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Wood earrings with ocean scene, pineapple motif, and tattooed skull c/o Green Tree Jewelry

Green Tree Jewelry makes stylish painted woord earrings from sustainable resources. The pieces are super light and comfortable to wear even when they are large. Read my thoughts on the light Green Tree Jewelry earrings summer collection.


  1. Wood Jewelry Is Chic and Sustainable
  2. Green Tree Jewelry Collection Has Something for Every Occasion
  3. The Collection Encompasses Hobby, Profession, Travel, Animals
  4. What I Love about Green Tree Jewelry
  5. Eco-friendly Fashion
  6. High Quality Craftsmanship
  7. Style Affordable Even on a Budget
  8. Light Green Tree Jewelry Earrings in Summary

Disclosure: Ad. The earring are samples of my choice by Green Tree Jewelry. This review is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself. It represents my personal 100% honest opinion.


Wood Jewelry Is Chic and Sustainable

I am excited to partner up with Green Tree Jewelry again. In case you missed the post on their beautiful geometrical ear pieces you can find the review at the link. The earrings in the photos of this post are samples from their new summer collection. They are made of thin, strong multi-layer wood that is put together in a criss-cross way to obtain stability and strength for each piece. This material permits creation of awesome, incredibly light wooden jewelry. Psst, its resource is also sustainable.

#maturestyle woman in summer dress accessorized with Green Tree Jewelry beach painting dangling earring
Painted wood earrings with ocean scene c/o Green Tree Jewelry. I love that there are actually a right and left earring, i.e. they are not identical. I prefer having a right and left earring as they yield a symmetric framing of the face.

Green Tree Jewelry Collection Has Something for Every Occasion

Over 600 designers create pieces for Green Tree Jewelry! Thus, this company offers an incredibly large collection of chic wood bracelets and adorable ornaments. Their pieces are perfect accessories for a beach wedding, any casual outfit, vacation, a visit at the farmers market, romantic or Bohemian Style. Some pieces of their collections are even great as the finishing touch of a work outfit.


#jewelryover40 details of the wood dangling earring
Zoom-in on the disc and frame to show details and that the piece can move and dangle with every motion. Earring c/o Green Tree Jewelry


Green Tree Jewelry Collection Encompasses Hobby, Profession, Travel, Animals

Green Tree Jewelry also has a huge, amazing collection of wooden earrings covering a variety of themes from animal, over music, design, geometric, aquatic, flowers to famous destinations like the US states, the Golden Gate Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge or the Eiffel Tower, just to mention a few.

They even have earrings featuring the various hobbies. Scissors for the crafters, a camera for the photographer, wine glasses for the hobby cook, flower decorated skulls for the rock musician (featured photo), or an oceanic scene for the surfer (photo above), you get the idea. There are also fruits like the pineapples (photo below) that are a big It thing this season.

Pineapple and lemon accessories and prints are big this season. #fashiontrends Click To Tweet

Because of the many different forms you can find the best earrings for your face shape.


#jewelryover40 mature fashion pineapple ear piece
Zoom-in on wooden pineapple summer earring c/o Green Tree Jewelry


What I Love about Green Tree Jewelry

Yes, I have a knack for accessories made of wood. I love the touch of the material and, especially when it comes to ear pieces, the low weight. But there is more why I love the pieces from Green Tree Jewelry.

Eco-friendly Fashion

In the contrast to many cheap fashion jewelry, Green Tree Jewelry‘s pieces are not only eco-friendly, but their resources are also sustainable. The “production process” has several environmental benefits. During their growth, trees consume carbon dioxide and transform this gas together with water and the energy from sunlight to wood and leaves. In this photosynthesis process, oxygen is released, which we need to breath. Afforestation renews the resources.

Some of you may also like that all their pieces are made in America. Again this means that less CO2 emissions for transport from the manufacturer to your jewelry box when you live in the States.

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#fashionover50 woman in denim dress with sandals and wooden ear pieces
Liz Claiborne denim dress, statement belt, Tommy Hilfiger wedge sandals, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Coach bag, Festina watch (all own), and wooden pineapple earrings c/o Green Tree Jewelry


High Quality Craftsmanship

The samples show great craftsmanship and love to details (see zooming). Best, they have sustained this high quality over time. See my review of pieces from the Green Tree Jewelry winter collections that I made a couple of years ago.

Style Affordable Even on a Budget

Green Trees Jewlery is high quality, but with a much lower price tag attached than many costume jewelry made from metal or fossil fuel. This means you can afford several pieces for different outfits and occasions even when you are on a budget. Their interesting earrings can up the style of even a very simple outfit of jeans with a plain white tee or a simple denim dress like I am wearing in the outfit photos. Learn more about which earrings to wear with what.


Light Green Tree Jewelry Earrings cool wooden ear pieces
Examples of Green Tree Jewelry’s collection


Light Green Tree Jewelry Earrings in Summary

The wooden collection is environmentally friendly, has trendy pieces for a variety of accessorizing occasions, is very stylish and affordable even when you are on a budget. Browse Green Tree Jewelry’s great collection.

Do you like the idea of sustainable resources in fashion? Will you up you style with sustainable jewelry? Have you already picked the earrings for an awesome summer vacation wardrobe? Which pieces catch your eye? Let me know, I am curious.

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