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This post covers which style of ear jewelry to wear when and where depending on your primary personal style.

  1. Types of Ear Embelishments
    • Ear Jackets
    • Studs
    • Hoops, Chandelliers and Dangles
  2. Wear Ear Jewelry that Suits the Life You Live Today
    • Earrings at Work or the Office
    • Off Duty
    • What Ear Jewelry to Wear at the Beach?
    • Which ear Jewelry is Best for the Holidays?
  3. Consider the Season of the Year
  4. Wrapping Up Which Style of Ear Jewelry to Wear When and Where


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Types of Ear Embellishments

There are various types and ways to decorate the ears.

Ear Jackets

Ear jackets are the newest trend. They embellish the ear from both sides. When it comes to investing into a pair of ear jackets 14K gold without or with pearls is your best bet, no matter of your personal style. Yellow gold, rose gold and pearls are all timeless and work for so many dressing situations. A pair in gold looks great on all women in the warm color family. If your belong to the cold color family go for cool color pearls.

Pearl pieces are perfect for brides, especially, when wearing an updo. Read more on all you need to know about the ear jacket trend.

They are a favorite among women in midlife. Since they distribute their weight on both sides of the lobe, and the two pieces balance each other. Consequently, you can avoid the ugly sagging look you often see when mature women wear studs. Another advantage: Golden and/or pearl ear jackets are work appropriate even in the corporate style world. The photo below shows an example that features edgy style.

red head doning an edgy ear jacket
“Pearl Earring with Spiked Ear Jacket, Red Hair, and Rook Piercing” by petitepanoply is licensed with CC BY-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit From: Creative Commons licenses sa/2.0/


Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are a favorite among young women. Like ear jackets they can show on both sides of the ear. However, they are usually less discrete than the former. Read more edgy and not work appropriate. They are great for the Drama Queen for going out or street style.

portrait of young woman with feather ear cuf
Bohemian or dramatic style cuff perfect for wearing at an outdoor festival


Both studs and ear jackets need piercing. Studs only have adornment on one side. When featuring just metal or gemstones or pearls, they are great for work. Those that have long dangling ethnic  inspired or geometric  hangers work well with Bohemian Style or dramatic style.


Half sphere sterling silver studs made by me Half sphere sterling silver studs made by me
Sterling silver studs with feldspart made by me Sterling silver studs with feldspar made by me


Hoops, Chandeliers, Drop Earrings and Dangles

Drop earring, loops and dangling earrings including chandeliers typically have quite some length. Thus, they easily catch in sweaters. Dangling, drop earrings and chandeliers are best worn with shoulder-free attire in summer for going out or for formal or semi-formal affairs like a ball or an afternoon wedding.

Loops perennially pop up as a trend, but look old-fashioned or yesteryear once the trend is over. They look odd on most women unless you have a rectangular or square face shape. Read more on how to wear the drop earring trend.

Wear Ear Jewelry that Suits the Life You Live Today

In the previous posts of this series, we talked about how to pick the best earrings for your face shape and personal style. Let’s go to the next level. When accessorizing with earrings there is more to consider than just those aspect. When choosing the right pair as finishing touch for your outfit, you have also consider the occasion. Where will you don them?

Earrings at Work or the Office

When answering a phone is making up a large part of your job, studs are best. Stay away from earrings that cause noise when you are on the phone. It’s distracting for the person on the other side of the line … and unprofessional. Chandeliers and anything dangly are such offenders. 🙁

Otherwise apply the old rule, …

The more conservative or traditional the office, the more conservative the earring. #dress4success #earjacket Click To Tweet

Not wearing your investment pieces is like tossing them. Diamonds are not just for the opera and holidays. Diamond, pearl, gold and white gold studs in classic styles are associated with power and authority. Imagine a CEO, banker, lawyer, financial advisor or executive officer with dangly, hoop or large earrings! It seems just wrong, right? These types of earrings have an off duty vibe, i.e. look unprofessional for a 9-to-5 employee unless you are in a creative field (e.g. as a sales person in a fashion store, an artist, a blogger).

Tip: Substitute white gold with Sterling silver to save. Just make sure that you keep them polished. Air with high amount of sulfur-components blackens them, like do hot most springs.

Off duty

Show your personal style with earrings for your best look. Go wild! Wear what you want! Forget about what people expect from you. Have fun!

Be you! Everyone else is already taken! #selfconfidence Click To Tweet


What Ear Jewelry to Wear at the Beach?

Straw, fringes, wood beads, wooden earrings look great with a sundress, beach cover-up. When your hair is long, you may easily loose pieces that have just a hook and no real closure. You take your hair back to make a pony tail, and there they go! Once fallen into the sand, it’s plain luck to find them. Like searching for the needle in the haystack. Therefore, go either with cheap versions like the examples below or add a plastic stopper in the back. Stay away from plastic crabs, hummers, anchors, sailing boots, etc. They are kitschy, and for teenagers or kids.


alloyfringeearjewelryJust Fashion Now alloy earrings with fringes $3.80. Available in 11 colors. Buy three get 4th 60% off
halocoppermulticolorJust Fashion Now color inkjet hollow copper leaf drop earrings $3.37. Buy three get 4th 60% off

Which Ear Jewelry Is Best for the Holidays?

Really? Give those snowmen, pumpkins, Santas, candy canes, gift boxes, Christmas bulbs, straw stars, and Easter bunny earrings to your grandkids, if you have any, to charity otherwise. Keep the Russian Egg, if you have one! Look your best with jewelry that matches your face, outfit and style. If you have to dress for a family reunion for the holidays wearing some family heirlooms is a great idea. Doing so makes it less awkward to talk to new family additions or family members whom you barely know. The heirloom provides a great opportunity to talk about the earrings’ fashion history in your family, if you know the background story.


Consider the Season of the Year

Why? Chandeliers and/or dangly earrings can get caught by your knit scarf or turtleneck. Ouch! Not fun! Not to mention that they may harm your clothes. In cold weather, like winter in Alaska, long earrings may hit your skin. Since they are at the same temperature as the ambient air that may hurt. Metal pieces can even freeze to your skin at 40 below and colder when your skin is moist. That’s why I wear the leaf ear jewelry (photo below) only in summer. In winter, hanging one of them in a beaded necklace makes a great pendant. 😉


Sterling silver leaf with diamantee
Sterling silver leaf with diamantee (own)


What kind of earrings are the most suitable for you? Do you already own them? Is your jewelry box full of the wrong pieces for the life you live? Let me know in the comments, I am curious.


Wrapping Up Which Style of Ear Jewelry to Wear When and Where

Various styles of earrings exist. They enhance your face and are great accessories when worn at the right event with the right attire. Every woman should own at least a classic pair.

Don’t let the right outfit be a random thing. Wear the right look in every situation by looking up what to wear when in How to Dress for Success in Midlife. Buy my book now.

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Photos of me: G. Kramm

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