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Photos of an unusual photobomb occurring while taking outfit photos. See the beautiful young owls and read what happened.


  1. Alaska’s Wildlife Occurs Even in Town
  2. Alaskan Blogger Can Take Outfit Photos with Wildlife
  3. Loving Wildlife, but not Outdoor Life
  4. Alaska’s Highways Are Lonely Outside of Town
  5. Alaska’s Weather Isn’t Bad, You May Just Have the Wrong Clothes
  6. Alaska’s Great Skies



Alaska’s Wildlife Occurs Even in Town

In my nearly two decades living in the Interior, I saw three black bears all at once passing the Alcan about 200 yards (183 m) in front of the camper we had rented. When still living out in Goldstream, I saw a wolverine, a wolf, lynxes, and a porcupine in our yard and countless moose, of course not at the same time. But when you see a mother and her calf/calves never get between a moose cow and her baby.

I love seeing the wild animals. Squirrels, snow hares, sand-hill cranes, Canada geese, all kinds of ducks, ptarmigans, and voles (an Alaska version of mice with very short tails) are all common sights. One can also see bald eagles and hawks each year soaring over the Fairbanks metropolitan area. More on wildlife in Fairbanks.


 young owls on the roof of an utility hut in College, Alaska. Copyright G. Kramm
Three young owls on the roof of our neighbor’s utility hut. Photo courtesy to G. Kramm


Alaskan Blogger Can Take Outfit Photos with Wildlife

On my birthday, we had five special animal guests. A mom, dad, and three kids of an owl family. The kids were sitting on the roof of our neighbor’s utility hut. One of them was munching on a rabbit or snow hare, while the others were sort of resting or sleeping. The parents were flying in the area to hunt. Of course, we evacuated our cat immediately! I wonder how many food the poor parents had to get their three kids this big from spring to summer.

Alaskan fashion blogger in with two wild owls as photo bomb
eShakti floral dress, Hermes collier de chien belt, Hermes Medor watch, Michael Kors cork plateau sandals, and two owls on the roof


Loving Wildlife, but not Outdoor Life

Alaska would provide great scenery for stylish outdoor and  fishing apparel made for women. However, for me the Great Outdoors is the space between buildings. You may wonder what a non-outdoor gal loves about Alaska. One thing I love is the wildlife in Fairbanks, even when it can get a bit scary once in a while. For instance, getting an email from the safety office at work there are wolves on the ski trail that ends at the parking lot where you parked your car. And once in a while, they make for an unusual photobomb when taking outfit photos.


Alaska’s Highways Are Lonely Outside of Town

I love the loneliness and nature when driving out of town – south or north – it doesn’t matter. Once you are about 35 miles away from the Fairbanks metropolitan area (this area is made up by the cities of Fairbanks, North Pole, Fox and College) you are out of cell phone contact. You may drive 30 minutes and in winter even longer without oncoming traffic on the highways outside of town. It is just you in your car and the wilderness around you. Heading North, the only hint at civilization except for the unpaved haulway itself is the trans-Alaska pipeline. You can see it once in a while on your way to the oilfields and a beautiful peaceful place at the Arctic Ocean. I love nature, but that doesn’t mean to that I take the risk to enter the food chain by walking thru it.


Alaska’s Weather Isn’t Bad, You May Just Have the Wrong Clothes

I love the extremes of the weather in the Interior with temperatures that range from −66F (−54oC; observed on January 14, 1934) to 99F (37oC; recorded on July 28, 1919). Fort Yukon that is located even farther north than Fairbanks, even recorded a maximum of 100F (38oC). The reason for this wide temperature range are the frequent temperature inversions, the long summer and short or even lacking winter daylight hours, Chinook (Föhn), and wind direction. The pineapple express, for instance, brings warm, moist tropical air to southern Alaska. Once this air made it over the Alaska its temperature has increased due to the Chinook effect. In the Interior, the pineapple express then may bring above freezing temperatures including icing rain in the middle of winter.


Alaska’s Great Skies

I love the beautiful clouds, the optical phenomena like pink skies, awesome sunrises and sunsets, the watching the aurora dancing in the clear winter sky. In clear winter nights, you can see the space station and/or satellites orbiting from one horizon to the other.


midlife style blogger in summer dress with two young owls in the background
Blogger pointing at an unusual photobomb during an photo shot. Two young owls landed on the roof nearby.


How do you like these cute outfit photobombs? They are head turners and make for a great background for a real Alaska summer outfit photo. 😉


Photos: G. Kramm

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