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This post announces the publication of my first style book, introduces its content and where to buy How to dress for success in midlife. Read what is in Nicole Mölders style book.


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My Style Book Is Published!

When you follow me on social media, you may already know that I published a book entitled How to Dress for Success in Midlife. This book goes far beyond the free material that I curated for some of my blog posts. In other words, it provides, among other things, material, never presented on the blog or elsewhere.


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Master any Dressing Situation with Success

The goal of this book is to help women in midlife to master any dressing situation with success including making a comeback into the workforce. The book provides outfit inspirations for various dressing situations at work, when meeting family and friends, on holidays, and for special events in the community. In contrast to many other books on fashion and style, the application of the material is in the foreground. Namely giving you the tools to dress for success within minutes. Who has time to read a fashion and style book cover-to-cover first, when you need to dress in a hurry, right?

My style book allows you to just read what you need when you have to dress for a dressing situation.

This means How to Dress for Success in Midlife gives you a solution and inspirations fast.



You Can Use Nicole Mölders Style Book Like a Cookbook for Great Outfits

Like in a dictionary where you look up the meaning of a word, this book permits you to look up what you need to master your dressing situation. In addition, it discusses various aspects of the dressing situations, provides outfit suggestions and visual inspiration as well as information what to avoid when dressing for an event and why. The outfit suggestions are not meant to recreate the look with items from your own closet, but to inspire and provide “recipes” for suitable outfits. Buy your style recipes now.


A Shortcut to How to Dress for an Event

The material is grouped into four chapters. The first chapter focuses on work-related dressing situations including getting into the workforce or getting a new job. The next chapters cover family life and friends, holidays, and various social events in the community with various specific events in mind. As a dressing situation arises, you can restrict your reading to the general remarks at the beginning of the respective chapter plus the section that addresses the specific outfit occasion. When additional aspects might be of relevance and/or importance, there are referrals to the additional material. This concept avoids repetition – in case you read the book cover to cover. It is a time saver for the busy midlife woman.

Think of the sections of this book as your cheat sheets to dress for success in midlife.

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Look Your Best Ever

This book is for all women in midlife who want to start to look their best ever. Are you one of them? It will help midlife women who enter a new phase in life, family, and/or professional wise. The book is also for women who have to learn to dress for their body changes related to menopause. Furthermore, the book will help moms and empty-nesters to escape their about two decades old style rut of mommy jeans plus sweater.

Start your way to success now.


Update: Now Also Available on Kindl

How to Dress for Success in Midlife is now also available on Amazon as Kindle version. Buy the book now.


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