How to wear neutrals without looking boring

Mature woman in neutral color work outfit
Casual office look with leather top, Oliveo chambray shirt, Oliveo linen pants and long statement necklace (all own)

When the brights are not so you

Many women in their forties shy away from bright colors and prefer wearing neutrals for a professional look. Today, more than ever it is important to not only look professional, but also young and hip. Thus, when styling neutrals for the office it is really important to stay out of boredom land. The easiest way to look interesting, young and hip and on top of things is to pick one neutral color in different shades and add one other neutral plus make sure that the items have different texture.

Use structure and shine to create interest with neutral colors

Here I paired my leather top – read little shiny – with linen pants – read rough texture – with a chambray shirt – read smooth texture and second neutral – with snake print slingbacks – read interesting. For another work outfit with this leather top see the post at the link.

Style neutral color outerwear with statement pieces

For the commute to work I added a classic trench coat – read professional, statement bag – read I have something to bring to the table, and purple mirrored sunglasses – read the outfit is up-to-date. You can find another styling idea for purple sunglasses in the post at the link.

Mature woman wearing a classic look in all neutrals
Trench coat and pants for a Euro chic look

Style tip take-home message

Outfits in neutral colors need interesting cuts or different structure to look young and hip. Tweet about this.

Do you wear all neutral outfits? What is your challenge to not look boring? Let me know so I can help you.

Photos: G. Kramm

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