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Leggings with blue fish pattern c/o Fishe Wear and own Nike socks, head band, and College T-shirt

This post features FiShe Wear – an Alaska woman owned company – and their product palette. The brand provides fishing appreal designed for women to explore the Great Outdoors, not only of the Last Frontier. The post also reviews a pair of their stylish, moisture-wicking fishing leggings.

  1. Gals Love the Great Outdoors Too
  2. An Alaskan Woman Every Outdoor Woman Should Know
  3. Linda Leary Solved the Problem with Stylish Outdoor Clothes for Women
  4. FiShe Wear Has More Than Just Stylish Leggings
  5. FiShe Wear Clothes Are Not Just for the Outdoor Gal
  6. Price-performance Ratio
  7. Wrapping Up

Disclosure: The leggings are a sample from FiShe Wear. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

Gals Love the Great Outdoors Too

The Last Frontier is only developed to 2%, for which many people come living here because of Alaska’s great outdoor possibilities. These activities range from hiking, over fishing, canoeing, wild water rafting and alike in summer to cross-country sking, ski-joring, dog-mushing and snow-machining in winter. While Alaska is still a men’s state, there are many women who also love the great outdoors and who are outdoor gals. Like the men, these women spend a huge part of their spare time outdoors. Like the men they need to have the right clothing to avoid harm from the harsh elements.

An Alaskan Woman Every Outdoor Woman Should Know

In today’s Focus on Alaska Lifestyle, I want to introduce you to Linda Leary from Anchorage, Alaska, the owner and founder of FiShe Wear an Alaskan company specializing in women outdoor clothing since 2015. Like many woman she loves to look stylish. Like many Alaskan women, she is an outdoor gal. When you are an outdoor gal as well, you know how hard it is to find outdoor clothes for women at all. Not to mention that it gets even harder than that when you want them to look stylish. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

label and merchandise of Fishe Wear an Alaska company specializing in women outdoor clothing
Sticker and packed leggings c/o Fishe Wear, an Alaska company specializing in women outdoor clothing


Linda had the same problem! Like many outdoor women, she found it just awful that women had to wear unfitting men’s outdoor clothes that made them just looking hideous. The alternative was to wear normal women clothes that are unsuitable for outdoor activities. The latter meant that these women risked getting sunburns when being exposed for hours to the (Alaska) sun, especially when there are many reflecting surfaces (glaciers, snow, rivers, lakes, etc.). It also meant that these women would risk to catch a cold when they had to wade a creek, got wet from one of the frequent thunderstorms, or just sweated in the continental summer heat of Interior Alaska.

female blogger exercising in Fishe Wear outdoor leggings
Leggings c/o Fishe Wear worn with own white College T-shirt, Nike socks and head band

Linda Leary Solved the Problem with Stylish Outdoor Clothes for Women

Linda wanted to end women’s dilemma to have to chose between looking fashionable/stylish and protecting their health. Her solution to the problem was to create stylish and fashionable outdoor suitable clothing that fits and functions for women.

Linda is into fly-fishing. Thus, she designed beautiful and unique leggings with outstanding fish-inspired prints. Do I have to say that there are fish with beautiful pattern and colors in Alaska’s rivers? Even among the variety of saloms, various different colors exist.

midlife woman doing exercises in Fishe Wear leggings
Outdoor sun protecting, fast drying leggings c/o Fishe Wear worn for my Sunday exercise program


She picked Italian fabric for the leggings that are manufactured in the USA. This polyester/spandex blend fabric offers 4-way stretch – a must-be for comfort no matter what activity you do. Form her outdoor experiences in Alaska, she made sure that these stylish leggings are breathable, quick-dry moisture wicking, and even offer SPF 50+. The leggings are available from XS to XXL. I am very excited that my size is included as I always have a hard time to even find my size in Alaska!

FiShe Wear Has More Than Just Stylish Leggings

Linda’s efforts didn’t stop at the leggings. Being an outdoor expert, she knows that the neck is a sensitive area to get a sunburn. Thus, she also designed fashionforward one-size-fits-all Fishe Wear neckwear. Like the leggings the fabric provides UPF 50+ protection. Furthermore, the neckwear features water floatable technology, and it is antimicrobial, breathable made in the USA. Since the neckwear is snug, it works well for all winter outdoor activities too. Recall from your own sking experience that the sun is reflected on the snow and hence can cause bad sunburns even in winter.

Meanwhile, Linda’s company further expanded their collection to hats, jackets and waterproof bags, and a beautiful hoodie dress to stay warm in the evening when camping outdoors. I would wear this dress also for shopping the farmer market on a cool weekend or for a cozy Sunday afternoon in winter drinking a choco and reading a book on the coach.

If you can’t have a look at the beautiful legging patterns in her showroom (open Monday – Friday from 10 am – 6 pm) on 511 W. 41st Avenue, Suite 101 in down town Anchorage, Alaska, have a look at the FiShe Wear webpage.

Besides great outdoor clothes you can find great Alaskan recipes, and Alaska outdoor tips as well.

zoom on FiShe Wear brand logo

over 50 years old fashion blogger wearing moisture wicking clothes at the gym
In this outfit inspiration, I styled the leggings for workout with own dance shoes

FiShe Wear clothes are not just for the outdoor gal

As you know I am not an outdoor gal, but an avid ballroom dancer who hits the studio for practice at least once a week. When a performance is on the schedule, even more often. During regular training and exercises, I love to wear leggings with a T-shirt. For my dance training of fast dances like Viennese Waltz or single-count swing my leggings have to be breathable, dry quickly when I sweat, and offer 4-way stretching. Thus, Fishe Wear apparel are not only great for an outdoor women or running activities outside. They are also great for dance training, hitting the gym or just so because – they have awesome prints and are uncredibly comfy and stylish. In addition, they are so versaile to style as they work with nearly every color (see styling examples).

Alaskan influencer wearing FiShe Wear fishing leggings
Light blue college T-shirt, Nike socks, head band (all own) and abstract char fishing leggings c/o Fishe Wear

Price-performance ratio

As you know all high performance fabrics and specialized outdoor clothes that are made from them, of course, have their price, i.e. a higher price tag than normal day-to-day wear. Thus, you can’t expect these leggings to cost just peanuts. However, their price of $110 is at the low end of the ballpark what women spent for non-fitting men’s outerwear in the past. Given the costs of outdoor hobbies in general, not buying the right outdoor wear makes no sense. Compared to the price tags of outdoor activity equipment, FiShe Wear’s women outdoor clothing is not expensive at all. Compared to the health risks and medical costs that outdoor unsuitable clothes may cause, FiShe Wear’s outdoor clothing are a great deal. The cost-per-wear for these Abstract Char Fishing Leggings shown in the photos, for instance, will be less than a dollar in about two summer outdoor seasons when you hit the outdoors every weekend possible.

Wrapping up

FiShe Wear is a woman founded Alaskan company specializing in stylish outdoor wear for women at affordable prices. Thus, why wearing non-fitting, ugly colored men’s clothes like in the pioneer days, when you can find fashionable outdoor clothing designed for women by a woman and made in the USA at the same price? Browse her collection now.

Stop searching for stylish women outdoor clothing like for a needle in a haystack. FiShe Wear has you covered with stylish outdoor clothing designed for outdoor gals by an outdoor gal. #FiSheWear #outdoorclothes Click To Tweet

Not an outdoor lady, but love the clothes? Then wear them as athleisure. See this post how to wear athleisure at work and play.

Do you have already a piece from FiShe Wear? If so, how do you like it? Are you as excited about these colorful outdoor clothing line for women as I am? Let me, I am curious.

Photos: G. Kramm, N. Mölders

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