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Oliveo pleated leather skirt, Ugg faux fur fall sandals, Rebecca Collins necklace, unbranded leather beret, DIY ear studs (all own), zebra top c/o Covered Perfectly and nude opaque tights c/o Hipstik

What you can wear to an Office Halloween party. Work parties are always tricky dress code wise. This post provides tips and tricks to create a office appropriate Halloween look.

  1. Office Halloween party fun ends with the outfit
  2. How to avoid to go over board with your costume
  3. Keep work safety in mind when picking your costume
  4. Keep your role at work in mind
  5. Be aware of the work dress code
  6. Best Halloween outfit ideas for work
  7. Final step

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Office Halloween party fun ends with the outfit

At work, the director’s office organizes a Halloween party each year. There is a competition in the potluck with the goal to provide the scariest dish. I would never have a chance to win as I would think along the lines of dying the head of mushrooms red and add white spots. However, winners are dishes like granola in a cat litter box with poop like cookies or a carved pumpkin with salsa, black beans and/or guacamole coming out of its mouth. Speaking of pumpkins, typically there is a pumpkin carving competition too.

While weird food for the Halloween potluck may be appreciated, weird costumes are not. It is still the office, for which the Halloween fun ends with the outfit. With this being said:

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Halloween office party featuring woman dressed as Goth mothers

How to avoid to go over board with your costume

Halloween office parties like work BBQs or holiday office parties are a style challenge. While the latter two events are typically after end of business, Halloween parties at the office are often not real parties, but the boss’ permission for the employees to wear a costume and to chat a bit longer than usual at the water fountain or in the breakroom. Thus, there is no reason to break the bank. Instead, you want to shop your closet for some Halloween costume ideas by just adding pieces that together may look like a costume, and you want to have a Halloween costumes on a budget.  Most likely there will be a party next year again and you don’t want to show up in the same look every year. Thus, you have to be creative. No matter what you come up with, always keep the dress code in mind!


Keep Work Safety in Mind when Picking Your Costume

Thus, when picking your costume, you do not only have to keep the work dress code in mind, but also work place safety. Any long fringes on sleeves, for instance, could tangle up in the copy machine. A long maxi dress or dress with tail would be a tripping or slipping risk for an employee who has to climb ladders, use the elevator or stairs frequently. You get the idea. Thus, keep common sense when picking your costume and put yours and others safety first.


influencer in pleated leather skirt, leather beret and zebra top, fall sandals

fashion blogger doubling up on zebra animal print with a top and coat
Outfit details: Oliveo pleated leather skirt, Ugg faux fur suede fall sandals, Rebecca Collins necklace, unbranded leather beret (similar here), Max Mara pony-hair printed coat, DIY feldspat studs (all own), zebra top c/o Covered Perfectly and nude opaque tights c/o Hipstik

Keep your role at work in mind

When you are having contact with customers and clients keep into mind that they may not expect to see you in a costume. I wrote a post about a car dealer wearing a dance hall girl costume a while ago.

Be aware of the work dress code

Besides staying within the work dress code with respect to skin exposure also keep in mind to avoid any offensive, off-color, political, or racist costumes. Also don’t wear anything too body conscious. Frankenstein head masks and alike that cover your face are a no-no too. Not everyone can  recognize a person by the motion, as a matter of fact most people can’t. There is nothing more scary to talk to someone who you don’t know who it is. What ever great idea you have, ask yourself whether this costume could jeopardize your career. If so, skip it and save the idea for a private party with your close friends.

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Best Halloween outfit ideas for work

Safe options for work Halloween outfits are dressing as a

  • Street style blogger like in the outfit photos of today’s post. See the the post at the link for more on dressing like a street style blogger.
  • Your favorite fashion or style blogger, actress, female sports woman, celebrity, … .
  • German coffeehouse waitress in a black A-line skirt, white shirt and short lace apron,
  • French artist in jeans, a white paint splashed shirt and a black beret,
  • Marlene Dietrich in tuxedo shirt and suit,
  • Holly Golightly in a little black dress with lots of jewelry, up-do and hair jewelry. Here make sure that the arm coverage stays within the rules of the work dress code.
  • A retro dress styled like it was styled at the time of its prime also works well as long as it doesn’t become a safety issue and doesn’t violate the office dress code. Read a 1950s style skirt with a long sleeve turtleneck and pearl embellished cardigan works, while a flapper-style 1920s slip dress or a 1970s style micro-mini don’t.
  • Other professions like firefighter, police officer, miner, civil engineer, etc.
  • Boat captain or sailor. A striped shirt, white pants and boats shoes are work appropriate at most offices for Casual Friday. Thus, adding a fisherman’s or sailor’s hat does the trick. The same recipe works with military inspired clothes. Learn more on wearing military inspired clothes.
  • Amelia Earhart: Skirt, aviator jacket, sturdy shoes, aviator hat optional.
    influencer in Amelia Earhart inspired leather jacket, denim skirt and hat outfit
    Marc Aurel shearling motorcycle jacket, Oliveo denim skirt, Longchamp stachel, heeled ducks, GNW tights, Cangeroo driver’s cap (all own)


  • Do you have a colleague or best female friend who has your size, but a totally different style than yours? Why not swapping clothes for that day?
  • Most of us have a primary and a secondary style plus a number of random pieces that overlap with other styles. For instance leather pieces are elements of Rock’n Roll, Dramatic or Casual Style. Take a look at your closet for pieces that are neither your primary nor secondary style. Can you combine them to create a totally different style? Like in the outfit example of the zebra top with fill leather skirt and leather beret?
  • Dress as usual, but put in Spooky Eyes in a different color than your own. Enjoy the fun that most people have a difficult time to nail it.
  • Or wear a Casual Friday look with a DIY emoticon painted T-shirt.

Don’t let the right outfit be a random thing. Wear the right look in every situation by looking up what to wear when in How to Dress for Success in Midlife. Buy my book now.

fashion blogger looking posh in a mature street style look
Back view of outfit described below

midlife fashion blogger in trendy plaid skirt and denim jacket

Final Step

Now that you have picked your costume, think about what type of makeup would enhance the character or vibe of your outfit. A German waitress or Amelia Earhart, for instance, would need a natural, minimal makeup. When you dress like you fav blogger, copy her makeup style. Yes, Halloween, it’s allowed to be a copy-cat! You get the idea.

Do you have a Halloween office party or are you allowed to wear a costume at work? If so what costume did you pick? You may also want to take a look at these Last Minute Halloween outfit ideas.

Have fun at the office Halloween party and stay safe.

Happy Halloween

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