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Purle rain scuba sheath dress, Haftee layering top, Daily Shoes pink sneakers, garbet drop earrings, Moschino belt, Hermes collier de chien cuff, Seiko watch (all own) and tights c/o Hanes

Drop-earrings are a perennial classic and a big trend right now. We loved them in your 20s and stopped wearing them in our 30s to avoid babies and small kids pulling them. We recall that our moms never wore them when they were at the same age we are now. The lack of the older roll model is no reason not to don these flattering jewelry. This post provides tips  and ideas how to wear them in midlife and beyond.

  1. Best drop earrings for mature women
  2. Keep your bone structure in mind
  3. What to wear with drop-earrings?
  4. Drop-earrings styling ideas

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Best drop earrings for mature women

There is no doubt that pieces in noble metals like rose gold, white gold, green gold or yellow gold are best. They are more than a trend, but long-term investments when you look for gold threader and drop-earrings. They will stay in your jewelry box for a lifetime. Thus, go for temporary classic with a twist pieces that work with your style.

For instance, when your primary style is Dramatic long rectangle earrings or shoulder dusters like in the photo collage below are a great choice. The gleaming gold geometry of these earrings makes every outfit a head turner.

aurate rectangular and gold bar ear hangers
Contemporary rectangular tableau geometric style (left) and minimalism gold bar shoulder duster


When you are a die-hard Rock’n Roll fan and it reflects in your style, try a golden chain like I don in the photo below.

14 K chain drop earring
14 K gold chain hanging from a stud. I love the Rock’n Roll vibe of this style. Its simple design also works with Scandinavian Minimalism, classic and casual style. Since it is 14 K gold, it looks great at any age.


When you are a casual style gal, personalized silver pieces with a dangling name or monogram are neat options for a posh casual look with a white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans and old-school sneakers.

There is nothing more feminine in jewelry than pearls. No wonder that the Romantic gal is best served with a pair of pearls dangling at the end of a chain or long stick like in the next collage.

feminine pearl drop earrings
Examples of gold drop earring styles (left) hanging on a gold chain, (middle) with diamante decoration and (right) on a bar


The Bohemian woman may love bold gemstones or wooden earrings. The style in the next photo works great for the Romantic and Bohemian personal style.

pearl drop on butterfly stud
Stunning Leafy Souls Diana – Vegan women’s vintage butterfly earrings with oval pearl

Keep your bone structure in mind

All mamals have only seven cervical vertebrae. However, their length determines the length of your neck. When buying drop earrings take your bone structure in mind. When your neck is long, shoulder dusting and long chain styles work well. When your neck is relatively short, medium length are a safe bet. Anything longer will be too long, unless you intend to wear them as shoulder dusters. There is nothing wrong about doing it, all what you have to consider is that in this case, they won’t work for the office. For a professional look stay on the safe side with pieces no longer than an inch (2.5 cm).

stylist in sheath dress, tights, belt, sneakers, dangling ear jewelry
LOTD: Purple Rain floral sheath, garnetear pieces, MOSCHINO belt, Hermes collier de chien cuff, Seiko watch (all own) and tights c/o Hanes

What to wear with drop-earrings?

Like hoops, drop earrings have a along history in fashion. In all times, they were worn with wider cleavage than hoops to avoid that they get caught by the fabric of the wearer’s clothing. Stay away from turtlenecks, mocknecks and anything high cleavage. Go for scoop necks for any ear jewelry piece longer than medium length. Shoulder dusters need drop shoulder or off-shoulder styles.

Also the fabric material plays a role. Anything knitted or lacy can tangle up easily with styles that get very whimsical. Tight weaves are best.

Drop-earrings styling ideas

The outfit photos in this post provide a drop-earings outfit idea. To showcast your long pieces go for an updo or pony tail when you have long hair. Avoid neck jewelry for safety. You don’t want that the ends of the dangling piece get caught in your necklace. Wear a belt instead. It’s “far enough away” so to say.

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Well, and of course, for being best dressed, make sure you wear your pair for the right occasions.

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