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This review of In the Name of Gucci summarizes my thoughts on Patricia Gucci’s book on her parents and family. 

  1. In the Name of Gucci – a Book by Patricia Gucci
  2. A Memoir on the Guccis
  3. The Red Line of the book
  4. A Glimpse on Cultural Norms
  5. Wrapping Up the Review of in the Name of Gucci


Disclosure: The book was send to me for review on behalf of Patricia Gucci. The post is not endorsed by Patricia Gucci. It represents my own 100% honest opinion.


In the Name of Gucci – a Book by Patricia Gucci

Have you read any exciting books lately? I just finished reading a Gucci. It is the most exciting book I read ever since I read Oxygen for review for the American Meteorological Society, which became the Book of the Year. In the Name of Gucci has the same potential!

Yes, it is about the fashion Gucci you had in mind when reading the title of this post. Patricia Gucci is the author. She is Aldo Gucci‘s daughter with Bruna Palombo – the love of his life.

Patricia has an awesome way to write that one can just call as stylish and exciting as her father’s leather products. Her book reads as breath-taking as an excellent novel. You can’t lay it down.


A Memoir on the Guccis

Her book gives the reader a glimpse on the Guccis, and the family business raise’s and how sibling and cousin rivalry led to the (too often occurring) experience that the grandfather built the family business, the son(s) extended it to glory and the grandsons lost it. All in the mix is that even in the 80s you had the wrong gender when born as a female.

The book well features the social pressure of a small town, society at-large, being in the public eye, Canonical law, and the own family. The only person you can choose in your family is your partner, all others are freebies including your own kids. This fact led to Aldo Gucci’s bitter experience that family ties do not guarantee loyalty and don’t protect from betrayal.


The Red Line of the Book

A red line is about the decision between fitting in and being unhappy and being happy at the risk of ending up in trouble (the press or jail). The book makes us aware that unchecked trust, over-commitment, being unpolitical or politically correct can bring you in harm’s way. Unfortunately, it happens all to often to all generations. Secrets, privacy, and public life are intervened or as Patricia Gucci says in her own words

Everyone has three lives.
A secret life, a private life and a public life.
Ultimately, however, only an aware life is worth living.


A Glimpse on Cultural Norms

The book features well different cultural norms. For instance, the very deep-rooted European cultural behavior (and drama) that a person does not count as a person. Instead, it is the family collective/interest and heritage of the family what counts: “If my grandfather doesn’t know your great-grand-grand-father, you are no good.” This attitude is so different from an American point of view where you are accepted for who you are. Just because of a big name you won’t become a movie star even though the name may help you to get an audition.


Wrapping Up the Review of in the Name of Gucci

In the Name of Gucci is the book of love to Bruna and Aldo Gucci about their love, life, and Gucci by their daughter Patricia Gucci. It is a roller-coaster of emotions. You will need a box of Kleenex when you read it. It’s an authentic Gucci and like all Gucci worth every cent. Read it, you’ll love it! Brava, Patricia 🙂 .

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