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This post provides tips what to wear to an outdoor concert to look stylish in all kinds of weather. Read for inspiration of awesome music festival looks you can create from your own closet.


  1. Outdoor Concert Season Outfits Are Weather-proof Summer Looks
  2. At Outdoor Concerts, Everything Goes, but not Everything Is Practical
  3. Stay with the Vibe of the Music
  4. 8 Tips What to Wear to an Outdoor Concert to Look Stylish
  5. Rock’n Roll Attire
  6. Bohemian-Inspired Festival Attire


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Outdoor Concert Season Outfits Are Weather-Proof Summer Looks

Summer is outdoor concert season. A big event here in the Interior is Foodstock, a concert that raises funds for food. There are also open-air concerts within the framework of the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival.

No matter where your are, there probably will be a nice outdoor concert you want to attend this summer. The big question is what a 50 years old should wear to a concert. The aim of this post is to give some festival outfit tips for 50 plus seniors.



Outdoor Concerts Are Everything Goes, But Not Everything Is Practical

Such concerts are to a certain degree an everything goes fashion-wise. Thus, you may want to take a risk, but err along you your style to not go over board and to not look ridiculous.

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Stay with the Vibe of the Music

Of course, you want to take into account what type of outdoor concert you go to. It’s probably not wise to dress in punk inspired clothes when you go to a Bluegrass concert or in Rock’n Roll attire when it’s a folks music festival. When the bands are playing in a park for a National Day, you may also read this post on how to dress for an patriotic event.

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over 50 years old woman in rock'n roll concert outfit in summer
Olivero linen button-down shirt, London Jean cargo pants, Steve Madden lace-up sandals, Lookbook Store leather motorcycle jacket, statement belt, Longchamp pilage, and Akoya pearl necklace c/o The Pearl Source



8 Tips What to Wear to an Outdoor Concert to Look Stylish

Follow these tips to be stylish, and comfortable in any weather.

  1. Check the weather forecast because the weather will be decisive whether to dress for rain or sun.
  2. In the case of rain, go for wellies or rain booties and flip flops at temperatures below and above 70F (20oC), respectively. In the case of sunshine, go for canvas sneakers, flat strappy sandals, ballet flats, flat gladiators, or flat booties that match the vibe of your outfit.
  3. Wear a hat to keep the Sun out of your face (wrinkle and age-spot alert!). It is not only practical, but also ups your look style wise when it matches the vibe of your outfit (e.g., floppy Bohemian hats, felt western style, Panama hats, wide-brim straw hats).
  4. Sun cream and sun-protective clothes are Must-haves. Even the diffuse radiation in the shadow may cause a sunburn.
  5. While the younger generation probably will be happy with a romper, sandals, statement necklace, hat, or cutoffs, tank/T-shirt, fanny pack, sweatband and gladiator sandals, we over 40 (baby boomers, generation X) may prefer a more Bohemian style look or Punk inspired style. Nice options for us over 40 are black harems pants with a cotton top, pendant necklace and silver thong sandals, leather pants with striped top, denim jacket or vest and flat booties are nice options. Belly bottoms with a graphic T-shirt, espadrilles (avoid plateaus as you may risk injuring your ankles on uneven ground) with a floppy hat are risky, but work when you make sure that the individual pieces all scream 21st century, and not 1970s.
  6. As an extra layer for chilly evenings a button-down shirt or jeans jacket will do. During the day, knot it around the waist or neck. Stay away from anything knitted as it may get stuck in the chains of the person dancing/standing next to you.
  7. Light-weight, breezy cotton fabrics are best. Dark floral and colorful ethnic prints are great for dresses, tops, pants or skirts. Plaid or lightweight denim shirts look awesome with jeans (and for twenty somethings with short shorts or cutoffs). Ethnic-inspired dresses work well too.
  8. Go for a cross-body mini-bag or a belt bag. Everything large will just jump up and down when you dance and you end up with bruises. Avoid a rucksack for the same reasons. Moreover, you risk to hit everyone behind you or when you turn around.


Bohemian-Inspired Festival Attire

Here some cute outdoor concert outfit ideas. See further Bohemian Style at the link.

style blogger over 50 in Sigrid Olsen dress
Printed Sigrid Olsen dress c/o HSN, Liz Claiborne sunhat, Ray Ban sunglasses, Coach bag, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Seiko watch, Hermes enamel bangle, and Juicy Couture slides. Swap the bag for a cross-body mini-bag when going to a festival.


fashionable outdoor concert outfit
Chica summer dress with floppy straw hat, mini cross-body bag, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Seiko watch, D&GM sunglasses, and metallic thong sandals


A blue or white T-shirt with a printed wide cotton scarf in another print but matching colors that will serve as cover-up when it gets chilly. Then add a wide-brim straw or floppy hat, pendant necklace and belt bag for style.


Rock’n Roll Attire

Next some ideas for a Rock concert.

midlife woman in outdoor concert Rock-inspired look
London Jean camouflage slim cargo pants with VS leather motorcycle vest, long sleeve T-shirt, Camel bag, and LeatherCoatsEtc baseball head


female babyboomer in concert attire with printed mini dress and studded leather vest
Victoria Victoria Beckham dress, Ray Ban sunglasses,Moschino belt, studded VS Moda International motorcycle vest, Esprit bag


style blogger in casual Rock-inspired summer festival look
Oliveo button-down shirt, London Jean cargos, Steve Madden sandals, statement belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Festina watch, and Akoya pearl necklace c/o The Pearl Source


Are you going to an outdoor concert this summer? What will you wear?


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