Foolproof business casual look in blazer, jeans, pearls, pumps
Red blazer with cuffed London Jean boyfriend jeans, Oliveo chambray shirt, pearl necklaces, and Aldo leopard print pumps (all own)
  1. Statement piece: Red blazer
  2. A classic style recipe
  3. Head scarf, a European classic
  4. Other classic looks

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Statement piece: Red blazer

Red is a strong, very emotionally intense color. We associate it with blood, danger, war, strength, energy, power, determination, passion and love. Seeing red affects the feelings and behavior. No wonder that historically this color was often used to indicate that the wearer is important and powerful. No wonder that the red blazer was one of the signature pieces of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. She would wear it with a black straight mini skirt or black pants (see below). After her election, many young women dressed for fun in the Midnight Sun run in a red blazer.

Sarah Palin by LadyPutz is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
“Sarah Palin” by LadyPutz is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

A red blazer is an eternal classic. It looks great with jeans, a chambray shirt and leopard print pumps. A very classic office look to revisit when you have to rescue last minute dressing problems.

A classic style recipe

Wearing jeans with a white button-down shirt, leopard print pumps, red blazer and pearls is a timeless classic casual Friday work outfit. An easy update of this look with the Sarah Palin red blazer is to choose cuffed boyfriend jeans and a chambray shirt and multiple pearl necklaces as shown in the outfit photos.

style blogger in classic work outfit of red blazer with jeans, shirt and pearls

fashion blogger over 50 in red blazer, jeans, chambray shirt, leopard print pumps and pearls
Outfit details: Red blazer, London Jean cuffed boyfriend jeans, Oliveo chambray shirt and Aldo leopard print pumps

Head scarf, a European classic

Another all time classic favorite of mine is the knotted silk head scarf. When I was a kid I saw a photo of Sophia Loren wearing a silk scarf with a winter coat in one of my granny’s magazines. That photo inspired me to copy the look using my mom’s silk scarf. She forbid me to don the look. She didn’t mind at all that I had used her silk scarf. She associated the look with the refugee tracks from areas in Germany that today belong to Poland.

I still love this classic look. There is such a nice tension between the heavy wool of a pea-coat and the softness of a printed silk scarf. The colors of the scarf pick up the black of the shoes and gloves, the brown of the bag and shoes, the gold and red of the coat. The scarf ties this outerwear outfit together. Speaking of a pea-coat it’s another evergreen. Learn more about what to look for in a pea-coat.

style book author in peacoat with head scarf and jeans
Classic look of LeatherCoatsEtc red peacoat with London Jean boyfriend jeans, Michael Kors camouflage booties, YSL bag and silk scarf (all own)

Other classic looks

For other classic looks see the post about an American classic OOTD, and non-boring corporate style.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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