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A fashion budgeting tool can help with determining the uppermost price you can spend on the items of your fashion update list. Read this post to learn how it works, and download it for adjusting your Must-haves to your wallet. 



Disclaimer: We, High Latitude Style and Nicole Mölders, give no guarantee for the correctness of the Fashion Budgeting Tool. Downloading and using this tool is at your own risk.  When downloading the tool you agree to these terms and conditions.


There Is No Shame in Being on a Budget

You can spend every dollar only once. As a result, everyone is on a budget. Even the Rich can’t spend more than they have. However, it is much easier for them to stay on their fashion budgets than for Jane Doe. In other words, you and me. Nobody wants to get into debts, but unforeseeable events may happen. When your savings can’t cover the unforeseen bill, budgeting becomes even more important to pay off the debt asap. Learn more on budgeting.


My Secret to Stay on My Fashion Budget

When you are a regular reader of my blog, you already know about my wardrobe makeovers for fit, style, and trends. In late winter and late summer, I create a list of replacements, and Must-haves for a spring/summer wardrobe update, and to create a great fall/winter wardrobe, respectively.

After identifying what I need to purchase, I put these item in my fashion budgeting tool, which is an excel spreadsheet. In the sheet, I set the maximum amount of my half-yearly fashion budget. Next I add the  replacement pieces, and trendy Must-haves into the sheet with the uppermost price I am willing to spend on them.

Then the tool checks if I would overspend, i.e., fail to stay on budget. If so, it adjusts the uppermost prices I can spend. This calculation makes it easier to re-determine the uppermost prices I can afford spending on the items. I can either put new, lower uppermost prices or stay with the suggestions.

Most important: You have to commit to stay below or break even with the price listed for every item.


How to Use My Fashion Budgeting Tool

Once you bought an item, its price goes into the “Money Spent” column. Sometimes, it may happen that the perfect piece was a couple of dollars more expensive than suggested. Then the tool adjusts the uppermost price for the rest of the list. Of course, this adjustment only works when there are still several items on the list, and the overspending is very small. Therefore, always buy the most important replacements first, and the trendy Must-haves last. Recall the tool is only a help to know what you can spend to stay on the budget. It is your responsibility to make purchase that permit staying on your set plan.

In other words, you must commit to balance your budget by not buying the trends when you overspent on the basics too often or too much. The fewer items are left on the list the more important it is to stay below the suggested price when you want to save when shopping.


Video Tutorial

Watch this video for how to use the fashion budgeting tool.



Ability of My Fashion Budgeting Tool in a Nutshell

The Fashion budgeting tool serves only as an aid to create a reasonable fashion budget. As such it has limited abilities. It only facilitates the calculations. In the end, it is the user’s task to stay on budget.

Tips to get the most for your Money: Use one of the many tools available online to find the lowest price for an item, for instance, Capital One Shopping. Check for coupons. Did you know that there is a coupon page on this blog?


Download the Fashion Budgeting Tool.


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