Five tips to create a working fall wardrobe – Tip #5 (outfit ideas)

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Store great outfit ideas on your phone

Now to the last tip of this series, and probably the most fun one of this five piece series. It is about maximizing your fall wardrobe by putting it together. Thus, get a pencil or your phone ready to take notes while you apply the tips to your own wardrobe.

Avoid winter wardrobe fatigue

Most of us love the warm season :). Thus, we want to procrastinate on bundling up in our winter coats as long as possible without freezing to hypothermia. Or the cold season is very long and we want to start wearing the cold weather gear as late as possible to not be sick of our coat already by December when still five months of nasty cold weather are ahead. I am talking Alaska here.

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Create summer to fall transition looks before you start wearing just fall/winter clothes. Later in the season switch things up with styling your outerwear and at the end of the cold season avoid wardrobe boredom with spring fashion.

#fashionover50 mature woman in a summer sheath dress styled for autumn
Dress c/o Lookbook Store with own MOSCHINO belt, Hermes enamel bangles, Gloria vanderBilt pumps and strings of pearls

Layer warm season items instead of wearing a heavy coat on the first chilly day

Thus, let us think about how you can postpone wearing the down coat or shearling. On a cool fall day, you could wear a thick wool sweater over you indoor casual outfit and a vest. This vest could be either a down vest, a motorcycle vest, faux fur vest, your coat with the detachable sleeves taken off, a quilted vest, or denim vest. Whatever protects your chest from the wind and/or getting cold.

Inspirations how to style a summer dress for fall

You are so in love <3 with that summer dress that you nearly literally wore all summer? Then style the summer dress for fall. Check whether you could wear it with tights and a slip underneath (yes they still exist) and a jacket to make it a fall indoor outfit. The jacket can be either a denim jacket, motorcycle jacket, bomber jacket, blazer, baseball jacket or cardigan. Which one works best will depend on the vibe of your dress.

#fashionover50 older woman in a body conscious dress styled for fall
V-neck dress c/o Lookbook Store with own Gloria vanderBilt pumps, Hermes enamel bangles, Moschino belt, LV studded multi-color bag, and Moda International cardigan for some extra insulation when it gets cooler in fall

Sleeveless sheaths look great with a blazer, cardigan (see photo below), Chanel type jacket or black motorcycle jacket worn as a blazer. Fit-and-flare dresses and printed or solid sleeveless dresses look adorable with a cardigan worn over it, but knotted at the tails instead of buttoning it or as a skirt wearing a sweater over it. A white peasant style dress would look cute with a brown leather jacket, brown tights, and brown flat oxfords. Your very short mini-dress could even become office appropriate when worn as a tunic over a pair of neutral matching pants or pants that repeat a color of the dress. If you find a look that works take notes. Then you have your go-to memo when you are in a hurry on a cold fall morning ;).

Now you are ready for a stylish fall, but it is even better when the excitement of the wait lasts a bit longer ;). On this end, have a nice stylish rest of the summer and stop by for inspiration on High Latitude Style.

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How is your fall wardrobe doing so far? Did you find some awesome items? Looking pretty good so far? On its way? Let me know by email, I am curious.

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