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Which are the best earrings for your face depending on its shape. Determine your face shape with a free quiz, and see examples of best styles for the various face types.


    1. Why to Match Your Face Type and Earrings
    2. What’s Your Facial Type?
    3. What Are the Best Earrings for Which Face
      • Inverted Triangle or Heart Shape
      • Oval Shape
      • Rectangular Face
      • Round Face
      • Square Face


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Why to match your face type and earrings

Like with best accessorizing with belts accessorizing with earrings is all about balance, showcasting your best features and playing down what you don’t like so much. It’s about harmony, and yes, about looking your best.

Studies have shown that people’s left and right size of the face differ silghtly. The scientists photoshopped (mirrored) a person’s face. Then they showed to a group of people the “triples”, i.e. the real face and the faces with just the right or left sides, Most people preferred one of the symmetric faces. They are balanced, no matter which geometric figure represents your features.


Nicole with mirrored right side
My right face side mirrored


Nicole with mirrored left side
Left side of face mirrored 


the real me
The real uneven face


What’s Your Facial Type?

Typically, we name the different face types by geometric two dimensional forms that are similar to what your would see on a photo. We distinguish between oblong, round, oval, square, traiangle and inverted traingle.

Of course, like with body shape types, there is not just one nomenclature for a given feature. The oblong type is often called rectangular or even long face. However, an oblong face can be also an oval with a distinctively larger vertical axis than horizontal axis. Some stylists call the inverted traingle heart-shaped, while others divide the inverted triangles according to their vertical direction. When the widest horizontal and vertical direction are almost equal in length, they speak of heart shape, otherwise of inverted triangle.

Not sure about your face shape type? Take this quiz to find your face shape. Then read on which ear jewelry is the most flattering for you.


What Are the Best Earrings for Which Face?

In the following, the different shapes are discussed in alphabetic order. It is important to recognize that there is no “the best shape type.” There is only the best earring style for your face’s shape.

There is no best shape type for your earrings, only the best earrings for your shape type. #dress4success Click To Tweet

When your face is “long”, read the section on oval or rectangular face depending on your respective other characteristic features (curved vs. edged).


Inverted Triangle or Heart Shape

This form is perfect to showcast chandeliers, tear drop styles and all kind of earrings that are wider at the bottom than their top. Your small chin gives a lot of room for them. At the same time, these adorments create the illusion of width at the jawline. They remove the contrast between the width of the forehead and pointy chin. Your face looks perfectly balanced.

This means that you have to get the length of the pieces right. This means a woman with a heart-shape (short inverted triangle) needs slightly shorter pieces than the woman with a longer inverted triangle.


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Oval Shape

Triangular pieces and simple studs look best to show off your cheekbones. However, depending on your personal style some other forms may work as well.

When your face is a long oval or really oblong, try more “chunky” pieces as your comparatively thin face can handle some width.


My Sterling silver triangle studs
My Sterling silver triangle studs


fashion blogger with jewelry
Zoom-in to show details


style blogger in floral bottom, red tights, booties and top with triangle ear jewelry
Back view of outfit with triangle studs


style book author in fall outfit in red, pink, white, gray and black
Outfit details: Moda International silk cashmere cardigan dyed red, puma statement belt, my triangle studs, necklace gift from my mom, GNW tights, Manolo Blahnik booties (all own), and sheath c/o Fashom



Rectangular Face

The best earring for you are studs, short dangles,cluster earrings and medium to large hoops. These styles add some width to your head. You can handle this width to look your best with your thin (as compared to the length) facial features.


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Round Face

Your round face looks  best with drop and dangle earrings. They give the illusion of length and a slimmer face. Go for oblong, triangle, rectangular drops or dangles. Like the square facial feature, you look best playing with the contrast between the form of your head and those or your ear adornments.

Wing-like triangle studs Wing-like triangle studs (own)
Curved Sterling silver studs made by Nicole Mölders of High Latitude Style Curved Sterling silver studs made by me

Square Face

Your best earing are those that have curves with medium to long length. Oval, circular pieces and hoops make you look your best. You play with the stark contrast of the pieces’ roundings and the distinct “edges” of your face.

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Photos of me: G. Kramm

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