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Are you going through a major transition, such as a career change or shifting from being a student to a full-time employee? Maybe you just feel like your look is stuck in the previous decade, or there’s nothing objectively wrong with what you’re wearing these days except that it just no longer feels like you. If any of this sounds familiar or you’re looking for how to revamp your personal style for any other reason, the tips below can help you do that.


  1. Figuring Out the New You
  2. Create a Budget
  3. Start with Minimalism
  4. Do a Clear Out


Figuring Out the New You

If you know that your usual style isn’t working for you any longer, but you aren’t entirely sure what you want to replace it with, there are plenty of places to look. Magazines, online fashion blogs and other photos online, looking at what people on the street are wearing, and even checking out wardrobes in movies or TV shows can all give you insight into what you want to look like in your new fashion incarnation. Keep in mind that the idea right now isn’t necessarily to try to precisely replicate looks that appeal to you or to worry about how you’ll look in certain outfits. You’re just trying to get a general sense here of where you are now. If you want to focus on avoiding fashion mistakes that age you, or incorporating more color into your wardrobe, that is part of figuring out the new you.


woman featuring Euro Chic personal style in a coat dress with belt, pumps and clutch
Euro Chic Style: Kasper tailored coat dress, Hipstik pantyhose, Judith Leiber belt, Bellorita clutch, Prada pumps, minimalist watch c/o Nordgreen


inspiration how to revamp your personal style to California Casual
California Casual style: Ralph Lauren jeans skirt, Hipstik pantyhose, Keep Calm Tee, 70s inspired belt, Nordgreen watch, Pour la Victoire open-toe booties, T. Tahari cropped scuba jacket, bag c/o R. Riveter



Create a Budget

Revamping your style generally involves spending money. It can involve spending a lot of money, so it’s a good idea to make a budget to keep that spending in check. Think about what items will cost the most, whether you can get them cheaper, what high-quality items you’re willing to pay extra for, what you need to buy as soon as possible, and what can be put off. If you just don’t have room in your budget for this kind of overhaul, you could consider taking out a personal loan. The application process is usually relatively fast and straightforward, and you can find out if you are eligible easily. This is also probably a better approach than using credit cards since you can search for a lender who offers a lower interest rate.


outfit idea how to revamp your personal style to posh casual with printed denim jacket, jeans, T-shirt and pumps
Casual posh style: London Jean bf, Dolcezza printed denim jacket, Femme Luxe slogan Tee, Kieselstein Cord belt, Cathy Jean pumps, bag c/o R. Riveter


example of business casual style with shirt dress, scarf, belt, pumps
Business casual style: Floral scarf, shirt dress c/o Shop Cozy, emerald belt, Nine West pumps, Nordgreen watch, bag c/o R. Riveter



Start with Minimalism

When in doubt, strip it down to the bare essentials. If you aren’t quite sure what your new style is or how committed to it you are, try to at least get some basic pieces for your wardrobe. Reading up on capsule wardrobes can help you identify the essentials. Later you can build on them as you are able to afford it or have a better sense of how you want to look. Getting some essentials also allows you to take the step of ditching all of your old clothes.


preppy style with skorts, slides, neckerchief and striped top
Preppy style: Esprit neckerchief, Coolibar top and skorts, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Söfft slides, bag c/o R. Riveter


example how to revamp your personal style to street style with camp pants, sneakers, slogan Tee denim jacket
Street style: Fossil jacket, Femme Luxe camo pants and slogan top, Puma sneakers, watch c/o Nordgreen, Hermes collier de chien bangle, shoulder bag c/o R. Riveter


eclectic style with puffer jacket, Dolcezza jacket, Judith Leiber belt, Longchamp satchel, Tahari pumps, lace dress
Eclectic style: Michael Kors puffer jacket, Dolcezza jacket, Judith Leiber belt, Longchamp satchel, Tahari pumps, lace dress, Hipstik pantyhose



Do a Clear Out

You do need to get rid of the old at some point to make room for the new. However, when you do this will vary based on how much you have to spend, how committed you are early on to your new look and how much time you have to shop. You can give away your clothing to friends or donate it in order to get rid of it quickly rather than throwing it out or trying to sell it. More on overhauling your closet.


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