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This WHITL Woodworking wood earrings review covers what I think about their designs, collection, gift wrapping, craftsmanship, pricing, and sustainability.


  1. Why Did I Try these Earrings?
  2. Beautiful Gift Wrapping and Excellent Quality Permit Sending Them as Holiday Gifts
  3. What Else Do I Like?
  4. Who Would Love these Handmade Wood Earrings?
  5. WHITL Woodworking Wood Earrings Review in a Nutshell


Disclosure: Ad. The earrings are samples of my choice from WHITL Woodworking. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


Why Did I Try these Earrings?

Wood-grain varies on each piece and the pieces are handmade, which make each piece unique. Furthermore, the material (walnut, cherry, maple) is very light. Consequently, one can go for large statement pieces. When browsing WHITL Woodworking’s wood jewelry collection, I immediately fell in love with several of their pieces.

Furthermore, sccording to market statistics, jewelery is among the favorites for gifts. Many fashion lovers are concerned about the environmental impacts of fast fashion and this concern also includes accessories. They look for sustainable resources. There is no doubt that wood is one of them. It stores carbon. To keep forests healthy they have to be thinned out on a regular basis. Doing so also reduces the risk of wildfires from dead trees. These facts all speak for wood as being an environmentally friendly material.


over 50 years old woman with maple tear drop earring
Featuring the maple earrings. I love the contrast of the light color of the pair and my ash brown hair.


Their designs encompass every day contemporary and three-dimensionally built pieces. There are also Bohemian, Folk Art, geometric, Southwestern, Pop Culture and patriotic collections. You can imagine, it was hard to just pick three! I picked the Bohemian small maple and large walnut teardrops as well as the walnut and gold pairs. You know I love sleek styles.


Beautiful Gift Wrapping and Excellent Quality Permit Sending them as Holiday Gifts

What I opened the mailing package, I was very suprised to see the beautiful gift wrapping (see photo below). My first thought was “Wow, that’s great when you send them as gifts for the holidays.” When I unwrapped the items, I was very impressed by the high quality of each single piece. When putting them in, I was fascinated how light and comfortable it felt wearing even the large teardrops.


blue recycled paper gift wrapping with hemp band bow and cartoon gift hanger
Photo of the beautiful gift wrapping made from recycled paper and hemp



What Else Do I Like?

The samples well demonstrate that they are a great value for the price. They look more expensive than they actually are. In other words, very affordable even on a budget. They will not break the bank, when you use them as a gift in your holiday stockings. I also love that you get free shipping on orders over $30.


walnut gold wire dangle
Zoom-in on walnut gold wire dangle


walnut with golden wire dangle
Boomerang shaped walnut piece dangling from golden wire. Very sassy.


I like that WHITL supports, and helps sustain the local artist community. The company partners with local artists to highlight and draw attention to their work. I wish there were more businesses that support their local community.

Many of my readers also look for gifts that are made in the USA. These beauties are made in Texas.


Who Would Love these Handmade Wood Earrings?

The small maple teardrop nickel-free earrings cost $11.99 and are 1.9 inch (4.83 cm) tall. They are perfect for everyone with Bohemian Style, but also work great for everyday style.

The walnut and gold teardrop pair is available for $21.99 and is 2.5 inches (5 cm) tall. Like all of their jewelry, they are nickel-free and hypoallergenic. This pair looks very sophisticated and is perfect for going out with friends. It is great for all women who want to make a statement. And a Must-have when your personal style is Dramatic. It is also a great addition for a Bohemian wardrobe.

The walnut teardrop pair costs $16.99. A minimalist and sophisticated fashionista will love it to accessorize a white top, jeans with jacket look and with a smart, sleek dress, respectively. Read more on which earrings are best for your personal style

I definitely would recommend their products to my friends. These wood hand-crafted ear pieces are great gifts for any jewelery-loving female over 13 on your gift list. You can buy them in any WHIT Woodworking store.


favorite pair of the WHITL Woodworking wood earrings review
Large walnut teardrop pair



WHITL Woodworking Wood Earrings Review in a Nutshell

WHIT Woodworking wood jewelry is handmade, high quality, very affordable, stylish, superlight, comfortable, and nickel-free hypoallergenic. A great holiday gift idea.

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Photos of me: G. Kramm
Other photos: N. Mölders

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  1. They are beautiful earrings! I love that they are sustainable.