Fashion Coloring Pages e-Book

This book encompasses a brief introduction into coloring techniques and color theory with examples followed by over 50 coloring pages. They feature outfits or details thereof. Pages are at different levels of difficulty.

Fashion Coloring Pages e-book by Nicole Mölders of High Latitude Style

Style recipe book: How to Dress for Success in Midlife

I published How to Dress for Success in Midlife (see launch post). This fashion and style book addresses women over 40, who enter new phases in their lives, and/or who want to escape their about two decades old style rut of mommy jeans plus sweater. The book provides outfit inspirations for various dressing situations at work, when meeting family and friends, on holidays, and for special events in the community. Getting dressed for success in any life situation in a short time is in the foreground. The book permits looking up how to master a dressing situation, and provides outfit suggestions including information what to avoid and why. This book is for all women in midlife who want to look to their best ever. Each section is a smart shortcut to turn fashion into Ageless Style.

You can purchase the book at this link.

Book cover of How to dress for success in midlife

“Nicole Mölders from High Latitude Style takes the guesswork out of work wear in her book How to Dress for Success in Midlife. Let me start though by saying that it seriously applied to all ages, not just middle aged women. The book discusses how you should dress for all life events.” – Fashion Designer Rania Abdulla

Text book for graduate students

book cover of Lectures in Meteorology
Joined by Gerhard Kramm I penned a textbook called Lectures in Meteorology published in July 2014. It has seven chapter and two appendices. This textbook is at the 400 and 600 level for meteorology students. The book is intended to be taught chapter-wise as classes at the undergraduate level or as a comprehensive one semester class at the graduate level. You can get the book at Springer.

Book for experts in Earth System Sciences

In November 2011, I published a research and science book on Land-cover and Land-use Changes – Impact on Climate and Air Quality. This book explains how natural and human made changes of the Earth’s surface affect local weather and on the long-term  climate. As the Earth surface emits and takes up trace gases the altered landscape also affects the atmospheric composition. Rice fields, for instance, emit methane, a so-called greenhouse gas. Coniferous forests emit volatile organic compounds that may lead to ozone formation. In the case of urbanization emissions from traffic, residential heating, cooking, and industry add to the mix. You can get the book at Springer as well.
book cover of Land-cover and Land-use Changes Impact on Climate and Air Quality


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