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Fuchsia wool GNW cashmere sweater with INC chocolate leather pants, layering top, booties and simple necklace for a warm timeless winter look

When going to a family reunions think twice what to wear! This post elucidates why, points out the biggest, most common mistakes and shows how to avoid them.

  1. Family is no guarantee for peace fashion wise
    • Social media aren’t the problem
  2. Why the trend of the season is your biggest enemy
    • Why to avoid any hot at the moment clothes
  3. Stylist’s advice: Wear something timeless
    • Stay true to your style
  4. Not only in-laws and fiances belong to the “family”
    • Have the future in mind
    • Consider the reason for the family gathering
  5. Outfit for a family reunion
  6. Wrapping up

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Family is no guarantee for peace fashion wise

What? Yes, seriously! Even in your own family, you have to think about what to wear at a family reunion. Everyone will take photos. They will land in a folder and your photos may be deleted after you are “not” family anymore due to a divorce. This divorce can be yours or the person’s who took the photos.

Well, this fate of photos of you is not to worry about.

post banner showing family reunion dinner

Social media aren’t the problem

… even when you are covered head-to-toe by sauce. The photos that land on social media when something funny happens to you are also not a big deal either. It just happens that someone spills the gravy all over someone else. Everyone feels pity for the poor victim. Everyone finds it tasteless of your family member to post it! Even if nothing funny happens, the photos that get posted during or immediately after the family reunion are no problem too. Even when you would wear this season’s trendy look, it is trendy this season, right. Nobody thinks anything about it.

However, that’s where there is the problem!

Why the trend of the season is your biggest enemy

The problem may occur years later after you had worn the big trend of the year at a family reunion. The trend everyone wore at that time. The trend that in the aftermath, years later seems to be the most silliest trend ever. The photo of an OOTD that you are embarrassed to see in a decade or more from now.

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Why to avoid any hot at the moment clothes

That new sexy Side Bow Cutout jeans from a cheap online store for $4 that shows the skin on the sides of your legs is cute for the disco now, but not on a family photo in 20 years. Recall you bought it for your vacation trip for going out. You had no intention to be the funny mommy/granny your future kids/grand-kids giggle about. You never liked being the “babysitter” anyhow. You never liked to be the center of attention and family entertainer to begin with. And …
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Stylist’s advice: Wear something timeless

Doing so avoids becoming the amusement of future family reunions when they review photos of past family unions. But stay true to your style. This means if your style is Bohemian pick an outfit that is considered iconic Bohemian style. In this case, think of the photos of Ali MacGraw or Jane Birkin in the 70s.

If your style is Rock’n Roll, it will be wise just to go for the red jeans, studded ankle booties, tuxedo shirt, and black motorcycle leather jacket. Leave the trendy skull scarf and the leather jacket with studs and chains all over the place at home.

Style blogger over 40 donning in an outfit showing timeless style

style book author in a timeless winter outfit suitable for a family meeting
Outfit details: Orvis classic Irish riding jacket with corduroy collar and pocket details, INC chocolate brown leather pants (similar here), Clark booties, layering top (similar here), GNW wool cashmere sweater and minimal necklace (all own) for a timeless winter look

Stay true to your style

Why should you stay with your style and not just wear something classic like Michelle Obama? You want to feel comfortable in your clothes, because that is key to come across confident, and honest.

See the outfit example in the photo above. Leather is part of my personal style. It’s a big trend at the moment too. I went for a piece in a classic cut and added other timeless pieces. I even paired it with one of my favorite colors! PINK!

Not only in-laws and fiances belong to the “family”

Sending the message of being confident and honest is especially important when the gathering is the in-laws’ part of the family. You want to be regarded as the best catch s/he could get, the best that ever happened to your spouse, and as such, as a great addition to the family. Nobody wants to settle for being the “appendix”.

Even if it’s not your family, but your significant other’s think about what you wear to your boyfriend’s family reunion.

Have the future in mind

If you are not looking forward to family meetings, you are not alone. Many people don’t. But keep in mind, it is just a day every so often. Make the best out of it. Always remember, the only family members you can chose are your spouse and your pets. The rest are free bees. These free bees can be scary, a mix or all awesome. Lucky you! Then you have all reasons to look forward to the next family reunion.

However, keep in mind, you never know who later will join the family. There might be that annoying person, who laughs about everyone, but themselves in the future. Thus, protect yourself by dressing timelessly at all family reunions. Or like the Godfather said
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Consider the reason for the family gathering

Sure, your daughter’s, step son’s, niece’s, nephew’s, sister’s, you name it, a chruch, beach or afternoon wedding, a Christening or name giving or other religious celebrations are also occassions where the relatives meet. However, such occassions have their very own dress code. But nevertheless, make sure you wear something timeless.

Outfit for a family reunion

The OOTD in this post shows an example of a timeless American Classic look, i.e. my style. Recall the photos of Jackie Kennedy on the yacht of Aristotle Onassis? She wore a riding jacket, sweater and pants. Here I layered a fuchsia wool cashmere sweater over a brown slim, body conscious layering top. The tailored cut of the blazer and the sleek style of the sweater keep the look lean despite of three layers plus underwear. The pants are straight, which is always in style.

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Wrapping up

In a nutshell, when dressing for a family reunion stay on the classic side and express your own style with just one (trendy) item. Don’t underestimate the hidden family reunions that often are not called like such. This can by Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a Christening, graduation, or even a small civil wedding. It’s best to stay with the dress codes for these respective occasions. You can look stunning at commencement.

When you want more of such tips for other dressing situations and/or want to speed up to look your best ever, you may want to buy my book How to Dress for Success in Midlife. It’s a perfect gift too!

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