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Read my review of Zenmed eye serum, what I did, and what I found.

  1. Trying a new eye serum to erase under eye circles
  2. It’s not another concealer that just covers up
  3. My experience with the product
  4. Price-performance ratio
  5. Who would love this product
  6. Review of Zenmed Eye Serum in a nutshell
  7. New OOTD

Disclosure: The essential eye serum is a sample sent to me by ZENMED. They do not endorse this post. I wrote it entirely myself and all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Trying a new eye serum to erase under eye circles

When I heard that ZENMED has a new eye-serum I wanted to try it. You probably have noticed that I have inherited loss of under eye collagen. I recall my maternal grand mom having it in an even more severe way than I do.

Even when it’s not genetics, age, and tiredness also make the skin around your eyes start to weaken, reducing collagen support, and eyelids can even start to droop. For all these reasons, I am constantly on the search for a product that helps me to get rid of my raccoon look. Not that I have something against these cute animals, but it’s not a look I want to go for. I just don’t like that my eyes give my age away and/or just the fact that I didn’t get the all (the beauty) sleep I wanted/needed.  😉

bottle with applicator to show creamy eye serum from ZENMED
Open essential eye serum c/o ZENMED to illustrate the creamy consistence of the product and to show the easy to use applicator

It’s not another concealer that just covers up

When I opened the package I was astonished to see that the bottle holds a creamy white colored serum. I am not sure what I expected, probably something with tan color or clear drops to put onto the area. Anyhow. I asked my husband to take a close-up photo of my eye area as the before photo so you and I can see whether the eye serum has an impact on my really stubborn under eye circles (see the photo below).

over 50 years old woman with dark circles before using an eye serum
Photo of my dark circles and eye area before using the ZENMED essential eye serum

My experience with the product

Then I applied the serum onto my dark circles and the area under my brows by tapping it in with my ring finger. The serum has a nice cooling effect. After absorbing the creamy serum, my skin feels tightened in a positive way. According to the description, the special anti-aging peptide Matrixyl is responsible for the tightening and lifting of this delicate skin.


eye area of over 50 years old woman before and after review of Zenmed eye serum for 10 days
Eye area after 10 days of applying the essential eye serum c/o ZENMED. Compare the photos. The nasty fold over my eyes is gone. The dark circles got visibly lighter than they were 10 days ago.


I repeated the application for 10 days in a row. The photo above is taken after these 10 days of application. What do you think? In my opinion, the dark circles seem to be not so dark and deep as ten days ago. My fine lines, dark circles, and the occasional puffiness seem virtually to disappear with this fortified under and over-eye serum. Also my skin feels more moisturized. The creamy product also improved the look of my eyelids. Compare the photos: In the upper one, I have a funny fold over each eye that disappeared in the after photo. According to the description, the caffeine included in the serum helps to smooth and firm the skin, which reduces puffiness and the look of tired eyes. I hope that continuing the application will further improve the appearance of my under eye area. Fingers crossed.

Price-performance ratio

The ZENMED essential eye serum is definitively much better than the product I used before. The price is $46. However, I am willing to pay the price for the better look. To be honest, one doesn’t have to apply much. Thus, I expect the bottle to last at least three months. This means it’s a bit over $15.33 a month. That’s about the equivalent of one visit in the cinema a month, or five lattes. The latter aren’t great for the waist-line anyhow. 😉 I think it’s more important to diminish the appearance of these circles. I think the reduction of the dark circles is worth the money spend on it. Are you with me on this?


Who would love this product

This product is a perfect fit for all women with inherited stubborn under eye circles or who often get too few sleep because of being stressed out. The serum minders the appearance of dark circles. It also reduces the unwanted look of droopy eyelids. This light, fast absorbing micro-delivery cream works for all skin types, and is even safe for sensitive eyes. It can be combined with all ZENMED products. It is non-comedogenic, and oil-free, i.e. no shiny areas that draw attention to wrinkles and fine lines. I definitively recommend this product to my best female friends and I strongly believe my late grandma would have loved the product too.

You can order this new improved ZENMED essential eye serum on their web page in the category anti-aging products.


Review of Zenmed Eye Serum in a Nutshell

I tested this ZENMED essential eye serum for only ten days and saw a notable reduction of my dark circles and improvement of my skin. The fold over my eyes is gone! In my opinion, the change justifies the price of product for my money.

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mature woman in purple-gray dress with  print coat sunflower yellow bag neon yellow pumps
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