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Upscale hair jewelry for mature women will be a big fashion thing this coming season. The models donned not just one hair pin, barrette or headband on the catwalks, but wore them in multiples. There was no way to not notice that adding hair accessories is supposed to be a big trend. The good thing about this trend is that it is fun and in summer very welcome. It’s also a great gift for every woman with long hair.


  1. Girly Summer Braids Are a No-No for Hair over 50
  2. Be Aware of Ageing Up-Dos
  3. How to Fight Summer Heat in Style when You Have Long Hair
  4. The Pony Tail Grew Up
  5. The Modern French Knot
  6. The Solution: Upscale Hair Jewelry for Mature Women
  7. Where to Find Upscale Hair Jewelry?


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Girly Summer Braids Are a No-No for Hair over 50

August brings the hot heat of the dog days. When it gets hot we like to get our hair out of our face and neck to stay cool. Sweating like a pig is never in style. 😉


festive up-do with jewelry
Festive up-do with barrette


influencer showing hair jewelry for mature women with a blogger knot
Blogger knot with barrette


While as little girls, Mom braided the hair or made a nice pony tail or ballerina knot using plastic pins, barrettes, and rubber-bands with little plastic animals, fruits or just beads, this look is ridiculous on any female over 12.


over 50 years old style blogger with studded headband
Studded headband to pull the hair back



Be Aware of Ageing Up-Dos

Fighting the summer heat with an up-do is not only difficult with respect to the hair jewelry and/or accessories needed. Any French knot or low ballerina knot can easily look matronly and aging after 40. Fabric headbands may help to absorb sweat, but keep the skin from being ventilated which may end up in feeling uncomfortable despite the hair is out of the face and neck. And what about the embarrassing sweat spots? Ok, at the gym, but nowhere else.


ageless up-do accessorized with barrette
Medium high ballerina knot with barrette for accessorizing



How to Fight Summer Heat in Style when You Have Long Hair

One of my readers asked me how to cope with this problem without going to the radical solution of chopping the hair off or anything in between. Hair barrettes are a great option for older ladies to keep their long hair at bay.


mature woman with square pearl hair clip
Square hair clip with half pearls as decoration or to keep the hair out of your face



midlife woman wearing a half up-do with barrette
Pulling the hair back with a barrette with green semi-precious stone. Half up-do.


The Pony Tail Grew Up

The Kate, Princess of Wales made the high-pony tail a classic. She often wears this type of pony tail at official events. Today, a high pony tail is a classic.


hair jewelry for mature women for Kate Middleton-like high ponytail
High pony tail with modern barrette. Similar barrette here.


pony tail with hair claps
Pony tail with claps to hang into the rubber band



The Modern French Knot

The French knot – the old way – had all hair ends properly pulled underneath so they wouldn’t show. The new way to style the French knot is to exactly avoid that neatness. Instead, let the ends stick out as if you had just put your hair up on the go like in the photo below.


modern French knot with barrette
Modern version of the French twist with wide barrette.



stylist in floral tights with skirt and sweater in colors matching the blossoms
French knot with barrette and pin.


 mature woman in fall blue and white work outfit
Lauren Ralph Lauren pleated polka dot skirt, Brooks Brothers cable knit sweater, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Esprit neckerchief, Bulova watch, barrette, Tommy Hilfiger wedges.



The Solution: Upscale with Hair Jewelry for Mature Women

We may not admit it, but mom’s solution wasn’t that bad at all. We will just have to upscale the pieces. In this post, I show you my barrette collection that I edited over the years to illustrate what I mean with up-scaled pieces. The photos also share examples how to use them or similar types of barrettes to look ageless when getting the hair out of your face.


 midlife woman with effortless updo
Long wooden hair needle with swirl end pinned to hold a messy up-do.


The up-do in the photo above is inspired by the movie Twister. Professor Harding made her up-do with a pencil while hunting tornadoes with her students. Of course, you can also use artisan painted “chop sticks” like pins.


Pro tip: An important trick is to not have the up-do look like your mom did it. Go messy.


Where to Find Upscale Hair Jewelry?

Flea markets and antique stores are great places to look when you have Romantic Style. When your personal style is Bohemian style, check ethnic stores, shops that sell American Native jewelry, and when on vacation, shops that sell the countries traditional jewelry. When you are looking for contemporary or classic pieces Etsy and eBay are good sources. Modernist and minimalist barrettes, headbands, hair pins are good keywords to search for. The carousel below can help you get started to upscale your hair dos.



What are your tricks to stay cool during the dog days? Will you jump the bandwagon on the hair jewelry trend?

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Photos: G. Kramm

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