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This post aims at inspiring you to embrace wearing pink. Read how my way to wear pink changed over time, and why I will always love pink. Doing so will provide you with tricks to add more pink into your wardrobe without risk of looking like trying too hard. Learn to love a beautiful look with pink.


  1. Musing on My Favorite Color
  2. How I wear my Pink Today
  3. Examples of How I Wear Fuchsia as a Statement
  4. My Love for Pink Started Early with a Knitted Cardigan
  5. Traces of Pink in my Boho Phase
  6. Pink Was Hot in the 1980s
  7. How I Styled my Pink in the Teens
  8. Conclusions: Why You Should Embrace Adding Pink to Your Wardrobe
  9. Top of the World Style linkup-party No. 328

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Musings on My Favorite Color

Regular readers of my blog know that my favorite color as a toddler was black. And it’s my fav still today.

My love for black would immediately change when they would come up with a darker color than black. - Unknown #fashion #quote Click To Tweet

is one of my favorite related funny fashion quotes with respect to black. It’s so great that one of fall’s trends is velvet as black velvet is so dark. Next in after black was pink, and I still love pink.


How I Wear My Pink Today

Here are a couple of examples how I wear pink as a mature woman. The print of the dress below has small hints of coral. I added sleeves in this color to create a look with more of the shade.


pink sleeves picking up the color in the print of the dress
LuLu Roe print dress, citrine and moonstone necklace, Moda International bomber jacket, Sam Edelman bag, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Musse & Cloud sandals, lace layering top, Hipstik® Legwear sheer pantyhose, sun protective sleeves c/o Coolibar.


Light pink accessories add a feminine vibe to any outfit. Here I use them to add a soft touch to this edgy maroon leather shirt dress.


influencer in maroon leather dress with icy-pink sandals and belt
Cami Confidential layering top (similar here), Festina watch, Hipstik® Legwear tights, Hermes collier de chien bangle, gemstone suede belt, Ugg faux fur fall sandals


The next example features a purple and violet abstract floral print dress with hints of Millennia-pink. Prints and accessories are an easy way to start incorporating more of a color into your wardrobe, when a color is new to you.



influencer in abstract print dress with barely there pink
Banana Republic dress, GNW cardigan, Sam Edelman bag, Prada pumps, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Hipstik pantyhose,  watch c/o Nordgreen



Examples of How I Wear Fuchsia as a Statement

In the following look, the hues do double duty as neutral and statement.

fashion blogger Nicole standing outside in burgundy, pink and gray outerwear winter style
Skirt and bag in different tints as a statement. The lights in the background are Fairbanks. Cole Haan shearling coat, 3.1 Philip Lim bag, Vince Camuto boots, LeatherCoatsEtc beret and gloves, DIY brooch and Banana Republic midi leather skirt



influencer with pink bag
Cole Haan shearling motorcycle shearling, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, GNW tights, 3.1 Phillip Lim fuchsia bag



My Love for Pink Started Early with a Knitted Cardigan

However, while black was a no-no for my mom, I wore a lot of pink. No, not baby pink or a girly pink, but hot pink or as it sometimes is called fuchsia.

High Latitude Style blogger as a toddler wearing hot pink
Me as a 3 year old toddler in a hot pink cardigan that my mom had knitted for me


My mom had knitted me a pink cardigan with tassels. I really loved that jacket. I always wore it with a custom jewelry Bambi brooch with hematite crystals. Hint, hint, here the black comes into the game again. I have no clue where the brooch went.  🙁 It’s so odd that many things you loved in your childhood just vanish and you don’t know, when and how, but you know you didn’t throw them out.


Traces of Pink in my Boho Phase

Do you remember the so-called “gold” hand-painted Indian dresses at the begin of the 80s? I loved them, but from today’s perspective, while Bohemian style is great, but it was not my best choice. 😉 Well turning fashion into style is a learning process.

You can start learning to have style at any age. #stylemakeover Click To Tweet


Me in an Indian print dress with multiple shades of purple and some blush
Me as a teenager wearing an Indian hand painted dress with purple paisley print that had hints of blush


This dress was a gift from my late Dad. He had given me money to buy a blouse when I went on my High School trip to London. However, I picked the dress instead of a blouse in this style as a dress is an instant outfit and I would not have had anything to match in my closet. I still have the dress for memory reasons.


Pink Was Hot in the 1980s

In the 1980s, pink with black was a great thing, but I preferred it with gray.

young women wearing pink in the 80s
Me as a PhD graduate student at a party wearing a cable knit sweater with shoulder pads, gray skinny jeans, DIY necklace, and zebra pumps.


See my shoes in the photo above. I always had a knack for “extreme” shoes. I loved these pony hair zebra pumps. Again, I don’t know at which move in college, I lost them. 🙁 I loved them so much that I added a similar zebra print pair of pumps again to my wardrobe in the Teens. Repeatedly buying the same kind of item means that it is a backbone of your signature style.

I still love wearing this color combination as the below photos from the Teens evidence.


How I Styled my Pink in the 2010s

The look below uses the same color scheme as the one from the 1980s, but has quite a different feel.

Back view of Alaskan woman in turtleneck, skirt, belt, tights and matching footwear
Back view of gray with light pink and fuchsia winter look.



Style blogger Nicole Mölders standing in snowy street in pink-gray LOTD
Zoom-in on the blush and rose accessories


CEO of High Latitude Style walking down the snowy street
Vince Camuto sloughy booties, pink gemstone belt, Brooks Brothers sweater, Banana Republic A-line skirt (all own) and thick tight c/o No nonsense


The next example uses both accessories and a sweater paired with a black and white tartan sheath.

sterling silver brooch with rubies
Zoom-in on the brooch I made in college.


zoom-in on Watch and icy-pink bracelet
Zoom-in on Festina watch and icy-pink H-enamel bangle. Wearing different tints together is a Do


fashion blogger in plaid sheath with pink mock neck sweater
Ruby Belle plaid sheath dress, Brooks Brothers pink mock turtleneck cashmere sweater, Festina watch, H bracelet, GNW tight, and DIY brooch. Note that  my  Godmother inspired my love for tartan.


The photos below show how I style a hot pink sweater with cardigan and jeans for Casual Friday.

watch, belt buckle details
Zoom on belt, bangle and cuff


midlife woman in jeans, cardigan and sweater
Moda International cardigan and GNW Luxe sweater as faux twinset


fashion blogger in chic casual outfit for women in midlife
GNW Luxe wool cashmere sweater with Ann Taylor Loft boot-cut jeans, cameo cat necklace, Festina watch, Moda International cardigan, Hermes collier de chien bangle, cameo cat necklace, and L.K. Bennett patent leather pumps



Conclusions: Why You Should Embrace Adding Pink to Your Wardrobe

I really love a beautiful look with pink, nearly in all shades because of its fascinating versatility to style.  Depending on the shade pink can act as a neutral. The same shade can act as the star of the outfit when paired with other neutrals like demonstrated in the example above. Pink looks also great when paired with other shades of pink or in the combination of pink and brown like in the plaid dress. Pink well works for accessories and gives the look a feminine preppy style vibe. A bright shade of fuchsia can act as a statement like the bag in the outerwear outfit showed. Light pink looks also great with prints and patterns even when the color doesn’t occur in the print or pattern. More on how to wear pink over 40.


Photos of me: G. Kramm, H. Mölders

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