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Review of my second Fashom box

Fashom's online concept: Try before you buy When you live in a rural area the next mall may be more than an hour drive away. Thus, clothes shopping becomes a major hassle. Sure, there are online stores just a mouse click away, but many women want to try several pieces on before making a decision … Continue reading
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What’s on my back to school shopping list

Alaskan back to school In Alaska, summer comes to an end in mid August. At this time, we get dark nights again. This means exchanging all the broken bulbs, back to school for most of the teachers, professors and students. In rural villages that live a subsistance lifestyle, school starts later so … Continue reading
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Fashion History: The birth of the T-shirt

The first Tees weren't Tees at all I have written on his blog about the history of graphic tees. Today's post focuses on the history of the plain T-shirt. Did you ever wonder What is the origin of the plain T-shirt? The first versions were sort of DIY popping up as a trend among laborers. During … Continue reading