Fabric care: Dryel won’t shrink, stretch, fade sweaters, denim, etc.
Midlife woman in Oliveo dark denim custom-made jeans, Adidas sneakers, GNW Luxe cashmere wool sweater, Dior neckerchief, and statement belt

Dryel at-home dry cleaning for best care of you favorite clothes

I love my clothes especially my jeans. It’s so hard to find a pair with a perfect. Once you do, which happens just once in a blue moon, you want the pair to last as long as possible. I love dark nearly night blue denim. Of course, I don’t want them to fade pre-mature. Besides bleach, acid, frequent washing and hot settings in the dryer accelerate the fading. Thus, I dry clean my jeans on low setting at home with Dryel to keep them from fading. Today it’s unbelievable that we faded our jeans on purpose when we were teenagers!

#iDryel #DryelAtHomeDryCleaning a Dryel starter kit makes a great Christmas gift
Dryel box for 2018. Dryel uses steam to thoroughly and safely clean clothes. Dryel doesn’t use harsh chemicals. For extra-protection and most efficient at-home dry-cleaning Dryel it uses a patented fabric protection bag. This bag harnesses the power of steam.

Dry cleaning avoids shrinking

Another advantage of dry cleaning is that the clothes won’t shrink. Have you ever paid attention to the sizing at thrift and consignment stores? There are pieces that have measurements that are one or two sizes less than what the size tag says. They are often very cheap and on clearance sales. They don’t fit the women  who usually shop for that size because the item shrunk in the laundry. Besides denim, cotton, linen, cashmere, and wool shrink easily in the washer. You can find great pieces when you browse the clearance for a size up. When you want to avoid this fate for your own favorite sweater, skinnies, or linen shirt, take no risk. Dry cleaning at home with Dryel is much cheaper than the dry cleaners, and avoids the risk of shrinking. You don’t want to be the lady who has to bring her favorite piece to consignment because it shrunk in the laundry, right?

#midlifestyle #fashionover40 woman looking posh casual in sweater and jeans
Oliveo dark Italian style denim custom-made high-waist boot-cut jeans, classic Adidas sneakers, pink GNW Luxe cashmere wool sweater, paisly print Dior silk neckerchief, and purple belt with statement buckle that picks up the colors of the sweater, jeans and neckerchief print

Dryel dry cleaning keeps items in shape

My husband once bought a beautiful souvenir T-shirt. It was even from an expensive brand that is known for high quality Tees. Over time, the T-shirt transferred itself into a night gown for me. Each time after being in the laundry, the T-shirt got longer and smaller than before. If I only had known about Dryel back then, I could have saved his favorite Tee.

#fashionover40 #midlifefashion woman in casual posh look
Side view of casual posh look with Oliveo jeans, Adidas sneakers, GNW Luxe sweater, Dior neckerchief, and statement belt

If it’s a favorite piece, go for dry cleaning

Remember my blush satin pants? The care label said that I could wash it cold. I did, and it ripped the nice white side tuxedo style stripes. Memo to self:

Reduce the risk of ripped cheap clothes with dry cleaning. iDryel Click To Tweet

It sounds contra-intuitive.  Fast fashion is for a season only. However, the items are too expensive when they don’t even last that season! And yes, at-home dry cleaning with Dryel isn’t expensive at all.

The Starter Kit cleans up to 20 garments and costs only $9.99. The Refill Kit cleans up to 40 pieces. It works in 15 to 30 minutes in your dryer. I use Dryel for special care, hard to clean items, even wool, cashmere, silk, and rayon.

#advancedstyle #maturestyle woman in denim pants and pink sweater
Oliveo dark boot-cut denim pants, black and white classic Adidas sneakers, GNW Luxe pink sweater, and crocodile imprint purple statement belt

P.S. Dryel has a new look

When you are already a Dryel at home dry cleaning fan and you have trouble finding it at your store, it maybe due to the new look. See the product photos and search the shelves for Dryel’s new look. Or just order it online.

Dryel's new chic look #atHomeDryCleaning
Dryel starter kit box in its new look. This pre-view pack includes a free stain pen, as well as a new odor and wrinkle releaser. The great scent now lasts even longer than before.

In summary: Avoid wardrobe loss by applying at-home dry cleaning to all your favorite clothes. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Remember, every piece that leaves your wardrobe earlier than anticipated will be more expensive than you estimated when buying it; Dryel at-home dry cleaning is cheaper than washing and loosing the pice or the dry cleaner.

You can buy the Dryel starter kit and refills comfortably online, Amazon.com, or at your local Target or Walmart.

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