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Shortcut to a Saloon Perfect Halloween Manicure

Spread Elmer glue around your cuticles and let it dry. Then apply nail polish. Peel off the glue, which removes any smudges.


#fashionover40 woman in leather jacket with Gucci bag
Newport News pink leather jacket, DIY shirt dress, Valentino boots, Gucci bag, and Oscar de la Rente silk scarf



Don’t fear the glitter

Are you in love with the glitter eye shadow that is so cool glam, but fear the removal of this stubborn glitter? Use Scotch tape to remove the glitter that went in the wrong place when applying and prior to going to bed.


Wine stain removal trick

When someone spilled red wine onto you table cloths or your clothes, add salt for uptake of the liquid, wipe the salt off and wash the item.


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Back view of self-sewn shirt dress with Kelly green collier de chien belt and Gucci bag, Valentino boots, and wooden watch c/o Jord.


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Blot your hair for its health and time saving

Use kitchen paper towels to soak water from your hair prior to your blowout. Depending on the length of your hair you may save about ten minutes. Do I have to mention that you also avoid damage by keeping the time for blowouts short.


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Side view of black self-sewn shirt dress, Valentino boots, Gucci bag, and Oscar de la Renta silk scarf 



Halloween Makeup Removal Tricks

Coconut oil removes easily that skull face or the ugly wounds you pained onto your face. Apply the oil and then use a wet warm washcloths to wipe the makeup off. An extra benefit is that coconut oil also nourishes your skin.


mature woman in black shirt dress and Kelly green accessories
DIY shirt dress, Valentino boots, Gucci bag, and Oscar de la Renta silk scarf




Halloween Makeup Removal Tricks for Color Hair Spray

When you use some of these bright color hairsprays, but have to look office appropriate the next day, mix baking soda with shampoo or hot water to a paste. Apply this paste to the colored hair and let it set for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off. Since the baking soda will dry out your hair, apply a nourishing conditioner to your hair before drying.

The color spray can also be removed from the hair using dish washing or powdered laundry detergents, apple cider vinegar mixed with lukewarm water, or mayonnaise. However, the former two methods are even worse for your hair than baking soda, and the later method causes a huge mess. May be the best is to leave the bright purple, green, pink, or blue hairspray to the kids for Halloween. 😉

What are your time saving beauty tips for Halloween?


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