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Coolibar diamond cove swim jacket, snow leopard print Petra wide pants and St. Tropez top with own pink suede gemstone belt, Coach bag, Winkwood mirrored woodframe sunglasses, Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own) and Ivanka Trump suede pumps c/o Wikibuy

Sun protection is important to avoid/reduce the risk of skin cancer. However, sun cream can be messy when you have to apply it under your clothing as sunrays can penetrate many fabrics. This review introduces clothing that provide sun protection you wear. Read to learn about Coolibar sun protection you wear.


  1. The Worst Sunburn of My Life
  2. Sun Protection Clothing that Is Stylish
  3. Animal Print Is a Hot Trend Right Now
  4. Coolibar Has Love for Surprising Details
  5. Fabrics Are UPF 50+ Tested
  6. Why Isn’t Covering Up Enough?
  7. What Is the Price-Performance Ratio of Coolibar Clothing?
  8. Who Will Love these Sun-Protective Clothes?
  9. Summary of Sun Protection You Wear

Disclosure: Ad. The top, pants and jacket are sample from Coolibar. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion. There are affiliates links in this post.
Updated: 3/7/2022


The Worst Sunburn of My Life

… taught me to value sun-protection fabrics. When I was a kid, my parents were into camping. Thus, we spent every vacation somewhere at the North Sea or Jade Bay. In 1975, my parents had bought a new tent that was supposed to be rainproof. It came with a white roof that was supposed to keep the inside temperature lower than in a tent with a dark roof.

1975 was the year when the Lüneburger Heide – a large area of heath, geest, and woodland in northwest Germany – was on fire. A high-pressure system had blocked the atmospheric circulation over Europe leading to beautiful sunshine, temperatures above 86F (30oC) and very dry conditions for about two months.

On the first day of our vacation at the Jade Bay, we had been playing ball with Dad for a while. My mom called us inside the tent so we wouldn’t get a sunburn. We were supposed to read, but all fell asleep – tired from the play and lack of sleep. We had traveled in the night before. When we woke up, we had the most awful sunburn of our lives on the side that was exposed to the ceiling of the tent. The fabric of the roof was water-impermeable, but let the harmful ultra-violet (UV) sun-rays thru. Ever since I have been keen of fabrics that provide sun-protection.

Full story: My Dad got skin cancer 20 years later.


Coolibar Makes Sun-Protection Clothing that Is Stylish

Thus, when Coolibar asked me to review pieces of their new collection, I immediately agreed to share the awareness of harmful UV radiation that may cause skin cancer. Their clothes provide UPF 50+ sun protection! Looking thru their new collection, I immediately fell in love with this trendy snow-leopard St. Tropez Swing Tank top and Petra Wide Leg pants.  See this guide on how to style snow leopard.

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style blogger in animal print jumpsuit look and UPF50+ tailored jacket
Side view


over 50 years old fashion blogger in UV protective toppants ensemble
Back view of outfit inspiration


Nicole showing sun protection you wear in outfit inspiration of snow leo and pink
Outfit details: Coolibar diamond cove swim jacket, snow-leo Petra wide pants and St. Tropez top with own pink suede gemstone belt, Coach bag, Winkwood mirrored wood-frame sunglasses, Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own) and Ivanka Trump suede pumps



Animal Print Is a Hot Trend Right Now

Animal print of all patterned beasts on Noah’s ark is having a moment. In the 1950s, leopard print was for the bombshell gal for going out. A body-conscious leopard cardigan, clutch or sky-high stilettos – you name it. Of course in the brown, beige, black combination paired with lipstick red. Marilyn Monroe style. In the last decade, leopard print in the colors became a classic neutral that is work appropriate.

I picked this set as it transfers easily from work to play – in my case dancing. All it needs, is changing the accessories (see outfit photos in this post).


Coolibar Has a Love for Surprising Details

When I tried the pants on I discovered the slit in the legs of the trousers. It is so playful, sultry. Perfect for Argentine Tango dancing. Nevertheless, the pants still can be styled for Casual Friday on a warm September day. For work, I made a full tuck, put the strings inside as well and added a wide belt with pumps for a polished, posh look. This outfit works in a Business Casual Style work place for Casual Friday. It’s so much dressier than jeans and a T-shirt, but equally comfortable. Plus, it protects your skin when your job requires (to alternate between being inside and) being outside.

Actually, this “fake” jumpsuit is better than a real one as the pieces also work as separates. Look at the nice tail of the top. Perfect to be paired with white boyfriend jeans or a white skirt. The pants will look great with a white Tee as well.

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I was really impressed about the nice cool feel of the pieces. Another detail I love is that the pants didn’t wrinkle at all when sitting, crossing the legs, kneeling down to pet the cat. As you know, ironing is not one of my hobbies. 😉

The craftsmanship is excellent. Straight seams. The trousers even have pockets!

I also love the many choices of their collection. My women’s Petra Wide Leg Pants, for instance, are also available in plain olive, white, black, navy, multi-color Province geo and classic brown-beige-black leopard print. Except for olive, you can order the St. Tropez Swing Tank Top in addition to those colors and prints also in pink or yellow.


midlife woman in UPF clothes style casual posh for work
Coolibar diamond cove swim jacket, Petra wide pants and St. Tropez top with own pink suede gemstone belt, Coach bag, Winkwood mirrored woodframe sunglasses, Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own), Wendy Mignot ear studs and Ivanka Trump suede pumps c/o Wikibuy


mature woman in tank trousers ensemble showing off the leg slit
Coolibar diamond cove swim jacket, Petra wide pants and St. Tropez top with own pink suede gemstone belt, Coach bag, Winkwood mirrored wood frame sunglasses, Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own), Wendy Mignot ear studs and Ivanka Trump suede pumps



Fabrics Are UPF 50+ Tested

Ultra-violet (UV) rays from the Sun are not only bad for your eyes, but also for your skin. The fabrics are tested for their UV transmittance, i.e. how many UV radiation can penetrate the fabric. To be on the safe side, these tests are made both before and after a typical life cycle wear and tear (i.e. laundering, exposure to sunlight and chlorinated water).

Coolibar’s degree of sun protection fulfills all worldwide published rating standards for UPF 50+. Note that UPF is a broad-spectrum UVA and UVB measure for fabric. Think of it like the SPF for sun lotions, but for fabrics. The UPF-measure quantifies the amount of UV radiation that passes a fabric and reaches the skin. The number 50+ means that their garments only permit 1/50th of the UV radiation that hits the fabric surface to pass through it. In other words, the garment blocks 49/50th (98%) of the harmful UV radiation. More on how UV penetrates various fabrics.

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Why Is Covering Up Not Enough to Avoid Sunburn?

Covering up is not enough. See my sunburn experience described above. We wore T-shirts and shorts outside and PJs inside plus there was the roof of the tent. UV-rays are just 10 nanometer to 400 nanometer wide. The knit of T-shirts, the weave of the PJs and tent roof were wider than these rays. Thus, the UV rays just traveled thru the little tiny spaces between fibers.

Going into the shade also will not prevent a sun burn. Learn why at the link.

To create the protection one needs a tight weave, the right colors and weight plus material that bounces the sun-rays back. Therefore, physical sun-blockers (e.g. minerals, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide) are infused at the fiber or fabric level.


mature woman walking in tank and matching trousers in animal print
Outfit details: Sun-protective St. Tropez top and Petra wide pants c/o Coolibar, costume jewelry c/o Happiness Boutique, own Chantal dance shoes


dancer striking a pose to show off slit and tail of the Sun protection You Wear
Striking a pose to show the slit and tail of the look


influencer showing the concept of Sun protection You Wear in wide trousers with tailed tank
Back view of outfit styled for dance practice with front tuck and tail of tank showing



What Is the Price-Performance Ratio of Coolibar Clothing?

The St. Tropez Swing Tank Top costs $59.50-$69.50 depending on your size; the Women’s Petra Wide Leg Pants are $79.50-$89.50. These price tags are in the low, i.e. affordable price range of high quality outdoor clothing. Given the quality of the fabric and craftsmanship as well as the versatile to style the pieces, they can easily last long enough to get the price-per-wear under $1 – my criterion for a great performance. Even if you retire the items earlier, remember your health is worth the price.


Who Will Love these Sun-Protective Clothes?

This set is perfect for women who strive for comfortable clothes with a technical design that look chic while protecting their skin. Actually, one could extend the statement to the entire collection and also to their men’s collection. The tested UPF 50+ clothing is also great for all people who have very light skin that easily burns or who have sensitive skin that gets easily irritated when exposed to the Sun (I am one of them). The clothes are also great for skin cancer survivors.

I am more than happy to recommend their sunprotection clothes to my family and friends (aka readers). You can buy these stylish, comfortable UPF 50+ protection wear online at


dancer in coolibar clothing exercising her balance
Exercising my balance. I am wearing the sunnies as the Sun shines right into the windows in fall (and spring) and is multiple times reflected by the mirrored walls. It’s not fun when the Sun dazzles you and you can’t see your lead.



Summary of Sun Protection You Wear

Coolibar’s new collection provides technical design, true elegance and comfortable clothes for work and play with UPF 50+ sun-protection at affordable prices even on a budget. Browse their collection to start protecting your skin’s health.

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P.S. When you sign up for their emails on new arrivals and exclusive offers, you will receive 15% off and free shipping on your next purchase!


Photos of me: G. Kramm

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    This is such a great idea, I have never heard about sun protective clothes before. And they certainly look great. I love the fake jumpsuit and the bright pink jacket!

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    What a marvelous idea, and it looks marvelous on Nicole. Liking the pink accents with it – chic. Jacqui Mummabstylish

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    I love these options and we all need to keep the sun at bay at this time in our lives.