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Finding the perfect gift for your dad can be challenging, especially when he says he doesn’t want anything on Father’s Day. However, there are still plenty of unique and thoughtful gifts that you can get for him that he will love and cherish. This article will share six unique gift ideas for dads who have everything.


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Stainless Steel Automatic Watch

Watches have always been a classic and timeless gift for men, and it is no different for dads. However, if you want to give your dad something he will treasure for years, consider gifting him a stainless steel automatic watch this Father’s Day.

An automatic watch is an excellent choice for dads who appreciate the craftsmanship and precision of making these types of watches. Unlike quartz watches that run on batteries, automatic watches are powered by the movement of the wearer’s wrist, making them actual works of art.


Personalized Whiskey Glass

A personalized whiskey glass is a great gift if your dad enjoys a good whiskey or scotch. You can have his name or initials etched onto the glass, creating a unique and thoughtful gift he can use for years. Pair it with his favorite bottle of whiskey for an extra special touch. Of course, this idea works with whatever his favorite drink may be.


gift inspiration showing an engraved whiskey glass and DIY BBQ sauce
Left: Customized glasses with the owner’s initials look luxurious and elegant. Right: Home-made BBQ sauce.



A DIY Gift

If you’re on a budget or enjoy making things, consider making a DIY gift for your dad. It could be something as simple as a photo book of your favorite outfits or a homemade BBQ sauce. Your dad will appreciate the time and effort you put into creating something special just for him.


EDC Bolt Action Pens

If your dad admires unique and functional items, an EDC (Everyday Carry) bolt action pen may be just his gift. These pens are designed to be durable, practical, and easy to use, making them perfect for dads who are always on the go.


EDC bolt action pens typically feature a bolt mechanism that allows the user to extend and retract the pen’s tip quickly. This mechanism adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that the pen does not accidentally come apart while being carried in a pocket or bag.

One great example of an EDC bolt action pen is the Stainless Steel Bastion Bolt Action Pen. This pen features a sleek, minimalist design with a solid brass body and stainless steel clip.


Electric Grill

If your dad loves to cook outdoors, consider gifting him an electric grill. Electric grills are convenient and easy to use, making them perfect for dads who want to enjoy delicious grilled food without the hassle of charcoal or gas grills.

In my experience, they are perfect ideal for small outdoor spaces like patios or balconies. Therefore, electric grills are a great gift for dads living in apartments or condos. Look for a model with adjustable temperature settings and a non-stick surface for easy cleanup.


dad using an electric grill on his balcony in a city
Electric grills don’t have the particular matter emissions you often observe with gas – or charcoal grills.



Customized Artwork

Customized artwork is a great way to give your dad a thoughtful and personalized gift he will genuinely appreciate. You can choose from various designs and materials, such as canvas, wood, or even metal, and work with an artist to create a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your dad’s personality and interests.

Whether it’s a favorite quote, a family photo, you, or a scene from his favorite hobby, customized artwork is a beautiful and meaningful way to show your dad how much he means to you. Plus, it’s a gift he can proudly display in his home for years.


customized art work gift inspiration showing Nicole like being painted by Paul Gauguin
Art work inspiration: Photo of me painted in the style of Paul Gaugin.


Gifts for Dads Who Don’t Want Anything in a Nutshell

In a nutshell, finding the ideal gift for a dad who don’t want anything or who seems to have everything can be challenging. However, considering his interests and hobbies, you can find unique and thoughtful gifts that he will appreciate and cherish. Even ideas for the hard to shop for guy. Whatever you choose, remember that the thought and effort count, and your dad will surely appreciate the gesture.

Gift ideas for your step-dads, grandpas, and father-in-law.


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  1. These are all lovely ideas! I always find all the guys in my life to be so hard to shop for.

  2. Rosemary Davis

    These are all great ideas! I especially like the personalized drink glasses.