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Affiliate links

Some of my posts may have affiliate links and disclosed as such. To make it easy for you to distinguish between affiliated links and links to further information on the subject of a post, affiliate links are put into the photo captions. You don’t pay more when you purchase a product through my link. These links just make it easier for you to find something, and I get a few cents when you purchase it. These cents go to pay for the various software packages, the blog platform, and domain fees. I so appreciate your support of High Latitude Style. Thank you! <3

I will clearly note when a brand/retailer gifted any products reviewed/featured in a post or sponsored a post. Please note that I only review/feature/promote or accept sponsorship of products that I actually like and I would buy myself as they fit my personal style and expectation relative to their price-performance ratio. I will always give my 100% honest opinion.

All items that I received by a brand or affiliate as a sample are identified by c/o.

You can find my product gifting policy at the link.

List of brand affiliations

I am affiliated with the following brands

  • 40+ Style
  • Adea
  • Covered Perfectly
  • Halftee
  • StyleWe
  • Jord wooden watches
  • Lookbook Store
  • eShakti
  • Karina Dresses
  • Bellorita designer bags
  • LeatherCoatsEtc
  • Shein
  • Just Fashion Now
  • InLinkz
  • Besame Cosmetics
  • Maximum Slim
  • Leafy Souls
  • Hipstik® Legwear


Any advertising is placed by WordAds.


I was a proud Dryel Official Ambassador in 2016, 2017.
Dryel official ambassador

List of brands I have worked with

My Top of the Boots, Harry Warber, eShakti (2x), Almo Jewellery, Ronen Chen, 40+ Style, Lookbook Store (5x), Spooky Eyes, Marine Layer, Sholdit,  Adea, Olivia + Joy (2x), Voodoo Vixen, Spring Step, Covered Perfectly (6x), The Pearl Source Inc., HSN  (3x), Vionic Shoes, Robert Matthew (2x), Jord Watch (3x), Carex Heath Brands, Flatout (2x), Hanes Hosiery, No nonsense (5x), Green Tree Jewelry (2x), Halftee (2x), ONNO, Penguin Random House, Coolway (4x), iPops, Frances Lincoln Ltd. (2x), The Jojoba Company (3x), Wendy Mignot (2x), Spray Perfect, Hawaiian Tropical Apparel, StyleWe (3x), Shein (6x), Belli Skin Care, FiShe Wear, AMICLUBWEAR (2x), Uno Alta Volta (6x), Pearl Clasp, Happiness Boutique (3x), ZenMed (4x), Just Fashion Now (2x), Zaful (3x), Soft Surroundings, Misook, LilySilk (2x), Walmart (3x), Zaful (2x), Weatherman,  Tenth Street Hats (5x),  Keranique (2x), Cool Jam, 3 Wishes, Sun Life, BeFormal, PromTimes, Aisle Style UK (2x), Alaska Jewelry, Anjolee, Angara, Andrew Marc, ML Furs, Basic Invite, fotor, Kiss Missie, Habitat for Humanity, Purple Trails, Angrilla (2x), Fashionable Hats, Femme Luxe, Bellorita, Ethyl Clothing (2x), Kut of the Kloth (2x), Coolibar (2x), ONecklace (2x)

Influencer-brand networks I use

I signed up for the following platforms where I may contact brands and apply for items of my choice to review them for you. These applications for reviews are competitive processes among bloggers.

Member of blogging communities

I am a proud member of the following blogger communities
Fashion bloggers over 40
Blogging Academia

Fierce 50

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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