a Hosentürle skirt
Carhartt shirt, Fossil jacket, Jager tote, GNW tights, Hosentürle skirt, smoky quartz necklace, golden bangle (gift from my late Mom) and Aigner sandals (all own).


The next example shows a dressy outfit that permits going out with the significant other.

stylist in Victoria Beckham dress with rust cardigan and red pumps
Victoria Victoria Beckham silk print dress with dyed Moda International cardigan, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and Gloria Vanderbilt pumps (all own).


The next inspiration presents a dressy outfit for film night with mixed prints and pattern. Learn more on mixing prints and patterns in the guide at this link.

over 50 years old blogger looking posh and dressy in mixed stripes and polka dots for film night
Jones New York striped cardigan, The Limited Tee, Ralph Lauren polka dot pleated skirt, silk scarf, Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own)


If you like these inspirational looks, please pin them to your Pinterest board.

fashion blogger in posh casual outfit for the movies with denim skirt, baseball jacket, striped shirts
Michael Kors jacket with Oliveo denim skirt, Anne Klein T-strap pumps, H buckle, Kieselstein Cord belt, smoky quartz necklace, Chanel bag (all own), and striped 3/4 sleeve T-shirt c/o Marine Layer for a dressy, but casual going to the movies outfit


Try a vintage fit-and-flare dress for a Romantic Style look for date night.

style blogger in fit-and-flare dress with cardigan
Don’t Stare fit-and-flare dress with brown bow and Clarks booties, GNW tights and dyed Moda International cardigan, Longchamp pilage bag, and Clarks booties (all own)


The example below features a cute, dressy idea for a dinner-movie evening on the town.

Cat Dress with cardigan for an evening of dinner and films
Victoria Victoria Beckham silk cat-print dress, Hermes collier de chien bangle, GNW cardigan, and Esprit bag (all own)


Accessories for going to the movies shouldn’t cause noise

Like the light of cell phones or their ring are annoying at the movies, so are accessories that cause noise. Thus, leave your noisy arm party at home when you go to the movies.

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Accessorize with a matching necklace and studs or long earrings with bangles/bracelets. More on which ear jewelry is best in the guide at the link. Flats, Keds or Vans look cute and are great for a walk to the restaurant or bar in warm climate. But low heel sandals or booties are great options too when you can walk in heels. When you live in cold climate and/or during the cold season wear tights in a matching color to the dress or skirt to elongate your legs. Get a saddle bag, bucket bag, Boho bag or any type of bag that does not read office, sport, travel or evening bag.

Go dressier for your significant other than with the girls, and lean more to dressy-casual when you are going with friends. #movienight Click To Tweet

Casual at the movies

While the above outfit suggestions are easy to dress down towards more casual, skirts or dresses are often unpractical when you have to watch kids at the movies. Cleaning a dress or skirt often means a trip to the dry cleaner. Thus, go for jeans with a nice top or T-shirt plus a cardigan/jacket. Accessorize with an infinity scarf or knot your scarf to reduce the risk to loose it when running after kids prior/after the movie. More on how to up your style with scarves in this guide. Necklaces could be ripped by toddlers. You will have to reach for the kids several times during the movie when they get frightened/excited. Thus, bangles would be too noisy. Desert boot, Keds, Vans or booties allow you to move fast. If you can run after the bus in heels, heels are fine too. Go for a shoulder or even better a cross-body bag to keep your hands free.

Cute outfit ideas for the cinema

Here some cute outfit ideas to recreate from pieces in your own closet.

casual jeans, sweater, scarf outfit for a cinema visit with the friends
Loft distressed BF jeans, Ralph Lauren silver pumps, statement buckle belt, summer scarf, and Brooks Brothers sweater top for a casual polished look


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Do you often go to the movies? With whom? And what do you wear? Let me know by email, I am curious.

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