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Great News! Italic now launched a marketplace. You wonder “why can Italic sell high quality at low prices?” This post explains Italic’s retailing concept, and how this concept benefits customers with high quality products from the same manufacturers used by high-end brands. Read to understand why their pricing works, what you can save when buying from them, and which additional perks members get.


  1. Why did I Try out Italic’s Cashmere Sweaters?
  2. The Good News: Italic Becomes an Online Marketplace
  3. Why Is Italic’s Switch from Membership Only to a Marketplace Advantageous for You?
  4. Why Can Italic Sell High Quality at Low Prices?
  5. Further Details of this Italic Cashmere Sweater
  6. What Is the Breath of Their Women Apparel?
  7. Would I Recommend to Buy at Italic?
  8. Why Can Italic Sell High Quality at Low Prices in a Nutshell


Updated: 10/22/2021

Disclosure: Ad. The cashmere sweater is a sample of my choice from Italic. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion. This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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Why Did I Try Out Italic’s Cashmere Sweaters?

Living in Interior Alaska requires sweaters that provide good insulation. The best yarns for thermal comfort are qiviut, sheep wool and cashmere. Unfortunately, anything in qiviut is very expensive and, hence, way out of my league budget wise. Since I am allergic to sheep wool, cashmere sweaters are my go-to.

However, high quality cashmere sweaters are typically sold with at least a medium or bridge brand name attached. Not to mention brands like Hermès, Kith, Le Creuset, Le Labo, Maje, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Sandro, Tom Ford, Tumi, West Elm, Williams Sonoma, All Clad, Alo Yoga, Away, Burberry and alike. When I heard about Italic’s revolutionary retail concept to offer hundreds of quality goods from the same manufacturers as leading brands for up to 80% less, I tried them out for a citrus cashmere sweater last year. At that time, buying at Italic still required purchasing a membership like you do at Costco or Sam’s Club, for instance.


The Good News: Italic Launched an Online Marketplace

Here is the good news for you. Recently, Italic transitioned away from a membership-based model to a marketplace. This means you will no longer have to be a member to buy at Italic! Nevertheless, you can become a member with an annual $60 optional membership fee. What’s the deal? Why should someone want to be a member? Well, members will receive exclusive offers and perks.

Now everyone can benefit from their new retail concept, and save big (up to 80%) on high quality pieces made by the manufacturers of expensive brands!


stylist in Italic high quality affordable cropped red sweater with black cropped pants, heels
Front view of Italic cashmere sweater in bright red to show the rib knit at the hem and wrists of the garment.


side view of Italic sweater with black trousers
Side view to show the sleeves and how they fit in the shoulders as well as the style of the armholes.


influencer modeling a sweater from Italic that was produced by the same manufacturers than Maje sweaters
Outfit details: White House | Black Market cropped pants, Prada pumps, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Nordgreen watch, quartz flower statement belt, studded head band, and bright red cashmere sweater c/o Italic


Why Is Italic’s Switch from Membership Only to a Marketplace Advantageous for You?

When you were a member, you had already the advantages on your finger tips. Being a member after this change, still gives you the advantages you had before. However, in addition, you will receive special exclusive offers that will not be available on the marketplace.

I am a scientist by training. Thus, let’s look at the numbers. Not the numbers they list on their store page, but the numbers for this beautiful trendy cropped red 100% cashmere sweater. Its price tag is $70 at Italic. Its manufacturer produces also for Sandro & Maje. A 100% cashmere sweater from this brand is in the ballpark of $375 at stores like Bloomingdale or Nordstrom.

The price difference is $305.

Ok, I hear you. This brand is usually not in your league. What about Everlane? A 100% cashmere sweater from them sells typically for about $100.

This price difference is $30.

This means you can spend $30 on something else that is on your fall wardrobe update list. However, compared to the savings on a Sandro & Maje cashmere sweater, the saving for just one sweater would be already $305.

$305 out of $375 is 81%.

This means you would save 81% when buying a high quality cashmere sweater at Italic instead of a branded sweater of same quality. Recall Italic uses the same manufacturers.


Why Can Italic Sell High Quality at Low Prices?

Brands spend huge amounts of money on advertisement and marketing. These costs don’t make the item better, but aim at elevating the wearer’s feeling of being chic because of wearing this brand. However, you are wise enough to know that buying exclusively designer clothes will not make you effortlessly stylish. Style is what you do with the fashion including fit and quality.

Another cost factor that doesn’t improve a product, but increases its costs are middlemen. Read why cutting out the middlemen is a new trend in retail. Together these costs often exceed the actual production, warehouse, material and handling costs by a multi-fold. Italic’s retail concept cuts the middlemen out.

Taking this fact into account it is easy to understand why the customer’s savings can reach up to 80% at Italic.


Further Details of this Italic Cashmere Sweater

The sweater featured in this post consists of 100% Mongolian cashmere knitted in a weighty 7 *gauge stitch. The cuffs, waist, and neckline have a hand-made rib finish. The boxy, cropped design is a Must-have trend this fall/winter season. You can order this sweater in bright red (see photos), blush, lilac, periwinkle, ivory, gray, midnight, saffron, fatigue green, black or citrus in sizes XS to XL.


back view of sweater with linen pants as an example of high quality items Italic sells at low prices
Back view of the outfit to show where the cropped hem hits the hips.


stylist in linen pants and sweat from Italic
Rebecca Collins necklace, DIY ear studs, Oliveo linen pants, Madonna True or Dare pumps, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Nordgreen watch, silver belt, and boxy cashmere sweater c/o Italic



What Is the Breath of Their Women Apparel?

They offer beautiful sweaters, cardigans, coats, Tees, pants, shorts, activewear, sleep and loungewear, among others. Their accessories encompass sunglasses, umbrellas, scarves, hats, gloves, gold earrings like huggies and hoops, necklaces and watch bands. Of course, they also have bags and shoes.


Would I Recommend to Buy at Italic?

Yes, if you don’t want to pay for a brand name and/or for middlemen who add no value.


Why Can Italic Sell High Quality at Low Prices in a Nutshell

Italic’s revolutionary retail concept to offer hundreds of quality goods from the same manufacturers as leading brands for up to 80% less is now available in the marketplace online.  This means that Italic’s way to do retail now benefits customers without requiring to buy a membership. Start saving when shopping high quality fashion, shoes, bags, accessories and more. Browse their collection now.


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