How to Make an Entrance with an Orange Skirt
Max Mara weekend skirt, GNW cashmere Merino sweater, Paloma Picasso xo belt, No Nonsense tights, Vince Camuto boots, Hermes enamel bangles, Seiko watch, Hermes collier de chien cuff

This post covers what to wear with an orange skirt to look effortlessly stylish. It also covers why the outfit inspirations work so you can apply the concept yourself.

  1. Why a Cinnamon Skirt?
  2. Orange Is a Statement Color
  3. A Carrot Colored Skirt Is More Versatile than You Think
  4. Orange Skirt Pink Tights and Sweater
  5. Analogous Colors as Top
  6. Wear It with a Matching Print
  7. Try and Animal Print
  8. Create a Fake Suit
  9. 290th Top of the World Style Linkup Party

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Why a Cinnamon Skirt?

Remember the “Orange is the new black” trend from a couple of years ago? What is it with black? O.K., I have to admit I would wear another color more often when it would be darker than black. Why? I look best in deep dark colors.

In the 1970s, orange had a moment. My sister had an orange blouse that she once in a while let me wear. I loved that blouse but had no idea why. I hadn’t bought anything orange ever since I had my colors determined in the 1980s. I was classified as a Winter. Thus, I avoided deep saturated yellow, orange, aubergine, bottle green, colors I used to love when I was a kid. Back then, they only distinguished four types: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. However, the icy pastels of Winter always made me look washed out. Thus, I avoided them as well. In the 1990s, black was my go-to neutral. In the new Millennium, I loved the icy pink pastel blue, mint colors, but I knew that they didn’t work for me. They look great on light blonde women.

When the modern 12 “season” classification came up, the new classification said that actually, I am a Deep Autumn Winter. Thus, orange is a great color for me.

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Orange Is a Statement Color

Anyhow, I never thought about wearing orange (again). It was just a fruit to which I am allergic! However, according to the modern color categories, I am a deep autumn/winter. … and orange is in my pallette! My bottle green knit dress with white neck area decorated with orange pom poms popped up in my head. My mom had knitted it for me when I was a toddler. I realized how many accessories I have in my closet that have the color of this fruit. And then I saw this orange skirt. Guess what? My “buy now finger” hit the electronic button immediately when I had thought about three looks to go with it. Now I am looking for something in bottlegreen. These two colors just look awesome together.

A Carrot Colored Skirt Is More Versatile than You Think

It works with its complimentary color, i.e. blue, analogous colors, namely red and yellow, its muted color brown, or its tinted color salmon. When you want to go for edgy, go for color clash. Just add this purple or green in a color block look. Yes, I admit doing so takes nerves. But life is too short to not have fun with dressing.

As a kid, my favorite play was dressing up my dolls and make new clothes for them. Maybe I never grew up and still play dressing up? Or as Iris Apple says playing dress-up starts at age 5 and never ends. - Iris Apple #fashionquote #quote Click To Tweet

Do you like her style?

Here a list of what colors go with orange:

    • Burgundy
    • Purple
    • Pink
    • Blue (complimentary color)
    • Speaking of blue – a real classic neutral – denim is also great to try.
    • Analogous colors (yellow and/or red)
    • Gray tweed is also a great match.
    • Brown or other Earth colors (Note Earth colors are having a moment this year.).

    … and stay away from orange+black. So Halloween!

    Orange Skirt Pink Tights and Sweater

    The outfit below shows an example how to wear pink with orange. For more examples see the post at the link.

    moonstone citrine necklace, xo belt

    influencer in pink orange gray outfit
    Paloma Picasso xo belt, unbranded moostone citrine necklace, GNW cashmere merino wool sweater, Max Mara weekend straight skirt, No Nonsense tights and Vince Camuto slouchy suede boots


    The look works because the necklace ties the skirt and boots together with the citrine and moonstone gemstones, respectively. The tights repeat the color of the sweater.

    Complimentary Blue for a Bold, but Safe Look

    Using a complimentary color is the easiest way to create a great look. It’s bold look, because both colors are deep. The look makes a statement, but is still office appropriate.

    blogger Nicole in an outfit in complimentary colors with blue shirt, bag, orange skirt, sandals and jewelry in both colors

    fashion blogger over 50 in fall style work outfit with trench, blue shirt, and orange skirt and sandals
    Outfit details: Burberry Brit trench coat, Max Mara Weekend orange straight skirt, blue turquoise Prada satchel, Michael Kors cork plateau patent leather sandals, statement necklace, nude pantyhose (all own), amber pendant necklace c/o Uno Alla Volta, and button-down shirt c/o Ethyl Clothing

    Analogous Colors as Top

    Going with one of the adjacent colors on the wheel is another great option. It’s a visible look. You are reading this because you don’t want to look invisible, right? You can find more on how to wear analogous colors and another example of an easy look in analogous colors at the links.

    influencer in red orange office separates

    fall style over 50 Nicole in anaologous red-orange office separates
    outfit details: Max Mara Weekend skirt, Ann Taylor silk knit top, Paloma Picasso x belt, Hermes enamel bangles, Hermes collier de chien bangle, AMS neckerchief, Seiko watch, pantyhose and L.K. Bennett plateau open-toe pumps with snake print (all own)

    The bangles tie the look together as they have all the colors of the look. The shoes match with the top, neckerchief, watch and bangles, the bottom with the bangles and belt.

    Wear It with a Matching Print

    The next look was inspired by the print of my floral cardigan. I wore it as a top with the skirt as the color ties the two together.

    blogger Nicole jumping in a floral top, straight knee-length skirt, pantyhose, and heels

    stylist and style author Nicole in floral top, straight skirt, pointy-toe multi color pumps
    Max Mara Weekend skirt, Notations cardigan, Hermes collier de chien bangle, fishnet tights, Ivanka Trump pointy-toe pumps (all own)


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    Another color of the top gave the idea for which bag, shoes and cover-up to pair with the look. Thus, my pink fitted leather jacket got another look. The jacket was a conseignment find and a perfect addition for my wardrobe. I got so many outfits with it. I featured 15 outfits with this pink biker jacket in a post a while ago. Meanwhile there are even more!

    blogger Nicole in fake suit with floral top striped bag and pumps
    Max Mara Weekend skirt, Notations cardigan worn as top, Newport News leather fitted biker jacket, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Coach tote, fishnet pantyhose, Ivanka Trump toe-cap pumps (all own)

    When you liked the outfit inspirations of this post, and want recipes for all kind of dressing occasions in midlife, buy my book How to Dress for Success in Midlife.

    Like one of these outfits? Then please pin them to your own Pinterest board. Doing so permits your friends, family, and others to see them too.

    Try an Animal Print

    Pairing orange with black is always a bit risky. These are the two traditional “Halloween” colors. However, the combination makes totally sense and is even office appropriate when leopard print in its natural colors is involved. However, the cuts of all pieces should be are classic. In other words, you create a classics with a twist look.

    Combine orange with leopard for an edgy classics with a twist look. #agelessstyle Click To Tweet

    #fashionover50 woman in orange and leopard LOTD in front of an autumn landscape

    blogger in edgy street look with studs, leopard print and orange pencil skirt

    Blogger Nicole in trendy fall style with animal print and Pantome color

    over 50 years old woman in leopard cardigan and orange skirt

    Fashion blogger donning animal print with bold color
    Outfit details:  Max Mara weekend pencil skirt, Paloma Picasso xo belt, Valentino studded boots, pantyhose, Seiko watch, and dangling earrings (all own)

    Create a Fake Suit

    You know I’m a big fan of fake suits. They instantly make a Business Casual look. In the case of this outfit, both the skirt and jacket have the same hue, but a distinct different shade works too. You can find a full guide on how to wear a suit and not look old at the link.

    over 50 years old fashion blogger in unmatched orange suit with brown sweater, tights, and accessories

    style blogger Nicole in casual business brown orange work outfit with wool skirt and puffer jacket

    street style blogger in casual office look with leopard print boots

    mature woman in leopard print boots and orange suit spring style in Alaska

    blogger sporting a business casual style with puffer blazer, wool skirt, boots and tights
    Outfit details: Max Mara weekend skirt, Max Mara jacket, GNW tight, GNW Luxe sweater, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, Gucci scarf, Ray Ban sunglasses, Yes Saint Laurent bag, Manolo Blahnik leopard print boots, statement necklace and Judith Leiber charm belt (all own)


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