What to wear for comfort travel with awesome style

fashionover40 Casual denim look
Denim dress and jacket in different wash, Kate Moss for Longchamp bag, Anne Klein T-straps slip-on shoes, and Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle (all own). If you cannot run in heels, swap for slip-on flat tan sandals

Travel in winter

For most of us living in climate regions with cold winters, winter travel to warmer regions is a challenge. For an Alaskan it would mean schlepping a down coat around in Hawaii or Mexico, for instance, just because it is 40 below upon leaving or it might be that cold upon coming back. The best advice to solve this problem? Have someone bring to and pick you up at the airport who will take/bring the appropriate coat, shoes, gloves, scarf and hat.

fashionover50 woman in trench coat with skinnies
Apricot double-breasted layered coat c/o Lookbook Store paired with own J Brand jeans, black mock neck top and snake print Anne Klein slingbacks. Unless you are a ballroom dancer swap them for pointy toe or ballet flats

Planes are often a little chilly as pilots turn the ventilation down to save fuel. Good thing! Your contribution should be to bring a blanket (you can latter use it at the beach), light jacket or a cardigan. Wearing a cotton sweater over a T-shirt is also a good way to stay comfortable on the plane.

Best shoes for air travel

Wear shoes that you can easily take off/put on to not annoy everyone behind you in the security line. Thus, steer away from shoes with laces or buckles. Flip flops belong in the luggage, not on you feet while on travel. They just look cheap, and are a hassle to run in when you try to catch a connection. Furthermore, flip flops belong on the beach, not the airport. It is just against the dress code ūüėČ . Not to mention that they break every style except surfer beach style. Unless you can catch a bus running in heels or are a ballroom dancer, leave the heels for the female CEOs and managers in First Class.

Winkle-free clothes are key

Since you have to sit on the plane, wear clothes that resist wrinkling. If you decide to wear jeans, go for a loose cut or a jeans with stretch. It is just to uncomfortable to have the waistband cut into your belly. Steer away from sweat pants, they have their name for a reason. They belong into the gym. Yes, and please don’t wear PJs.

When your outfit asks for a belt, make sure you have it in your carry-on so you can finish your look once you are thru security.

Easy travel outfits

Here are five comfy, but effortlessly stylish travel outfit ideas:

  1. Long sleeve tunic, long sweater or trench coat (have a long T-shirt underneath the trench because you may have to take it off) over leggings with ballet flats or pointy toe flats
  2. Loose jersey dress with cardigan and ballet/pointy toe flats or old school fabric sneakers
  3. Boyfriend jeans with sleek striped long sleeve T-shirt, printed wide scarf, and ballet flats or pointy toe flats
  4. Jeggings, long slouchy white T-shirt with black cable-knit long or grandpa knit-collar cardigan, light or open toe booties
  5. Loose printed skirt, ballet flats, matching (striped) T-shirt, cropped denim jacket or cardigan

The next photos show some inspirations which are variation of the above suggestions. Have a save trip and nice vacation.

#motorcyclevest #streetstyle #HighLatitudeStyle http://www.highlatitudestyle.com
Great Northwest denim shirt with VS motorcycle leather vest, chinos, Ray Ban mirrored sunglasses, Jaeger tote, statement belt and Ralph Lauren silver shoes (all own)
Marine Layer striped T-shirt
T-shirt c/o Marine Layer with own Oliveo linen pants, Great Northwest denim jacket, belt,  Nicole suede fall sandals, and Kate Moss for Longchamp satchel
styleover40 woman in travel outfit
Baby pink dress c/o Lookbook Store worn with own light blue tailored denim jacket, an Esprit vintage bag, Madonna True or Dare floral pumps, and a DIY necklace. If you cannot run in heels, swap the pumps for pointy toe flats, floral print Keds or Vans
maturestyle woman in casual, stylish outfit
Printed cotton 3/4 sleeve GNW cardigan (own) with Oliveo linen pants, Anne Klein slingbacks, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, Esprit bag, and black silk top. The black color of the top and the black in the print pick up the black weave in the linen pants. The brown hues in the cardigan pick up the hue of the Kieselstein Cord belt and slingbacks. Swap the heels for nude pointy toe flats
styleover40 Mature casual outfit
Oversize Great Northweat denim jacket over black cashmere sweater with Oliveo chinos, Anne Klein silk scarf, statement belt, Ray Ban mirrored sunglasses, Ralph Lauren silver shoes, and structured bag (all own)

Are you going on travel some time soon? What will you wear on the route? Let me know, send me an email. I am curious.

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