How to wear pink over 40

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Pink is a great color

I really love pink, and yes, I wear it a lot. One of my blogging friends onece said “You wear your pink like a neutral!” Well, I guess she may be right. At least, it’s one of my signature colors.

over 40 fashionista in Winter look with beret
Diamond leopard print jacket worn over chocolate brown INC leather pants accessorized with burgundy beret, fuchsia 3.1 Philip Lim bag, and Clark booties (all own)

Style pink the modern way

Pink is currently full on trend. When you are over 40, you remember the pink trend of the 80s. Every women wore pink with black. I did too! And, yes I still think it was super chic, and still is.

However, today I hesitate wearing this color combination. It looks great on the Millennias, but on baby boomer or generation X fashionistas it has a deja view moment. By no means, I am not saying it is not chic for women over 40. We just have to wear this color combination distinctively different than we did back then (see example how to style pink not the 80s way).

Pink with brown is so chic

Currently, I am totally into wearing (pink with brown. Outfits with a pink and brown color combination) have a fresh modern vibe. In this post’s OOTD, I paired my mock turtleneck pink cashmere sweater with a waterfall cashmere sweater and chocolate brown leather pants for a modern office winter look (photo below).

Think of your outerwear as an outfit too

On the way to work, a leopard-diamond patterned jacket with burgundy beret and fuchsia bag kept me stylish and warm (first photo of this post). Currently, a renovation is going on in our office building. Thus, layering the indoor outfit is needed as one never knows whether the doors will be closed and it is warm, or whether they are popped open and it is cold. The next photo shows the look without the cardigan.

style over 40 Winter office look with pink sweater
Brown waterfall cashmere cardigan over mock turtleneck pink cashmere sweater with I.N.C. chocolate brown leather pants, brown Clark booties and peacock necklace (all own)
midlife lady in posh modern work outfit color combination
Pink cashmere sweater with chocolate brown I.N.C. pants and Clark booties (all own) for an office appropriate winter look in cold climate regions

When layering peeling off a layer must lead to a great look too

When layering keep in mind that your look should still look complete and stunning when you peel a layer off. In this OOTD, the necklace does the trick. It adds interest to the outfit. While with cardigan it just repeats the vertical lines, it becomes a statement without the cardigan.

Other great color combinations with pink

For some other examples how to wear pink in a modern way see posts at the links. Great modern partners to style pink are with camouflage, pink plus red, or just the same color in different shades as a monochromatic look.

Pro tip: Be aware that like many pastels and red, pink can make you look heavier than you really are. Thus, create vertical lines when styling this shade to offset the effect.

Do you like this color? Or do you think it is for young women and little girls? Do you wear it despite pink gives the illusion of more weight? You can find more about how to not look old in pastels in this guide.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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