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Many of us have collected lots of photos – on paper or digital – over the years. This FlexClip review that shows how you can use this online software with AI to create engaging videos that tell stories about long past family vacations, weddings anniversaries, baptisms, etc. from your own photos, digital media, letters, and diaries. You can even use FlexClip for business and work. Read on to learn more and decide whether this software is right for you.



Disclosure: Ad. This post is a collaboration with FlexClip. They didn’t endorse the post. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


Why I Decided to Review the FlexClip Video Online Software

When FlexClip invited me to review their new AI tools of their video creation software, I was like “Why would I need another video editing software? I have used video editors since more than 15 years to create hybrid and online classes, and I create videos of my research results already in the early 1990s. My next thought was that this expertise positions me to speak with expertise to a new video software package. Therefore, I decided to look at


What Is FlexClip?

FlexClip is video creation software. Just after browsing the site, it was immediately clear:


FlexClip Is Not Just Another Video Editor!

Finding this out didn’t even require watching some of the well-done easy-to-follow tutorials or creating a video. Sure, you can cut videos, animate your own photos, add subtitles, audio, music, intros & outros to your existing videos with many video editors.

But the FlexClip software with the new AI-tools offers much more possibilities. They have a free version with a limited, but generous amount of free AI-credits. So I created a free account and looked into what you can do with it. I admittedly “played” with the AI-tools to test them. Therefore, my free AI-credits were almost used up after creating the two videos that have the FlexClick watermarks (see below).

However, I was so excited about the software that I wanted a subscription and share my very positive experience with you.



What Can You Do with the FlexClip Online Video Software?

Among many other things, by using AI you can transfer text to audio, text to photos or videos. You can create films from scratch with your own media, or use one of the many templates. They encompass, among others,

  • Life events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries
  • Technology
  • Portfolios
  • Sales, promotions and marketing
  • Slideshows for various events and purposes,
  • and even fashion!

You can even design your own template!


Best, the templates work for TikTok, Instagram reels and stories, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.



You Can Create a Video faster from Your Own Photos with Help of AI

The dashboard is easy-to-use. The menus are very self-explanatory and logical even when you have no prior experience in making movies.


screenshot of FlexClip dashboard
This screenshot shows the dashboard and how it looks like when creating a video from your own photos using a template, the text option, audio for music, and the new AI text-to-speech tool. I added music from the large music directory to enhance the story; text boxes and the new AI text-to-speech tool to provide information to the audience.



For the video below, I used one of FlexClip many wedding templates that reach from romantic over contemporary to science-inspired (The golden particle wedding-photography template I used.).



I think you can do something like this too. Just upload your photos, pick a theme template, modify the text boxes, add music, and turn your own text-to-audio via their new AI-text-to-audio tool.


Make a Movie from Scratch with AI and Insert Your Own Media

Because Halloween is around the corner, I punched the text of my post on sustainable Halloween outfits into the text box of the AI turn-text-to-video option. Only half of the post’s text fit into the box due to the 4000-letters limit. My first thought was “Boomer”! But then I realized why. The AI failed to produce a Halloween outfit idea video because of the “noise” caused by my discussion of using everyday clothes.

Next I typed: “Halloween outfit ideas.” Flexclip’s AI made a beautiful video from this text with Halloween scenes and looks.


Tip: Be very specific to obtain the results you want.


I substituted the pet- and kids outfits, and most Halloween decoration sequences with the uploaded photos of my post. It’s just a “trash-can” mouse-click and an “add-click”. Furthermore, I deleted the automatic subtitles.

The many different animation options (zoom, transition, blur, overlay, motions, etc.) permitted me to blend my outfit suggestions in with the motion of the AI-created Halloween outfit ideas.

Substituting the background of some of my outfit photos with one of the many animated backgrounds allowed me to add mood like the the fog in the Vampire look or the stage spotlights in the Celebrity-on-the-Red-Carpet outfit.



Tip: Before you start creating a video, check whether they have a template related to your subject. I could have saved time using one of their 20 different Halloween templates.



Turn a Text into a (YouTube, TikTok) Video or Reel

Since a long time, I wanted to create a relaxation movie about my journey from Deadhorse to the Arctic Ocean.

Due to the text-to-audio text-box’s limit of signs, I produced three audios picking one voice of the multiple choices. The software just attached the audios to the project. In other words, assembling audios is easy as 1-2-3.

The text-to-video AI option served to produce the various scenes. It turns out that the AI favors tropical beaches and vacations. Consequently, you can easily turn your warm climate vacation photos in a movie by blending them with AI-scenery of tropical beaches, vegetation, animals, flowers, sunsets, etc.


Expert tip: Draft the visual timeline first. Next create the audio. Then adjust the timing in the visual timeline to match up with the audio.





Can You Use this Software also for Your Business or Job?

Yes, you can. There exists templates for promotion & sales including e-commerce and services ranging from health & beauty, over restaurants & food to Real Estate. Corporate and marketing templates cover testimonials, reviews, tutorials, reports, webinars and alike. There exist templates also for a wide range of stores and spas.

Here are an Instagram example of a promotion I made with FlexClip for my new book that is coming out in November, and an example of a promotional TikToK video.


What Does a FlexClip Subscription Cost?

  • The free Flexclip permits 480p SD downloads, 1 stock video per project, and a maximum of 12 projects.
  • The Basic plan costs $8.99/month or $4.99/month when billed annually. It allows 720p HD downloads, 5 stock videos per project, and a maximum of 50 projects.
  • The Plus plan costs $15.99/month or $7.99/month when billed annually. It allows 1080p Full-HD downloads, unlimited stock videos per project, and a maximum of 200 projects.


Conclusions of the FlexClip Review

The easy-to-use FlexClip software helps you to create movies with AI from scratch or by means of one of the various theme templates. When using AI you won’t even need own media as input. Their affordable subscription plans are tailored to the typical needs of private persons, creators, freelancers, and movie making hobbyists as well as businesses.

Personally, I have found that FlexClip is a great addition to my software portfolio as a private person (see wedding movie), blogger (see Halloween outfit inspiration movie), scholar, author, and content creator (see promotional clips). Therefore, I highly recommend this software to everyone who is creative and interested in video making for whatever reasons.

Start creating exciting videos now.


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  1. I hadn’t investigated any video clip services—this was my first in depth look. Very impressive! If I wanted to have backgrounds to my poetry, this service might be the way to go! 😀