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Casual Friday look with Oliveo jeans, Salvadore Ferragamo shoes, Shein cropped abstract floral top

The 19cropped top and jackets are having a moment. Read about styling a cropped top now so you won’t look yesteryear..

  1. Styling a Cropped Top as Trendy Wardrobe Update
  2. Why This Cropped Top Works
  3. The Hem and Colors Make the Statement


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Styling a Cropped Top as Trendy Wardrobe Update

This stylish ikat calico print crop blouse is my newest wardrobe addition as a trendy, affordable ($14) summer update. This piece works for both work and weekend as it can be styled up and down with my wardrobe basis, i.e. the investment pieces. For the OOTD shown in this post, I went with a pair of boot-cut jeans, but the shirt will also look great over a white, gray or black straight or pencil skirt. For the daring, pair a floral cropped top with a striped skirt like I did when we were visiting Anne’ Greenhouse.

fashion blogger wearing boot-cut jeans and an abstract print top


over 50 years old woman in blouse and jeans
Shein blouse, Oliveo jeans, Salvatore Ferragamo Vara shoes, statement belt, Chartier juste un clue bangle, Burberry Brit raincoat


Why This Cropped Top Works

Abstract floral prints are timeless. The cut is a classic with a nice twist with the cool zig-zag hem. The top is cut for a taller women than I am. On a 5 ft 7 (1.70 m) or taller woman it will show some belly. However, on my 5 ft 4 (1.63 m) frame, it has enough fabric to end just above the hip bones. Thus, a high rise jeans provides full belly coverage with this top! 😉


Pro tip: Always read the model measures or the lengths measures of an item that you are interested in and compare them with your own measure to get an idea where the item will end on your own body.


midlife style blogger in top with zig-zag hem
Zoom-in on the zig-zag hem of the Shein top



The Hem and Colors Make the Statement

I really love the hem of this blouse. It makes the piece a real statement. It’s nice that the hem has the zig-zag cut on both the back and front.

mature woman wearing a cropped floral print top
Back view of cropped abstract floral print top to show the zipper closure and the zig-zag hem


I also love the bold colors of this cropped shirt. The top’s print is dominated by clear cold colors. I like that there are some dark colors as well. It’s so my color palette. The item has a zipper in the back which means it is easy to pull on. Just a perfect trendy summer piece that works well for fashion over 40 when you are on the petite side.

Looking for styling a cropped top in winter?


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