Jojoba natural Australian skin care – review

#Jojoba natural Australian skin care
Jojoba bottle, package, and product guide describing all the Jojoba products

Jojoba plants produce liquid wax similar to that in healthy human skin

Jojoba grows in the dessert. The beans of this shrub contain wax ester like found in young, healthy human skin. The ripe beans are cold virgin pressed to obtain the golden liquid wax. It is wax, not oil despite it is often incorrectly referred to as oil.

The wax is filtered 14 times for purity, and then filled into beautiful bottles like shown in the photos. This means Jojoba is 100% natural liquid wax, no additives added. I wish blogs came with smell because the jojoba wax smells so great!❤

Why is Jojoba beneficial for our skin?

Our skin produces liquid wax to maintain its elasticity and moisture. As we age, our skin’s ability to produce the needed amounts of liquid wax diminishes. Since Jojoba wax is like human liquid wax, Jojoba nourishes, hydrates and plumps our skin and the skin looks glowing and healthy.

The Jojoba Company‘s product guide states that Jojoba can also be used to soothe skin conditions like abrasion, acne, burns, cold sores, dermatitis, eczema, insect bites, rosacea, skin rashes, sunburn, and surgical wounds. Thanks goodness, I don’t have all those skin conditions!

Does Jojoba work?

Anyone who would have them all at once, would be in real trouble! Thus, I can’t speak to all of them. And of course, nobody in her full mind would burn or frost-burn herself to examine whether Jojoba soothes burns!

However, I recently underwent two surgeries. To examine at least some of the above claims, I have tried Jojoba on my surgical wounds. Thus, I can confirm that it relieves the itching that one feels during the healing process.

I also found relief on a mosquito bite that I got early in September from one of the last mosquitoes of this warm season. The bite was inflamed, and putting Jojoba on the itchy inflamed bite feels really good. This is due to the fact that jojoba wax is naturally antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory.

In the Interior, the low water content of air (in the cold season) and due to heating dries the skin out. I find that when using Jojoba, my skin feels less irritated than without jojoba.

I also have various allergies and a hard time finding beauty and skin products that won’t cause an allergy. Jojoba is hypoallergenic and it works well for me. Jojoba also naturally contains vitamins A, D, and E as well as omega 6 and 9 essential fatty acids that are all well-known to be beneficial in skin care.🙂

Beside the above mentioned positive experiences, I really like that my skin doesn’t feel oily when I use Jojoba.

#Jojoba flacon
Zoom-in on the beautiful Jojoba flacon

What about the environment

Jojoba shrubs can live up to 300 years. Thus, Jojoba wax ester is sustainable and renews each year. The plants are natural desert shrub in hot arid desert. It is well know that shrubs protect soils from being eroded. It is also well known that plants take up CO2 for photosynthesis and produce the life needed oxygen. These are just some of the environmental benefits. For more go to the information on The Jojoba Company’s webpage.

Will I buy a new bottle once this one is empty?

From my great experience so far, the answer is YES, definitively. The 1 fl. oz (30 ml) and 2.8 fl. oz (85 ml) bottle cost $14.95 and $22.50, respectively. There is free shipping on orders exceeding $40. Given these prices, Jojoba is affordable even on a budget.

You can buy the Jojoba products online at The Jojoba Company or use their store locator to find a store next to you.

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Photos: N. Mölders (2016)

Disclosure: The Jojoba natural skin care is a sample from The Jojoba Company. The post is not endorsed by The Jojoba Company. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

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Great food fails to exclude an awesome look

#travel Interior of the Pump House restaurant a historic place in Fairbanks, Alaska
Chef Louis Martinez, associate professor of Culinary Arts with students explaining the purple potato ice cream dessert they had prepared for the festival

Potato Festival – a Fairbanks affair

An unique Fairbanks formal event I am looking forward to each year is the Annual Potato Festival. Festival Fairbanks hosts this seven course dinner with wine service. The Midnight Sun Chef’s Association prepares this potato dinner that features local potatoes in every of its seven courses. The Pump House, a local historic must-see place, restaurant with saloon provides a great Alaska ambiente, perfect for a potato dinner. The potatoes are donated by the local growers who also attend the dinner in addition to the paying guests.

#travel Fairbanksan chefs posing at the Pump House
Group photo of the chefs

It’s not all about eating potatoes

Yes, I love eating potatoes and hence grow various Alaska types of potatoes in our  yard. But for me it is not all about munching on my favorite starch. It’s more about fashion and style. The Potato Festival is one of the few opportunities for Fairbanks women to dress up as the dress code is Fairbanks Formal. So to speak, it is also a fashion event. The restaurant and walk to the cocktail bar in the Senator Saloon is runway. There is also live music, a silent auction, and door prizes. This fundraiser’s proceeds benefit the programs of Festival Fairbanks. One of their programs is the beautification of Fairbanks’ downtown.

#travel musisc at the Pump House restaurant a histroric place in Fairbanks, Alaska
Musicians and the cocktail wine table with waitress

The seven course dinner

Potato crepes with creamy potato slaw pulled pork
Potato leek pear soup garnished with crisp bacon
Beet root potato salad served in butter leaf
Seared halibut, roasted fingerling potato, pea shoot cucumber spaghetti, wasabi dressing
Grapefruit and mint sorbet with grapefruit confit
Sous-vide lamb served with butterball chipotle potato
Purple potato ice cream

Here are photos of some of the courses. Even tough I love purple potatoes – I use them for our traditional Christmas Eve potato salad dinner with Wieners – I never had thought one could make ice cream from them.😉

#food great dinning setting with potato decoration Stylish table setting with red potato and German butterling potato
#food potato root salad on butter lettuce leaves Potato root salad on butter lettuce leaves
#food halibut plate with potato cabbage salad Halibut with cabbage potato salad and pulled pork pocket
#food purple potato ice cream with cookies Purple potato ice cream with round coconut cookie and oblong butter vanilla cookie

The Fairbanks Formal outfits

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