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Complete Keranique hair regrowth system (right) and supplements (left)

Is your hair thinning? Then read this review of Keranique hair loss products to assess from my experience whether the products are right for you.


Disclosure: Ad. The products are samples from Keranique given to me to test them. This post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it myself and all opinion are my own and 100% honest.


August is “Hair Loss Awareness Month”

Hair is our most precious natural accessory. While I hope you personally do not be experiencing hair thinning or hair loss, the sad thing is that over one third of all women worldwide are. Especially women over 40, i.e. us, are likely to see their locks thinning due to menopause or peri-menopause. Stress at work and/or at home, genes, as well as health issues or illness are other reasons. And don’t forget about the damage that hot tools and coloring can cause.

Well, honestly, how often do you just eat something on the run as you run out of time with all the work, kid events, volunteering, etc. It’s so easy to forget about that healthy thick beautifully looking hair needs nutrition. Hair loss in women is very real, and it’s a reality for many of us. And depending on your mentality it can be worrisome to traumatic. Then the big question pops up in the head

“Do anti-hair loss or hair regrowth products really work?”


My Hair Growth Problem

When I see lots of hairs in my brush, I am always concerned like “what the heck is going on?” I have seen over the past decade that my hairline “receded.” Well, not like men. Just a centimeter or so (less than half an inch). Also the “front line” doesn’t get that long anymore and is thinning. Now the hair just looks like some “annoying” one inch long fringe at the hairline. Of course, I could easily hide them under bangs (what my hair dresser suggests), but that would mean going for a trim every two weeks. Yuck! Too time consuming as I have to drive to the other side of Fairbanks. Furthermore, my bangs always would fall to the side anyway due to my natural waves.

When Keranique asked me to give them my thoughts on their Regrowth System and Vitamins, I was immediately like “give it a try.”


hairline prior to starting to use Keranique products
Thin hair area on the left side and hairline prior to start using hair care and regrowth products c/o Keranique



Not Sure Whether You Have Hair Loss?

Then read on to find out. When you know that you have it, you can skip the following section and jump directly to What is the catch to find out what I think and found when using the products.


Major Signs You Have Hair Loss

  • You don’t have to part your hair anymore because your part is getting wider and wider and wider
  • One can see that one’s hairline is receding when one compares old and recent photos or when one pulls the hair up
  • Despite you buy the same brand of ponytail holders since years, now you have to loop a new ponytail holder one more time than years ago
  • Your hair dresser recommends to get a lob or cut it shorter
  • You ask your hair dresser for cutting bangs because you have a high forehead
  • Your hair dresser says you have fine hair and s/he never said that when you were in your 20s. Fine hair is a hair dresser’s diplomatic description for thinning hair.
  • When you have the impression that there is more hair on your pillow, on your brush, and in the drain than a couple of years ago
  • It is getting harder and harder and needs more and more hair spray to create volume so your hair wouldn’t look flat
  • It takes more time to style your hair despite you wear this hair cut already for one or two years
  • You can see your scalp through your hair or even have balding spots



photo of thinning hair
View of thin area on the right side prior to start using hair care and regrowth products c/o Keranique


What’s the Catch for Hair Regrowth?

Obviously, Minoxidil is the only FDA approved ingredient clinically proven serious, long-term solution to regrow women hair. Keranique’s hair growth serum contains 2% Minoxidil. The brand claims that their regrowth treatment promotes the flow of blood and hence oxygen and nutrients to your hair. Well, it sounds reasonable that these factors play a role for growth, and re-growth. And we all know that full hair is beautiful!


What Science Says

The package information sheet states that continued application of the Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment with 2% Minoxidil is required for at least 4 months before one sees notable results. That’s about 120 days.

Well, it makes sense to me that when you have short hair 1 to 2 inch or so (1.25 to 5 cm), the cut looks revitalized and more full than prior to usage. It is logical that for a thicker pony tail, it will take one and a half year to not have to fold the holder as often, and 2 to 3 years to the full length depending on how long the ponytail is.


Schematic view of hair growth cycle
Schematic view of hair growth cycle. When you look at the schematic views it makes sense that it takes some time before you even see something. Diagrams courtesy to Keranique


In other words, the body needs the vital nutrients to produce long, thick, silky-smooth, healthy hair. Keranique’s KeraViatin Hair & Scalp Health Supplements contain minerals and nutrients that may support scalp health and revitalize weak follicles. This means that beauty comes from the inside. These vitamins and nutrients will help to promote growing long locks.


How Long Does Keranique Regrowth Take to Show Results?

Here is my experience with the product: The look seemed silkier and shinier from the moment I started using the shampoo and conditioner. I am now using the products since 3 weeks. We all know from experience that it takes time for hair to grow. Well the loss also didn’t come over night but over time, right? No wonder that regrowth takes time! We didn’t loose the follicles, but they have been dormant since a while. They have to be reactivated so to speak.

Nevertheless, despite it’s only 3 weeks, it looks like there are some “baby hairs”. They look like the strays of eyebrows that are growing on the eyelids after 2 weeks or  so after a wax. Or like a 3 days beard. 😉 In contrast to those brow strays, they are wanted. They are still short and only few yet, but I hope for more. The information sheet says that full results are seen at 120 days. They even have a 120 days money back guarantee! So basically low risk.


after 3 weeks of application
After 3 weeks of application: See the little hairs that grew along my hair line.


photo for the review of Keranique hair loss products to show regrowth after 3 weeks of use
Front view of regrowth. It’s still patchy and very short, but it’s coming!


What do you think? Does it work? I do think so.


Is this Regrowth System Affordable?

The complete system consists of the Hair Regrowth Treatment, Scalp Stimulating Shampoo, Volumizing Keratin Conditioner, and Lift & Repair Treatment Spray and only costs $99. You can order it online.

The vitamins shown in the product photos come extra.


Review of Keranique Hair Loss Products in a Nutshell

Like with exercise, healthy eating, or wearing your retainers to keep your teeth in line, you have to stay on top of things. In other words, it’s a lifetime commitment. Hair regrowth and optimal health are an ongoing process, i.e. the products are not a quick fix or meant for one-time only!

Are you up to the task? Then join me. Order your hair regrowth package now.


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