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Brooches and pins have major advantages over necklaces. First, they will not get into your soup when bending over to sit down. Furthermore, they are more versatile to wear, either alone or in multiple. Get inspired to dust off your pins and/or where to find great costume ones on the cheap. Read on to learn how to use brooches to up your style.


  1. Brooches Are a Big Trend this Season
  2. Costume or Real, Brooches Are a Must-have
  3. How to Use Brooches to Up Your Style
  4. How Can You Style the Multiple Pin Trend?
  5. Wear Your Brooch Instead of a Belt
  6. Use Your Brooches in an Unexpected Way
  7. Great Timeless Brooches to Use to Up Your Style
  8. Best Ways to Get the Trend on the Cheap


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Brooches Are a Big Trend this Season

When I saw the trends on the runways for this upcoming season, I was very pleased to see that brooches again have a moment. These pins are great accessories that can turn a good classic look to ageless style. They can turn the vibe of a classic LBD from work to evening to casual. Brooches are your secret weapon to up your style, or alter your look in no time. Moreover, a brooch is also a great closure for a buttonless cardigan.


Costume or Real, Brooches Are a Must-have

In the upcoming season, bold, huge brooches are a Must-have. It doesn’t matter when they are costume jewelry. You just don’t blurb about it. Indeed, the really great costume brooches with Swarovski crystals are often more pricey than a silver brooch with lab-created gems. When your style is Bohemian, or glamorous, or Romantic, you have the chance to add great statement pieces to your collection this season.

various brooches
From the upper left clockwise. DIY pin that looks great on a blazer lapel, DIY 3D piece inspired by a computer chip, two circle interlocked brooch, DIY leave made of a cut dyed agate, and purple amethyst pin, which is a gift from my husband



How to Use Brooches to Up Your Style

A great thing about this trend is that women in midlife typically have already a great collection of brooches. I really loved this one that I got as a toddler. However, I have no idea what happened to it.


toddler with costume Bambi pin
Me as a 3 year old toddler in a pink cardigan that my late mom had knitted for me. It is styled with a little Bambi with fake crystals. It looks so cute pinned above the fringe tassels



Of course, you can style the trend the safe Euro Chic style classic way: One piece at a time. It’s ageless style no matter what. Wear them together around the halfway point/line between your shoulder and your breasts inside turning point on one side of your sheath/dress (see photo with striped dress, photos with burgundy sheath dress) or the collar of your blazer or coat. This styling works great for women with small breasts or pear shape body.


older woman looking stylish in a color block dress styled with a pin to pretend deeper cleavage
eShakti color block fit-and-flare dress with own pin worn at the cleavage


styling a floral bomber for a mature look using a pin instead of a necklace
Rebecca Taylor floral bomber, August Silk mock turtleneck top, Tissot stone watch, and DIY brooch


striped sheath accessorized with brooch
Banana Republic asymmetric sheath dress with GNW luxe sweater, Steven pumps, DIY brooch, and tight c/o No Nonsense



How Can You Style the Multiple Pin Trend

However, this upcoming season calls for more than one. When you are lucky to have a collection, use them in multiple. When you have several animal brooches in a similar color or style, wear them together like Noah’s arch or in a zoo. Several flower inspired brooches? You get the idea.

Different types/motifs require to group them by era. For instance, just modernist, Victorian Era, contemporary, ethnic, etc. You get the idea. When you use several antique brooches make sure that your outfit looks modern.

The eclectic style woman may like to combine brooches of different eras. However, key is to tie the set of brooches together. This can be done by theme, color, gemstone type, form, or cut.


blogger wearing the pinned on accessory look and a shearling coat
Cole Haan shearling motorcycle coat, Brooks Brothers turtleneck cashmere sweater, Calvin Klein Dress, three brooches, LeatherCoatsEtc beret, GNW tight, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, 3.1 Phillip Lim tote, and Vince Camuto tall boots
over 50 years old style blogger wearing the multiple pins trend on a sheath dress with tall boots
Brooks Brothers turtleneck sweater, Calvin Klein sheath dress with three pins, GNW tight, Vince Camuto suede tall boots, and LeatherCoatsEtc beret.


fashion blogger wearing a sheath with several pins instead of a belt over turtleneck with tall boots
Front view of trendy office outfit with Brooks Brothers turtleneck green cashmere sweater, Calvin Klein sheath dress with three brooches, GNW tight, Vince Camuto suede tall boots, and LeatherCoatsEtc beret



Wear Your Brooch Instead of a Belt

When you are daring, wear them on your waist instead of a belt (see photos below and featured photo). This style works when you have an hour glass shape or wear a fitted dress that pretends/gives you a waist. This style doesn’t work for apple and pear-shaped bodies.

over 50 years old fashion blogger in sheath dress for work using a pin instead of a belt
Sheath dress c/o Lookbook Store accessorized with own pin worn instead of a belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, charm necklace, silk scarf and worn with Salvatore Ferragamo Vara pumps


over 50 years old Alaskan style blogger wearing a spring work outfit with faux wrap dress and boots
Pantyhose, Fendi boots, graphic brooches from my late Granny Hannah, Judie Gumm rabbit brooch, baroque and mixed size pearl necklaces, Akoya saltwater pearl necklace c/o The Pearl Source Inc., layering top c/o Halftee, and Samantha Brown faux wrap dress c/o HSN


brooch worn as belt
DIY brooch styled as belt buckle, amethyst pendant necklace, and Hermes collier de chien bangle


work outfit with brooch instead of a belt
Example of work outfit with multiple brooches. Outfit details: Carhartt gingham shirt under eShakti jumper accessorized with Hermes collier de chien bangle, charm bracelet, brooch worn instead of a belt, Liz Claiborne open toe pumps (all own), and wooden watches c/o Jord



Use Your Brooches in an Unexpected Way

Ageless looks to wear the trend are on a beret, or hat. On vacation, a cheap, fake piece pinned on your fabric beach tote ups the style. Do you still have the straw beach bag with the pom poms from last summer? Why not exchange the pom poms with pins to update the bag? Knot a scarf and add brooches onto the knot. More on accessorizing with scarves.

On your skirt.

over 50 years old fashion blogger in chic winter outfit with Coolway booties
Nubuk booties c/o coolway styled with own GNW tight, wool cable knit socks, Oliveo denim skirt accessorized with brooches, statement belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, GNW Luxe sweater, Anne Klein sweater tied around the neck, and Jord bamboo watch


On a knotted scarf.

influencer illustrating how to style a jean skirt
Unbranded tartan scarf with brooch, Oliveo denim skirt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, LK Bennett court shoes, Celeine tote, Landsend sweater


On the tail of an evening gown

style blogger Nicole in a black lace dress with brooch on the tail
High-low hem lace cocktail dress (similar lace dress here) with Neo Tango sandals and vintage costume brooch as tail decoration



Tip: Brooches are also great to try for accessorizing a busy print dress.



Great Timeless Brooches to Use to Up Your Style

Here are some brooches that I love and that have ageless style, i.e. they have a timeless look.


How Do You Get the Trend on the Cheap?

When you are on a budget, look at the pieces you already own. Wear the ones again that don’t look dated. Update dated ones or have them updated.

Be resource full. Do you remember when we made our brooches ourselves in High School and college? Making your own brooches is a nice recreational craft project. See the collage of photos above that shows a couple of my DIY brooches.

Thrift and consignment stores, garage sales as well as flea markets are great places to find awesome costume brooches. When you are into the real thing, check out estate or antique stores. Another great source to 5 star shopping is eBay.


Photos of me: G. Kramm

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