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Four of many more signs that a skirt doesn't fit

Fit is an important part of great style. However, fit fails to be equal to “I still get into it.” Read how you can recognize pieces that are too tight so they won’t ruin your look.

  1. Check Your Clothes for Fit When Overhauling Your Wardrobe
  2. Signs That a Skirt is Too Tight
  3. Wrapping Up

Updated: 5/24/2021

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Check Your Clothes for Fit When Overhauling Your Wardrobe

Last week I shared why to makeover your wardrobe for fit, trends and style. This post addresses how to consider fit. Even when you kept your weight the same, things may no longer fit. There are several reasons. Unfortunately, in menopause,  your body changes. It seems like everything moves south.  🙁 Another reason may be a mistake when cleaning the piece at the end of the season prior to putting it into storage.  I’m pretty sure I’m no alone with having ruined a favorite pair of joggers or skirt or ….

Signs That a Skirt is Too Tight

“Weeding out” these pieces is the hardest of the  17 steps to a successful closet overhaul. It may be your favorite item! Trends, replacement of worn out clothes and changes in style are the easiest. They are obvious. Most likely you are over the trend after a season or the trendy stuff was at the end of its tenure anyhow, i.e. close to falling apart. Trendy wardrobe additions are usually cheap and of low quality, even when their quality is great as compared to the price.

Here is my example from this spring/summer closet overhaul. My beloved pink skirt. I obviously washed it too warm. I wish I had taken more care of the fabric to avoid that it shrinks or fates. Well, afterwards one always knows better. Anyhow, it’s a lesson learned.

style blogger demonstrates how to recognize that a skirt is too tight
This look would be nice if the skirt would still fit. However, it shrunk in the laundry and is now too tight to wear, but can serve as a great example to demonstrate the indicators of a malfit.


So how do you know that the skirt has to go and is too tight even when you can easily close the zipper? Here are the most obvious signs, which not necessarily all occur:

  • You sit down and the skirt rides up.
  • From the side and when you look down you can see you pelic bone.
  • The skirt has whiskers like a pair of jeans.
  • It rides up when you walk.
  • You keep pulling it down.

When you observe one of the above signs, donate the piece to charity. You will not feel so great in it anymore as you did a year ago.

Wrapping Up

Too tight clothes are never in style. No matter what expensive designer they are, they fail to let you look your best. Sell them, donate them, get rid of them for the best look ever.

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  1. Virginia

    Great tips here. I hadn’t really though about the side not having a straight line meaning it’s too tight but now I’m going to remember it when I try on skirts!


  2. mireilleftm

    great tips! i try not to keep items that don’t fit right anymore but sometimes it is hard to part with them.

  3. Jodie

    Dang…that same thing has happened to me many times. Sometimes I can get them to “grow” a bit by soaking the piece in conditioner and trying to stretch it a little.

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